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Refreshment in Refuge

    by Gina Burgess

The Story in the Names
Date Posted: September 3, 2017

The Hebrew propensity for character analysis through a person's name is indicated by God when He changed Abram's name to Abraham, and Sarai to Sarah and Jacob to Israel.

Back in 200 AD when the Mishnah was being created, biblical scholars began to use the term The Name HaShem, (ha=the and Shem=Name). It was reverential. The four letter YHWH or as written today YHVH was pronounced with the vowel sounds but written with no vowels. Hebrew linguists believe YHVH is a form of the verb havah, meaning "to be or become." Therefore, the name God gave to Moses is correctly translated I AM, or I EVER PRESENT, or I AM who I AM. The name that God covenented with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is El Shadday that means El=God, mighty, angels, mighty men, heroes, strength, power and Shadday = almighty most powerful. Exodus 6

Slowly over the centuries, God's covenant name's true pronunciation was lost. However, following the Hebrew linguistic Today, in synogogues, when readers come to the written YHVH, they say aloud Adoniai, or My Great Lord. And now, to further protect the revered name when writing or when in conversations the word used is HaShem.

I think God revealed Himself as much as He trusted mankind to know... a little at a time, especially since Adam rejected Him for Eve.

Years ago, I ran across a study about what the names of the ancestors of Jesus meant. It's a wonderful story about humans' relationship with God, and how God provided salvation. I lost that study, but have sort of recreated it here from the lineage of Joseph, husband of Mary. If you read down the list, the meanings create a sentence about God's promises finally ending with our Savior.

Adam - Red Earth

Seth - appointed, substitute

Enos - mortal man

Cainan - possession

Mahaleel - praise of God

Jared - descent

Enoch - initiated

Methuselah - man of the dart (he dies and the flood is sent)

Lamech - strikerdown, wild man

Noah - rest

Shem - Name; Ham - warm and hot, Japheth – wide-spreading

Arphaxad - son of Shem

Salah - sprout

Eber - beyond

Peleg - division

Reu - behold a son!

Serug - branch

Nahor - snorting, snore, nostril

Terah - wanderer, loiterer

Abram - exalted father, Sarai - my princess

Isaac - laughter

Jacob - deceiver, Esau - red

Israel - The prince that prevails with God

Judah - I will praise, (Sons = Er - watchful, Onan - strong, Shelah - petition) and Tamar - palm tree

Perez - breach

Hezron - surrounded by a wall

Aram - high

Aminadab - one of the Prince's people

Nahshon - enchanter

Salmon - garment and Rahab - storm, arrogance

Boaz - fleetness and Ruth - friendship

Obed - serving

Jesse - wealthy

David - well beloved and Bathsheba - daughter of an oath

Solomon - peaceful

Rehoboam - enlarger of the people

Abijah - my father is Jehovah

Asa - physician or cure

Uzziah - strength of Jehovah

Jotham - Jehovah is upright

Ahaz - possessor

Hezekiah - the might of Jehovah

Manasseh - forgetting

Amon - the mysterious

Josiah - whom Jehovah heals

Jehoiahchem - whom Jehovah has appointed

Shealtiel - asked of God

Zerubbabel – seed of Babylon, Prince of Judah

Abiud - father of praise

Eliakim-raised up by God

Azor - a helper

Sadoc - just

Achim - the Lord will establish

Eliud - God his praise

Eleazar - help of God

Matthan - gift

Jacob - supplanter

Joseph - increase

Jesus - Savior, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Emmanuel, Lamb of God, Son of Man, I AM...

Please note that Mary's lineage is given in Luke. Where it branches is between the two sons of David: Solomon and Nathan. Down from Solomon is Joseph, and down from Nathan is Mary. (I do not know why Joseph is listed as the son of Heli.)

Nathan - giver

Mattatha - gift of Jehovah

Menan - numbered; rewarded; prepared

Melea - supplying; supplied

Eliakim - raised up by God

Jonan - grace of God

Joseph - increase

Judah - praised, celebrated

Simeon - heard

Levi - joined

Matthat - gift of God

Jorim - whom Jehovah has exalted

Eliezar - God is his help

Joses- exalted

Er - watchful

Elmodam - measure

Cosam - diviner

Addi - ornament

Melchi - my king my counselor

Neriah - Jehovah is my lamp

Shealtiel - asked of God

Zerubbabel – seed of Babylon, prince of Judah

Rhesa – head

Joannas – perhaps a derivative of Johanan – gift of God

Judah – praised, celebrated

Joseph – increase

Shimei – renowned

Mattathias – gift of Jehovah

Maath – small

Naggai – illuminating

Esli – near me; he who separates

Nahum – consolation

Amos – burden

Mattathias – gift of Jehovah

Joseph – increase

Janna – flourishing

Melchi – my king, my counselor

Levi – joined

Matthat – gift of God

Heli - ascending

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