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Sufficient Grace

    by Shelly Weiss

More Simple, Not Easy
Date Posted: May 10, 2007
Recently, I suffered a different type of trauma - my laptop cracked. Other than my cat and Bible, my laptop is my most prized possession. I use it more than my car, cell phone, and bed put together! So this cosmetic defect has been heavy on my mind. Since the laptop is still pretty new, I asked the store dude if it would be covered under warranty. He asked how it cracked… the moment of truth. I am not entirely sure how it cracked or even when it happened. I have been very careful not to drop, bang, hit, or abuse in anyway. So it is not a lie to tell him ‘I’m not sure…’ However, if I had to guess, I would say maybe it was when my 15 pound cat laid on it. (yes, I am smirking). Now, he did not specifically ask, “hey – by any chance did your overweight cat lay on it?” so I wouldn’t be overtly lying by saying “I’m not positive how it happened.” But this is one of those things where my gut, conscience, spirit tells me it is wrong. Many people have told me I am too honest, including former bosses. Yet, as I mentioned yesterday, all God wants from me is obedience. Obey Him – simple, not easy. Romans 14:5 says, One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. Now, when I ask God what I should do, or worse yet- after I hurt someone and claim ignorance regarding what Jesus would do, I imagine Him shaking his head in frustration, “Shelly! I told you what to do!!!” Romans 13 is a great guide for all relationships. Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law… Therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law. Need to know how to deal with the challenging person/people in your life? Love them. Simple, not easy.

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Biography Information:
Shelly is a 30 something year old licensed therapist with cerebral palsy who is transitioning onto a whole new path in her life. As someone who was never limited by her disability, through recent declines in her health and abilities, God is humbling her despite her stubborn resistance. She is closer to Jesus than she ever has been as He carries her with His strength, protects her with His armor, and empowers her with His Spirit.She uses her writing and speaking gifts to fulfill her ultimate purpose of bringing glory to God through her life.
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