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    by Dale Krebbs

Getting Older
Date Posted: April 1, 2018

A friend of a relative stated that most do not realize they are getting older until they are between 80,83 years of age.

The one who said this was in the mid 80’s, and had studied the phenomenon for a long time, and had noted it over and over. It is apparent to this person, who is a professional in the medical field, that most people (especially men…), between age 80,84 begin to be aware of certain changes in their body that they had never noticed before. It seemed almost universal…something happens during this age span that cannot be explained medically or logically.

I complained to a friend that I was getting older, and had begun to realize it. I never had before. My friend grinned and replied, “,,,that’s the whole idea isn’t it?” - to get older, that is.

Of course, it is the idea, but not the whole idea. It is indeed a blessing if one can “grow old”. It is a greater blessing, one that is a gift from God, when one can grow older “gracefully”.

The fact of getting older sometimes is driven home more deeply than normal. In a grocery store encounter, a stranger walked up and looked me in the eye and asked, “how old are you?”. Taken aback, I finally told him when the shock wore off. His eyes got big and replied “I am the same age!”. The situation became even more strange about two weeks later when he surprisingly just seemed to appear in front me and spoke and said we were the same age - again! This time I could collect my response and asked him “when is your birthday?”… he replied instantly…we were the exact same age!

I could not but wonder why…why the “accidental” encounter? The whole episode just seemed to linger in my mind.

My new accidental friend seemed to enjoy telling me his age. He seemed thankful. We parted. Perhaps we will never see each other again.

Perhaps we will…I hope we will.

Some guard against revealing their age. Others, as this man, seemed down deep to rejoice with his age. The scriptures of the Bible reveal varied responses to getting older. There is an event in 2Samuel of the Bible that brought my experience to mind as I read it. His name was Barzillia. King David had invited him to join him in some activity, but this man refused because he felt he was too old to join someone like King David, and would only be a burden for the King:

“I am this day eighty years old. Can I [be useful to advise you to] discern between good and bad? Can your servant taste what I eat or drink? Can I still hear the voices of singing men and women? Why then should your servant be an added burden to my lord the king?" - 2 Samuel 19:35 (AMP)

The Bible mentions the age span average during biblical times to be the proverbial “three score and ten”, 70 years. At this point in time, many live much longer. And the Bible mentions some living much longer. Sarah lived approximately 129 years.

How do you feel concerning your age? Most of us observe our age related to our health.

Your age doesn't matter…strictly speaking. If your faith is in Jesus Christ, how long you live in this world is irrelevant. A relative was asked to pay some money owed to a family member. His excuse for not paying it was he was going to die shortly, so it was not necessary for him to pay the family. Someone reminded him “well, we are all going to die!” This reminder was of no avail. He refused to pay it…because he was going to die. Somehow, age and health was a justification for not completing an obligation…before he died. Some do not seem to realize "you can't take it with you".

As you get older, if your faith is in Jesus, your future is assured. You are getting closer to glory every day!


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Biography Information:
Dale Krebbs served as an Elder, preaching, counseling, and conducting Bible studies for over 25 years in Texas, California, and Arizona. He is now retired, lives in Arizona, and continues the study and research of Gods Word.
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