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    by Rebecca Livermore

A Different Kind of Experiment -- Prove the Bible
Date Posted: December 19, 2007

As I was having my morning devotional time today, a particular Scripture stood out to me:

Proverbs 30:5

Every word of God proves true.

The main word that stood out to me is PROVES. This means that the Bible can be tested and proven to be true. I love to experiment and try things to see if they work, so I love the thought of proving something.

Although science experiments may be fascinating, one of the most worthwhile experiments a person can take on is to test out the Bible by doing what it says to see if it is true.

Many people have done this. In fact, the Bible has been tested time and time again over the centuries and has proven to be true to many. That is why there are people who will go to great lengths to get the Bible or to make it available to others in places where it may even be illegal to own one.

Many people scoff at the Bible, but those are the very people who have never really tested it to see if it is true. That is the challenge from me to you today. Read the Bible every day. Test it to see if you can prove that it is true. If you take up the challenge, amazing things will happen and your life will totally change for the better. You will gain also gain an understanding of why the Bible is a book people are willing to die for. Why? Because it works. It has been tested and proven to be true by many, but what about by you?

Are you up for the challenge?

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© by Rebecca Livermore

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