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Surrendered to Love

    by Jeannie Pallett

Excerpt from Beckoned by the King
Date Posted: February 28, 2012

Tav - Psalm 119:169-176

Symbolic meaning of Tav is "Covenant, to seal."

Literal meaning is "to sign, cross."

Tav would be our signature or closing mark in life.

The end has come. We are at the last line, the last page of the letter, and how we have lived will determine the flourish of our signature.

Our lives have been letters from our Lord Jesus Christ and upon our hearts have been written the words of God.

Many have read the letters of our lives and been changed and challenged, but have we read our own mail and conformed freely and joyously to the contents therein? The hand of love has written every word and our own lives have been marked by the power of God's Word. It has always been Jesus our God-Man-Companion-Lover who has made all the difference in how our lives have been played out.

We have fed on his faithfulness, chewed his Word in the core of our beings and seen transformation take place in our minds. Our ears have heard his Voice tenderly directing us, and we have followed his way and borne the good fruit of that decision in our lives. He has spoken words of courage to us in our times of tumult and our hearts have been strengthened. The resolve and desire to do only his will and to walk in the way he has prepared for us has lifted us to a higher level of intimacy with him. Joy in him has been our greatest delight.

Time after time, we have experienced and entered into the rejoicing of his heart, knowing we are the apple of his eye, the recipients of his amazing love.

How could it be any other way but that our heart-cry would always be heard and understood by he who gave his very life that we might live forever with him? How could it be any other way but that we would cry out in yearning for a deep understanding of his Word, his very Heart, and then cry out some more? How could it be any other way but that a song of joyous praise and adoration would be upon our lips for the daily deliverance his Word has brought to every aspect of our lives?

In his great patience, he has taught us tenderly, instructing us in his laws and statutes, and we have learned to order our lives by them, teaching our spirits to be ruled by the Holy Spirit.

He watches over us and nurtures us with compassion, ever seeing the seed of understanding growing meat upon its bones. The growth of understanding forms a new man inside with a heart always eager to be taught the Word and a tongue ready with a Song of the Sword. Praise is upon the lips of the man who has allowed the Names of God to be written across the hallmarks of his life. Continual hope in God brings him deep joy and disappointment is far from him.

Along our journey, we have entered many crucibles that have purified us and caused us to come forth as refined silver. It is said about us that our character is sterling and we are found faithful and trustworthy. We have not drawn back but have wholeheartedly embraced the glory of his purging, cleansing fire.

We stand at the door; it is the burning fiery love of Jesus we are entering into and the beauty of the blaze births in us a passion for surrender.

We carry the treasure of the Glory of God in our earthly vessels. We are vessels that are weak and broken and yet, with unmitigated strength, we abide in the shelter the high and holy God offers to us underneath the shadow of his wings. As we abide there, we will be able to rest under the weight of his glory.

For it is in the presence of holiness that we become so. We are like chameleons in the world, but to God, all of who we are is laid bare. The truth of who we are reveals itself to us as we hear the voice of God tenderly speaking to our hearts.

Will I die so that he may live through me? Will I die to my will, my way, my wantonness? Will I let his glory bring light to my understanding so that I might know how to put on the newness of truth in my mind and how to walk and live and talk like God in true righteousness and holiness. The breastplate of righteousness guards the glory of God within me even as it breaks the power of sin's dominion over me by my consistent good and right choices enabling me to walk in the love and peace of God.

Can you hear him as he commends you for your faithful service; can you hear the joy in his voice as he beckons you farther and deeper into the River of God? Can you see as he shows you your heart as it burns in the River of his Love?

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