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Sufficient Grace

    by Shelly Weiss

Date Posted: June 19, 2007
I remember my first exam in grad school so clearly that my stomach still flinches when I think about it. Never had I earned below a ‘B’ so I was devastated to see the “C” in red ink on my paper. I made an appointment to speak with the professor and discussed, no, ARGUED over each answer, She felt I was overreacting, as did most of my friends, when I wanted to know her rationale behind each correction. I needed to know ‘how she thought’ so I could ‘give her what she wanted’ in the future. Even if I didn’t agree, I wanted to answer as she wanted so I wouldn’t have to take the class again. Of course, if she had just given me the answer key, I wouldn’t be adequately tested to successfully advance to the next level. That’s how I view life. If God gave us answers for why things happen, we wouldn’t be able to prepare for bigger and better things. Our faith wouldn’t be tested. We wouldn’t have a chance to learn from our mistakes and prove we are ready to advance to the next level. Imagine giving a third grader the Bar Exam… poor child wouldn’t stand a chance since he has not had the academic instruction and life experiences to prepare for such an advanced test! God doesn’t mind when we question why he does what he does. But sometimes, if he gave us the answers we seek, that would be cheating… cheating us out of developing faith and trust in Him. Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. – James 1:12

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Biography Information:
Shelly is a 30 something year old licensed therapist with cerebral palsy who is transitioning onto a whole new path in her life. As someone who was never limited by her disability, through recent declines in her health and abilities, God is humbling her despite her stubborn resistance. She is closer to Jesus than she ever has been as He carries her with His strength, protects her with His armor, and empowers her with His Spirit.She uses her writing and speaking gifts to fulfill her ultimate purpose of bringing glory to God through her life.
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