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Refreshment in Refuge

    by Gina Burgess

Where's the Rose Garden???
Date Posted: December 3, 2017

God never promised an earthly rose garden for His children.

I have heard until I am sick to death this rubbish that people are not healed from their sicknesses because they just don’t have enough faith. To say that a person just doesn't have enough faith is an out right lie straight from the Father of Lies, Satan himself.

You want to know why? Because God takes care of His children and their needs regardless of what, when or how they ask. Matthew 6

You don't have to believe when you pray for something. Go read Acts 12. Peter was amazed he was standing outside the prison. He thought he must be dreaming, yet it was real. He was outside the prison gates. The church, who had been keeping a constant prayer vigil, was absolutely shocked that Peter was standing outside the door completely free.

Please note, I am not at all denying clear Scripture that we have not because we ask not. (James) I am trying to point out that God's compassion for His people is overwhelming! Jesus brought back to life the widow's son... because He had compassion on her. She did not ask for it, she did not expect it. Jesus just reached over and took her son’s hand and the fellow sat up, fully alive and ready to take care of his dear mother. What an astonishing thing which is only told about once in all of Scripture. Luke 7:15.

The raising from the dead of this young man had two great purposes. First, the widowed mother had only her son standing between her and abject poverty. Jesus exhibited God’s gigantic compassion through this act. The second purpose was to prove to His disciples as well as to those who were not in His own crowd, for there were two crowds that converged to this one precise moment in time, this one precise space for this extraordinary event, God’s magnificent power and grace through His only begotten Son. All stood amazed and fear took hold of them and they glorified God saying, “God has visited His people.” (Luke 7:16) What a testimony that the Messiah had come!

The storm at sea was calmed completely without the faith of the disciples.
The 5000 were fed without the faith of the disciples or the crowd.
The 4000 were fed without the faith of the disciples or the crowd.
The water was turned into wine at Cana without the faith of the servants.
The man at Bethesda Pool was healed by Someone he didn't even know.

Through no help of the disciples, Jesus walked on water. Through no help of any one of us, Jesus was raised from the dead. In fact there was considerable lack of faith for it was foretold the disciples would scatter, which they did.

God does not need our help to do anything. However, God requires us to grow Spiritually in Him. If God can do these great and mighty things without the faith of His children, then how much more He will do with that Faith through us?

There is no 12Step Program to follow for God to grant our wishes. There is nothing magic about God's miracles. He pours out His blessings upon us because He loves us and cares for us and wants us to have the best and because we obey Him and put Him above all in our lives. Seek ye first God's face and everything else will be added to you.

From Genesis to Revelation there are multiple examples of God taking care of His people who are called by His name.

Praying in the Spirit is NOT just for a special few of God's people called by His name. This is something that is given to all True Believers along with their very own Motivational Spiritual Gift. Praying in the Spirit is not achieved by speaking in some garbled ecstatic tongue only understood by God Himself. Praying in the Spirit is achieved by being wholly in tune with the Lord, having the desires of the Lord in the heart attitude and having Jesus as the Lord of all aspects of life. Praying in the Spirit is achieved by turning one's back on enticing sin, by repenting any practiced sin. It isn't some magic formula. It is not a mantra to be "performed". And for this reference--read all of Paul's letters plus Hebrews. And when you pray, do not heap up phrases (multiply words, repeating the same ones over and over) as the Gentiles do, for they think they will be heard for their much speaking. Matthew 6:7

Every time a Believer lifts up a prayer to God, it is praying in the Spirit for even are our inarticulate groanings translated by the Holy Spirit to the Lord God Almighty. The Holy Spirit magnifies our prayers Romans 8:26 And likewise the Spirit also joins in to help our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes on our behalf with groanings that cannot be uttered. Jesus Christ is our Intercessor. Hebrews 7:25 And from this He is able to save to the end completely the ones drawing near to God through Him, forever living to intercede on their behalf.

The reason God did not do in Athens what He did in Ephesus is this:
The Athenians did not recognize their need for God. God stooped to the level of the Ephesians and met them there with all His miracles. The Athenians refused to meet God even on their own level. They were in love with human reason and were astounded by their own mentality rather than recognizing the Unknown God as the one and only King of the Universe whose palm is larger than the universe and who created human mental capacity.

Let us not fall into that deep pit of muck. Let us instead know that we are God’s Beloved, we are Christ’s Bride and our prayers are heard, our prayers are answered – perhaps not as quickly as we desire—and God is in control no matter what circumstance we find ourselves. What ever happens to us, there is a purpose both towards us and for God’s glory. Rest in that.

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