I woke up feeling sick today; nauseated at the decision recently handed down by once conservative Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts. Last week, with a stroke of a pen, America’s financial landscape was drastically changed and placed on the spiraling pathway toward a socialistic republic. It was exactly what our idealistic, anti-business, pro-entitlement, ultra-liberal President wanted. He got his wish (for now). And currently, the fate and future of our beloved country is solely being placed in the hands of November’s elections.

Once again, I’m sick and can’t believe what’s happening to our once great nation. Thomas Jefferson, and the other founding fathers, believe me, are rolling in their graves.

The Affordable Care Act is a lie, a politicians (Presidents) sneaky attempt at churning the wheels toward bigger government, control over everything you do, an increase in taxes (yes, it’s a TAX) once sworn up-and-down by this President as never being a tax, and a definite way of running up our national debt into the stratosphere. Once thought of costing around 650 billion, it’s now estimated by the CBO as skyrocketing towards 1.7 trillion. And if history is the judge of all programs government-run, I can see it costing three or four times these amounts before fully implemented. After all, government is the absolute worst at managing money. It’s run mostly by people who’ve never owned or operated a business, held real jobs, and lived off the people’s money for as long as they hold their offices; career bureaucrats mostly, with no care about balancing our nation’s checkbook. Our country cannot afford this so-called, constitutional monstrosity and it will sign the bankruptcy papers on our nation’s future. But hey, why not go for it, after all, it’s not President Obama’s money now is it? And truth be known, he’s got his millions for life.

Allow me to ask a question here: Can you show any Government-run agency, policy, or project that’s ever come in under budget? Within budget? How about well-managed like say, UPS, Southwest Airlines, or Apple Computer? Companies started from nothing and still profitable to this day. If not, then why would anyone want to place something as important as their health care into the hands of government bureaucrats? Our government has its purposes. But, deciding who gets mammograms and cancer treatments is a complex road better left to trained professionals.

Everybody tingles at the thought of getting something for free. It’s human nature, right? I mean, I’d love for every legal citizen (don’t get me started on immigration) to have a new Cadillac in the driveway and free salary for life. I’d love for there to be truly free health care, free education, free this and free that. Heck, why not go ahead and pony up free housing and energy while they’re at it? What a wonderful world that would be! But guess what: nothing is free, absolutely nothing. Sooner or later, someone has to pay, and in this case it’ll be the American taxpayer, just you wait and see. And when ALL the bills start arriving for Obama’s other policies, democratic voters will be left standing on the street corners, shaking their heads, bumming a free cup of coffee, enjoying their dismal unemployment for years to come, even shedding a few tears asking themselves, “What the hell were we thinking?” And our once great status among the world as an economic super power: GONE. A mere afterthought, like the other once-great nations throughout history all destroyed by greed, and severe mismanagement of their peoples money.

I was entertained, dumbfounded, and saddened last week watching videos of liberals and Obama supporters dancing around believing they actually won something. And I always ask myself: Do they really think this is free? That this President has our country’s best wishes at heart? Don’t they realize when their tax bills arrive in their mail boxes around 2014 for not buying health insurance that THEY will pay for it? That THEY will be FORCED to buy something? Giving the government yet another excuse to come after your money! And what about all the small businesses (the core of our economy) who can no longer comply with these new suffering rules and regulations? They will be devastated and will not hire, won’t expand, and close up shop by the droves because they cannot afford to insure their employees any longer. Again, this is EXACTLY what this President wants: to rid our country of Capitalism and run toward Socialism. He’s salivating at the thought of screwing every business out there because, once again, he wants the Government to control EVERYTHING. In essence, making true one of the famous statements he ran on, “the fundamental redistribution of wealth.”

Obama sees himself as untouchable, indestructible, and the big winner last week. But, like all the other leaders who once felt they had the magic touch and were invisible to defeat, a storm is brewing on the horizon: It’s called the American Voter—The Ultimate Court of Approval. And I believe the elections of 2010 were just a warm up of what’s to come.

Within 24 hours of the Supreme Court’s historic decision, Republican candidate Mitt Romney raised over four million dollars for his Presidential campaign. An enormous amount, and a definite signal of what’s charging over the hill. This week has stirred up an angry hornets nest, and like it was stated all over the news by republican politicians and conservatives everywhere, “a sleeping giant has been awakened.” Hmm, I think I remember that being said after a certain military attack in Hawaii during the 1940’s.

Mitt Romney did the right thing shortly after the Supreme Courts decision. He stood in front of a podium with the Capital Building in the background and said, “America has a choice to make. I you want to replace Obama Care, you’ve got to replace President Obama.” He’s right, and like Justice Roberts stated after handing down his decision, “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Well said, John. And believe me, the American people are awake now and ready for the fight of the century. Our founding fathers believed in freedom from government, free enterprise, and a land of opportunity for anyone willing to work hard, so let’s get this battle started.

May God bless, and save our nation…

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