I had the pleasure of seeing the famous blues guitarist, B.B. King perform during the 90’s in Washington D.C., and most recently here in Dallas a while back. He’s definitely slowed down some, lagging the aggressive and mesmerizing zip he once had (taking about 30 minutes to introduce his band). But, despite the fact that Mr. King is now well into his 80’s, thousands still flock to see him play every year looking to catch the wave of a living legend, still doing what he can to make us smile through his supreme gift of music. And after recently reading his biography, he knew at a very early age that playing a guitar and creating his own style was what he was destined to do. It was his passion that started it all and something which has kept him going throughout his later years.

How many of us have had this kind of passion for something? For many, like B.B. it’s music. Others, it could be your career (whatever it is), a relationship, hobby, sports, religion, or even a special place that touches your heart. No matter what it is, being passionate about something, or someone, is a very healthy way to live.

I’ve been passionate about several things in my life. Among them is the sport of tennis. I remember when I was around four or five years old, my father drove me to a tennis court to teach me to play. The racquet he handed me was about as big as I was, the net twice as tall, but he introduced me to something I’ve loved ever since. Just the smell of a freshly opened can of balls, or feel of fine leather along a racquets grip makes me smile. I played all throughout my early years and still follow the sport as much as I can. And although golf has ruled the Sunday afternoon airwaves for quite a while now, I jump on cable TV when anything related to tennis begins to air, especially during the weeks of Wimbledon, The U.S., French, and Australian Open. The game’s changed quite a bit since I first began playing, the players much younger and the overall speed and power behind their strokes is incredible, but the emotion behind the game has never left, only intensifying. You can really sense the concentrated feelings when players like Raphael Nadal or Roger Federer are in their zones. And yes, if I’d been as fortunate to have the same God-given talents as the professionals I would’ve definitely tried taking my place on Center Court.

But, that’s one of my biggest passions. What about yours? Are there interests that make your adrenaline jump or eyes dilate? Are you like B.B. and I, having something which keeps you feeling younger, healthier, and overall more balanced?

Being passionate is a great quality you can bring to any situation whether it’s in work, love, friendships, or just life in general. Passion, by its nature, is an exciting and happy trait that motivates others and encourages positive actions with its energy and joy. Being passionate about something is also highly respected by our peers, and it’s actually one of the most commonly desired things in society.

When you’re passionate about things your whole being, inside and out, comes alive. You feel much better about the world around you, and others begin taking notice really quickly. Feelings of passion are very alluring, and make you much more attractive. It’s also one of the biggest things we can do to feel younger, more animated, pleasing, and hopeful.

Many of you are writers. I bring this up because when a reader senses passion behind your work it’s something they can taste and feel. There’s tears and laughter within your words, and they almost jump off the pages. They aren’t mundane, boring, lifeless, or passive. They grip you and don’t let you go until the topics, conflicts, dramas, love affairs, and murders complete their cycles, not ending before the last page is turned. Once again, passion always shows its face when the energy behind it heats to a boil.

May your life be overflowing.

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