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Surrendered to Love

    by Jeannie Pallett

Is Something New Being Birthed in your Heart
Date Posted: August 28, 2012

Do you ever have those days when you feel as if your heart is birthing an understanding it never had before? Do you ever have a sense that you are seeing Scripture as if itwere the first time you have seen the words?

These days of summer, when so much in our life has changed, I feel I am learning like a newborn babe in Christ. I sense a hunger and thirst in my spirit, an emptiness that only the richness of Christ can fill. My ears are hearing and my spirit strains and reaches high, hoping to touch and reach the very deep of God's heart.

Christ is in me, and He is my hope of glory! His Word tells me to arise! I rise to breathe all of Him in, to awaken my senses to His fullness.

Today is a new day, a day to rejoice and be glad for the Lord is in our midst and rejoices and dances over us.

He sounds like a very joyous God, He sounds like a King who is ecstatic over the lives of His children. That is you and me He is rejoicing over! Can you imagine the song He is singing over us? Can we hush our spirits and souls just a little bit in order to listen to the music of that roaring rushing water as He breathes new life and hope into us?

Life is held in the power of His words. His Word is the key to life.

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Proverbs 18:21

When we choose to speak the Word, we release life, Life, LIFE by our spoken words. When we speak, we are no longing holding life. We are releasing life through our words. We release fullness of life, we release the abundant life that Jesus promised by our spoken words, or we can release sickness, disease and death.

This is the cry of my heart, "Father, Your Word says to open our mouths and you will fill it. Your words give life, release life into every situation. I join you in your song of victory as you sing over me. I sing of your great love, I speak of your mercy, your law. Your words make me wise and bring understanding to my heart. Your law is truth. Trouble and anguish may be upon us, yet your commandments are my delight." Does your prayer echo my heart?

Psalm 119:143 "Trouble and anguish have overtaken me, yet your commandments are my delight."

Trouble and anguish may be hot on my heels but Goodness and Mercy are following me and the Blood is covering me and protecting me. Trouble and anguish are blessings in disguise because we now have an opportunity to choose to keep the Word of God by obeying it, speaking it and loving it exceedingly. Psalm 119:167

It is so true, that when we delight in something we TALK about it, in fact it is all we can talk about because we are so excited about it. Maybe if we chose to find all of our delight in the Word of God and talked about it all the time then our circumstances would change for the better.

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