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    by Andy Castro

Maybe Tommorow
Date Posted: January 8, 2023

Where does the time go?

Birthdays go from creep to leap as the years past.

Work weeks drag and vacations fly by.

Time is a ridiculously silly concept.

Who thought of it?

What good is it?

It seems to put stressful boundaries on us

and is a relentless taskmaster with our future.

It waits for nothing or no one.

It plays no favorites.

We can earn money, but time is allotted.

We make stupid statements about time.

"I've got time to kill."

"I've got all the time in the world."

"I'll have more time later."

And why, oh why does it take so much time for the best things in life?

A good meal takes some time to prepare.

A great athlete or speaker take the time to practice.

Everything we do or don't do takes time.

Time is only given to us once and the rest of the time is taken.

Read the stories of old.

Joseph was a slave for thirteen years before he was released from prison to lead the country.

Moses spent forty years in the desert before God called him to free the slaves.

Over twenty years had passed from the time King David was anointed to be King to the time he became King.

Jesus was over thirty before He began His public ministry.

Who has time for all this waiting?

I don't and I want the future now.

But, our loving God has a different plan.

Since He is the best at everything and owns the best of everything and gives us the best of everything, it stands to reason, He will take His sweet time to make us who we ought to be.

Why not? He doesn't have time limiting Him.

So how should we look at this time thing and how it affects us and our life?

Here is one perspective.

I often get tired and worn out waiting for God to open a door, connect me with the right people or fulfill His promises to me. What I try to do in these time is to check myself to make sure I am preparing myself for my future. Writing my book and writing these articles are a couple of ways I prepare. For someone else it may be studying more for school or studying a trade. I also check myself on occasion to make sure I have quality time with my Father. He's my source of wisdom, peace and joy of which I need in these waiting times. I ask myself if my time is well spent in the waiting time. This is the disciplining time. Do I spend too much time on TV, Facebook or work?

Waiting in the confines of time can be disheartening. In these times ask the Spirit for peace and patience. Ask Him help you to refocus on the plan for your life and all it means for you and for others. I remind myself, I'm in training to help others and God only gives the best to others. He is preparing me to be the best me available in any given situation.

Waiting, if done intentionally, will quiet the soul so our spirit can hear God. This takes time. Waiting lets God remove the old ways of doing things and teach us Gods way. It helps to soak in Gods lessons so we will act on them in time of need. In spite of how I feel, I've come to realize God doesn't waste my time. If it's wasted, I waste it.

I still long for days when more of my dreams become a physical reality, but if it doesn't happen today I will not lose hope. I will say, "Maybe tomorrow.”

I call on you to wait with purposeful intention so you can hear God.


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