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10 Minutes Peace

    by Susan McGrath

November 29, 2003

I recently watched the movie "Home Alone" with my son. It was the first time he had seen it, and he laughed hysterically at all the tricks played on the bad guys by clever eight-year-old Kevin. (Did I mention my son is seven?)

But the whole scenario of being left at home by himself didn't seem to phase him. After all, it's just a movie. No frantic mother trying to pack an entire clan off on an international vacation would ever forget something as important as a child, her youngest at that!

This is a hectic, stressful time of year. We have too many things we think we have to…  ( Click for more )

November 22, 2003

Remember in the movie "Signs" when Mel Gibson's character asks, "What if there are no coincidences?"

(If you don't remember or haven't seen the movie, it doesn't matter. That was just my clever opening to this week's topic!)

There's also a saying that coincidences are just miracles we don't give God credit for.

Perhaps both are true. I'm sure you've all had many experiences which, upon later reflection, seem a little too convenient. Things just worked out too perfectly not to have been guided by someone.

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November 15, 2003

This week I attended a Veteran's Day ceremony at our city park with my son. At age seven he was not too sure about what was going on, but was pleased to be there with the other Scouts.

In our small town the agenda is short and simple. But included each year are women of the VFW Auxiliary laying a wreath at the foot of a statue honoring our fallen men and women of the armed forces.

As the wreath was solemnly placed at the base of the statue, the crowd stood quietly. Then came the twenty-one gun salute and playing of taps.

As I tried to explain to my son what they were doing,…  ( Click for more )

November 8, 2003

The advertising world seems to be overly concerned about what we carry around with us. The famous American Express credit card commercial has featured many celebrities who say they "don't leave home without it!" A newer credit card ad campaign asks, "What's in your wallet?"

We do worry a lot about how much money we carry around, or whether we have packed everything in the diaper bag or our favorite shade of lip gloss in the make-up case. But how often do we think about what we're carrying on the inside? And how much of it shows through to the outside?

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November 1, 2003

As I worked this summer to fill all the teaching positions for our Wednesday night bible study program, I asked a woman with children in the program if she could help.

She said she would love to teach, but that with her current job she sometimes didn't get back into town until late in the evening.

She let me know that she was searching for a job locally and I told her I would pray about it. I also kept an eye on the classified section and mentioned it to my husband.

A couple of weeks later he noticed an ad for a receptionist at a company where he used to work.

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The other day I was the recipient of a random act of kindness. (Remember a few years ago when that was the big thing -- try to do something anonymously for someone, especially a stranger. The hope was that they would, in turn, perform a kind act for someone else, and so on until the whole world was smiling.)

Anyway, I was in the drive-thru and McDonald's buying my kids a nutritious lunch and when I went to pay the cashier said, "She took care of it for you," and pointed to the car ahead of me.

I was a bit stunned, since I don't get my lunch paid for very often (unless my dad…  ( Click for more )

October 18, 2003

Professional decorators teach "layering" a room to get a warm and finished look. I know because I am addicted to home decorating shows and now have all the knowledge and ideas required to make over my own home. I'm just waiting for the money!

But when I do get going I will begin with paint color and move through the layers up to greenery, lighting and accent pieces. Many people stop before these final layers either because they are unsure of their ability or, like me, don't quite have the budget to get the look they dream of.

Adding fresh paint and new furniture to an empty…  ( Click for more )

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