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Sufficient Grace

    by Shelly Weiss

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Date Posted: May 3, 2007
Yesterday was a heart-wrenching day in the world of disabilities. Virtually, it was Blog Against Disabilism Day where bloggers from all over the world wrote about discrimination in attempt to bring awareness to the issue. It was also the day the decision regarding cutting funds to the disabled in Florida was announced. I heard from parents, frantic that, without services, they’ll be forced to put their child in an institution. One told of how her daughter lost 12 pounds 2 months after being placed in a group home because people kept taking food from her plate, and no one did anything. The mother told how her daughter was covered with bruises, so she quit her job to take care of her daughter at home. Now, with the cut to services, she will be forced to put her back in the group home. Many such stories flooded my email box, and ran into my heart. Many lives will be affected, yet no one seems to care… it’s not on the news – evidently astronaut Lisa Novak’s love triangle is more important than the future of the disabled. What is this world was coming to? I am so ready to go to heaven… the devotional by Tozer was just what I needed: We modern Christians seem to be a strange breed in many of our ways. We are so completely satisfied with earthly things and we enjoy our creature comforts so much that we would just rather stay on here for a long, long time! Probably most of us do not tell God about that kind of desire when we pray. But for years I have made a practice of writing many of my earnest prayers to God in a little book - a book now well worn. I remind God often of what my prayers have been. One prayer in the book - and God knows it well by this time - is an honest supplication: Oh, God, Let me die rather than to go on day by day living wrong. I do not want to become a careless, fleshly old man. I want to be right so that I can die right! Lord, I do not want my life to be extended if it would mean that I should cease to live right and fail in my mission to glorify You all of my days! I would rather go home right now than to live on-if living on was to be a waste of God's time and my own! Prayer Lord, my prayer is that you will keep me only for your service, and that when I am no longer of service that you would take me home. I look forward to eternity praising you even as I praise you now. Scripture Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord... that they may rest from their labors. — Revelation 14:13 Thought I would rather go home right now than to live on-if living on was to be a waste of God's time and my own! I am sure there are many Floridians who can relate to what Tozer described this morning. Perhaps we can all thank God for continually reminding us that this world is not our home... In heaven, there will be no budget cuts, discrimination, or institutions. As Philippians 3:20 says, “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

"Chip Shots from the Ruff of Life" from Tom Kelley

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Biography Information:
Shelly is a 30 something year old licensed therapist with cerebral palsy who is transitioning onto a whole new path in her life. As someone who was never limited by her disability, through recent declines in her health and abilities, God is humbling her despite her stubborn resistance. She is closer to Jesus than she ever has been as He carries her with His strength, protects her with His armor, and empowers her with His Spirit.She uses her writing and speaking gifts to fulfill her ultimate purpose of bringing glory to God through her life.
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