“Who is this Jesus?” That has been the question we have been focusing on over these past few weeks – and an important question it is.

If we do not get this right – if we do not build on a solid sound foundation then when the storms come Jesus has already indicated and taught about the crashing consequences. Matthew Chapter 7 verses 24 to 29.

1 – Consider the claims Jesus made for himself – Jesus does not claim to have found the answer to man’s needs – Jesus claims to be the answer to man’s needs. “Come unto me all you who labour and are heavily laden and I will give you REST.” Matthew Chapter 11 verses 28 to 30

No other prophet or teacher has ever dared to say that – not Moses or Samuel or Isaiah – and certainly not Peter or Paul or John. They pointed to Jesus who was and is and is to come.

“A greater than Solomon is here – prophets and kings have desired to see those things which you see – and they did not see them. Before Abraham was I am! Somehow, on the lips of Jesus, these words sound entirely fitting and apt and just and credible.

2 – Consider His sinlessness – His enemies turned the fiercest searchlights upon His life – and could find no fault. They could not detect one flaw or spot or blemish in His moral character.

Never once is Jesus heard confessing sin. He came so close to sinners of every type and kind – and faced the same temptations as we do – YET WTHOUT SIN.

The saintliest people in the world have been so conscious of their own sin.

So – who is he who knew no sin? The Son of God.

3 – Consider this – Jesus Christ does for men what only GOD could do.

I am thinking particularly of the experience of being forgiven.

Margherita Lahski said many years ago – “I do envy you Christians in a way because I have no one to forgive me.”

The divine godly supernatural miraculous things – which only God can do – Jesus does! Take up your bed and walk – your sins are forgiven.

Only God can open the gate of heaven – and Jesus says, I am the door.

Only God can redeem – buy back – and Jesus has paid the price to buy us back from sin by shedding His blood for us on Calvary’s Cross – only God can do that type of thing!

Jesus redeems us – He buys us back for God – and the price is his sacrificial blood – that is the Gospel.

4 – Consider how universal is – it is worth thinking on.

Peter and John were poles apart temperamentally – and yet in Jesus they saw the answer to their problems.

Matthew the Jewish tax collector and Luke the Gentile doctor had nothing whatsoever in common, until they came to know Jesus – yet to draw his portrait for the world to see, Jesus used these two men – Jesus became the only thing that mattered to them.

Martin Luther and John Calvin – two very different men – Moody and General Booth – another two very different men – yet in Christ, they became one – and preached and proclaimed His glorious name.

Jesus Christ the Son of God can unite the most unlikely people. We can bring it all down to a very personal level where you just know that Jesus Christ is God.

It can be quite dangerous to be so subjective – yet it is true – and dynamic and comforting and reassuring – and it will make you take amazing risks – like going and praying for people – believing that the living God will do something through you – and He does as we use the Name of Jesus.

You step out in faith one day – like walking on water – and as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus – you do not sink – and if you were to take your eyes off Jesus the very arm of the Son of God would reach out to rescue you and uphold you.

“Loving Father – our gracious God – we give thanks for that ability to know Jesus Christ personally – to have that personal fellowship and communion with the living God. Hear us as we pray for someone we know who does not know Jesus as Saviour and Lord and King. Amen”