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    by Andy Castro

False Theory
Date Posted: May 28, 2023

Much of what holds us back in life is of our own doing. It may be the bad decisions we made in our youth. Perhaps it was the career or job of choice. Maybe it was the lifelong mate we chose in the guise of infatuation. Possibly it was a religious belief implanted in us by our parents and grandparents.

Mostly I would say it is the belief of the theories spoken to us from those around us and of the voices from our haunted past. The theory of: we cannot change our future for the good.

I should say that it would not be fair for me to say that you don't believe you can change the future of your life. It may be that you do at some level or another. But true belief takes form in action. Many of us, including me, have a notion to believe in a better future in this life time but it stops right at that point of belief. Then often it slowly dissipates into the quicksand of fear, pain and broken heartedness. This ought not to be and can be prevented.

To fully engage in the process of believing for clear evidence of your dream, goal or desire of a better life we must nurture our belief system into maturity. This take time to complete the process and many of us do not want to invest ourselves into that time.

As noted above, there is a maturing process for the development of our belief system. It takes several steps and time for our belief to be developed to the point of our definite chief aim. First we must have a definite chief aim in life. Some, as well as I, refer to it as having a specific purpose in this life. In the knowing that we have a specific purpose in this life does not constitute a high level of motivation and deep seated desire required for us to accomplish the purpose.

Though my belief of having the understanding we have a specific purpose or to know our definite chief aim, there is a pre-qualifying step we must take before we can achieve measurable gain to our purpose or chief aim.
This is what I will address today.

We must take strong decisive action against any word or thought that is contrary to the truth of our purpose in this life. Sad but true, we all have family in our lives that do not believe we will accomplish our purpose or anything of meaning or value. In addition; fellow classmates, co-workers and some friends feel the same way about us. And if that isn't enough, we feel the same way about ourselves. If we are to nurture our belief system into maturity we must address this situation.

Here is a suggestion.
Make a decision today that you want change. This will require a few emotional steps.

· 1) We must realize change must happen in us before it happens around us. We will need to look at ourselves, as best we can, and start working on past and present issues that have trained us to think the way we do.

· 2)We will need to set in our hearts the level of determination, perseverance and endurance it will take to accomplish change. The truth is it will be an emotional battle to make the required changes for a better future. We must logically and emotionally write in stone these three qualities on the tablets of our hearts to remind us that our strength will come as we engage in these practices.

· 3)At all cost stop speaking or agreeing with anything negative spoken against you. What you speak or listen to guides and directs your beliefs and actions which create your future. Maya Angelou states; "You are the sum total of everything you've ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot - it's all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive."

Our five senses create thoughts; therefore it is to our advantage to set our life thinking and speaking uplifting words to ourselves.

If the false theory: we cannot change our future for the good, has any link in your thinking process, it has the ability to keep you from your predestined work that God Himself has set up for you to do. This will lead you to a life of mediocrity, displeasure and immaturity.

I call on you to decide today to fight the good fight of faith, raise your level of determination, perseverance and endurance and start thinking and speaking uplifting words to yourself on a daily basis.

As followers of Christ it is our right and duty to live a victorious life, not just for ourselves but for all those who have known you through your struggles. Your outrageous victories will prove to them life can be won and that the prophetic words "you are more than a conquer through Christ" are true. Your life can give hope to others in need of it. It can be an encouragement to the down and out and can be a statement of faith that pulls out the best in others.

You have what it takes to pay the price of victory.
Will you do it?


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