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Refreshment in Refuge

    by Gina Burgess

We have the supernatural power of Sampson
Date Posted: May 8, 2022

Be strong in the Lord Be as strong as Samson, with Samson’s power. In order to have that Supernatural Power, we need to study Ephesians chapter six.

Truth #1 – The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power available to all God’s children. It is mightier than the strength of Samson.

Mighty Power – Ischurf Endowment of physical or mental or moral power. God is perfectly capable of empowering us with His mighty power. Kratos denotes the presence and significance of force or strength rather than the exercise of that power. God has the power but He will not necessarily exercise the power.

Ephesians 6:10 has the words strong, might and power. Paul is pointing out that we are to be continually strengthened by God through His unending resource of power. The Greek word is Endunmoo or Dynamite. That explosive power must be used wisely by those who understand what dynamite can do. By the same premise, God has the mighty power and can endow us with it, but we must do something to cooperate with him to utilize that power. No one gives a child a loaded gun to play with, nor will God give power to baby Christians. The strength is demonstrated within us when we are changed into New Creatures sealed by the Holy Spirit, but the supernatural dynamite is not instantly given to us when we are born again. There are conditions we must meet before that kind of power is entrusted to us.

How is it given?

We must put on the full armor of God. Put on… enduo sink under meaning to put on as a garment. This is a deliberate action, and we should choose to do it daily. An Army general will not go out and put on the body armor of each and every soldier because he has had his army trained, and expects his army to get dressed and button their own buttons. God is the same with His Christian soldiers. It is our responsibility to put on the full armor provided for us on a daily basis. Doing so provides us with a growing maturity and an effecacy of Christian ability. That also draws the attention of Satan and his minions. The more effective a Christian is, the closer a Christian sticks to God and Biblical Principles, the angrier that makes that old Accuser. It draws his darts like a moth to flame. When Christians look more like the world than like their Father, Satan has no reason wage an attack. Which is why baby Christians are not as pelted with firey darts as more mature Christians.

Just as we are first born naked, we are reborn, or Spiritually born naked. When we are born, we have everything internally we need for our new life…heart, lungs, blood etc. Clothes are put on to keep us warm. Shelter to protect us. Jesus says just as we are born naked, we are reborn naked (inferred by His teaching to Nicodemus in John 3). We must put on our outer clothes for our protection from sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, all the elements of weather which can cause harm to our bodies if exposed to them at length. Just so we put on our protective, defensive armor because if we have one thing uncovered Satan will find it. The full Spiritual armor comes with deliberate, daily study of God’s Word.

We don’t receive a full understanding of all Biblical principles when we are saved, but we are given the Spiritual capacity to understand. Paul compared babies and milk with believers and elementary Spiritual things. Once a believer has matured in Bible study, then he is ready for the meat of Spiritual things. That kind of understanding and wisdom comes with the discipline of study, being still to hear God’s teaching, and putting what we’ve learned into practice by undergoing extreme trials. It is for specifically those trials that we have the defensive armor of God described by Paul in chapter six of Ephesians.

Dunamai is translated able in verse 11 and means power in action, used 118 times in the New Testament, and often used to refer to the miracle or sign performed by the Apostles. God has everything we need to fight this fight, the whole armor (panoplia – literally all weapons) which is whyt we are miraculously able to stand against the devil’s schemes. Standing against means to be steadfast and firm. We cannot fight well lying down or sitting down. Our best defensive and most stable position is standing. Football players have that crouched over readiness as they listen to the cadence. Their eyes looking directly at their opponent, muscles tense, ready to dart to left or right or straight down the field all for the purpose of reaching the short goal. When enough short goals are won, the team is victorious. Pros is a preposition of direction; forward to, that is, toward. God is saying that we will face forward and go toward the battle in order to learn how to do battle against Satan face to face. Lesson one is never turn our backs on Satan, and lesson two is never leave anything uncovered.

Lesson Three is coming up…

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