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Sufficient Grace

    by Shelly Weiss

I Just Don't Understand
Date Posted: May 1, 2007
I just don’t understand. Florida’s Senate and House Committees are debating over cutting funds to individuals with disabilities because the Agency for Persons with Disabilities is seriously in the red. Admittedly, I don’t know the specific financial details- but I do know how potentially devastating this could be. Families will no longer be able to care for their loved ones at home because support services will be too costly, if available at all. Therefore, people like me, people with normal cognitive functioning trapped in a ‘impaired’ body will be placed in nursing homes and even institutions. (People who are not like me will be transplanted too). I don’t understand how the United States – the richest nation in the world, can treat people this way. Combine this with an inservice I attended with the community medical clinic and family services, my view of how we take care of each other is bleak (understatement). Did you know, if someone loses their job because of health problems, sells their possessions to get a room at a hotel after their house is foreclosed upon, is very sick… did you know family services will not help them because they are deemed ‘homeless?’ If someone is homeless, they are referred to the homeless shelter, which is closed during the day as they require ‘residents’ to pound the pavement to find employment. Never mind if someone uses a ventilator and is unable to walk long distances! Yet if you rob a bank or commit some other horrible crime, you not only have a bed to sleep in, you also have three hot meals a day, cable, recreation, medical care, etc. And the way we treat our veterans… people who give their life for this country and come back where they lack the resources to resume civilian life and take care of their families as they use to… I just don’t understand. As much as I love America and am so grateful to live here, I don’t understand. My only comfort is knowing God sees every injustice, every time His people neglect the needs of the poor and disabled. Every person will have to stand before God and justify his/her actions or inactions. All through scripture, He commands us to take care of the disabled and oppressed… to quote my niece, “Someone’s in BIG trouble!” (I am not excluding myself here… in fact, I tend to be more aware of this since I regularly interact with the oppressed.) I pray that I have more of a heart like Jesus’, loving as He did when He walked the earth.

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Biography Information:
Shelly is a 30 something year old licensed therapist with cerebral palsy who is transitioning onto a whole new path in her life. As someone who was never limited by her disability, through recent declines in her health and abilities, God is humbling her despite her stubborn resistance. She is closer to Jesus than she ever has been as He carries her with His strength, protects her with His armor, and empowers her with His Spirit.She uses her writing and speaking gifts to fulfill her ultimate purpose of bringing glory to God through her life.
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