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'Christ in You...'

    by Dale Krebbs

September 24, 2023

There was

once a network show in which the MC ended the broadcast by singing "thanks for the memory...".is faculty of what is called memory is a marvelous thing. It is one of God's miiracles of our being. a mixed bag of memories. Some good, some bad. Some filled with joy and pleasantness. Some with deep sorrow and an aching heart. Memories of each of us are utterly unique. Some of us have similiar memories in one way or another, but none are the same. Memories prove the uniqeness of each human - and of every Christian. tiple billions of humans each completely…  ( Click for more )

September 17, 2023

"You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you, Do not resist the evil man [who injures you]; but if anyone strikes you on the right jaw or cheek, turn to him the other one too". - Matthew 5:38-40 (AMP) We all know it is not easy to turn our other cheek. It is a natural impulse for most, to respond in kind, and also a powerful temptation for most Christians. It is a very easy thing to do because it is encased in human nature. Someone has said it is as natural as falling off a log. Most of the people in the world consider…  ( Click for more )

September 10, 2023

There is a limit to the time allotted for humanity to repent, believe and yield to the changing power and striving of the Holy Spirit; to believe, overcome, and receive eternal life. "My Spirit will NOT ALWAYS strive with man..." (Genesis 6:3) Truly, "time changes everything".as the song goes. As Solomon stated that "there is a time for everything under the sun...", there is a time for grace. But as there is a time for everything, there also must be an end of everything regarding humanity. There is a time for you and me. If you are reading these words,…  ( Click for more )

September 3, 2023

The Apostle Paul instructed those to whom he wrote that they should not "forsake the assembling" of themselves together. It is interesting and instructive that he did not use the word "church". By church I mean an organized and recognized congregation with a complete structure with Pastors, and all others who have specific responsibilities within the group called church. In what Paul instructed, did he mean that those to whom he wrote should find a preexisting group of believers, with all the structure ordinarily considered to be requirements for being designated…  ( Click for more )

August 27, 2023

There is an old gospel song entitled “My God I Real”. Is God “real” to you? If God does not seem real to you, perhaps the reason is that you are not real to Him. Sometimes we hear the catch phrase “get real”! Reality: it is becoming more and more elusive, and unrecognizable in our world. Reality is shielded by masks, pretense, and an endless variety of smoke and mirror techniques, etc. In essence, they are hypocrisy. There is curious reality regarding hypocrisy, which of course is deception. Those who are hypocritical and deceptive are the most…  ( Click for more )

August 20, 2023

Last week we discussed Jesus' command through John to be lights to the world. This light is the light of the Holy Spirit changing a Christian from the inside out. He begins to creat deep inside,, that creates a persona that becomes a witness without speaking. They are His witnesses through their demeanor, warmth, and inner peace, and love that eventually will be seen by those being called. This is love mostly unspoken, but materializes in the actions and responses which are illustrated in Paul in 1 Corinthians 13. It was mentioned last week that, if the internal light of…  ( Click for more )

August 13, 2023

How do other people respond when they are around you?

What do you think is their first impression of you? Is there something about you that draws them to you? When they are near you, do they feel at ease, comfortable, and accepted by you? When they see you, do they "light up" with anticipation of being around you? Whatever you feel is the answer to these questions, about what they are seeing and feeling, and what you are silently emanating, is "light". It is your light until or unless the light of Jesus Christ is the source of what they see and feel when they…  ( Click for more )

August 6, 2023

Do you sometimes struggle to comprehend God - why He allows certain things? Why he allows unimaginable suffering, and catastrophic events? A radio and TV commercial from years ago concludes: "inquiring minds want to know" - a true observation indeed. Sometimes it is tempting to ask "where was God" in this? Why does it seem that some people live a charmed life - healthy, prosperous, unperturbed and undistrubed. As the melody goes, everything is "going my way" - for them. that is...Is there an answer for what sometimes seems to be the unanswerable. If…  ( Click for more )

Would you like to get even with your enemies? Or perhaps a little more than even. Maybe give them twice what he they have dished out to you? Your can. And you can do it with Christ's approval. The very worst thing you can do to you enemy, regardless of what they have done to you, is to pray for them! Someone has said, do good to your enemies; it will drive them crazy! Maybe. Maybe not. But praying for them makes it easier to love them - in exact proportion. It is important how you do good to them who are your enemies, and especially how you pray for them. Make sure that you…  ( Click for more )

Sometime in eternity past, God desired to expand His love to someone in addition to millions of angels who already loved Him, as He loved them.

He had angelic companionship, which was enjoyable and satisfying as His messengers and servants. However, being God, He desired something and someone like Himself - someone to love and from whom He could receive love and fellowship. He desired children.

Children as we know, are very much like their parents. Together they constitute what we call "family". God originated the original concept of family. But many eons ago, before…  ( Click for more )

July 16, 2023

The world in which we live has never been before. At least, like it is today. One can almost sense the increased pressures of invisible threats, It seems a day does not go by without a shocking event occurring somewhere. Whether it occurs on the other side of the world, or next door. The world as we have known it, shocks us almost daily. It seems our world is somehow unraveling. We can sense it. We can feel it. As foreboding and upsetting as it is, we should not really be surprised. God's word said it would always be this way. Only worse as the times go by. God has set up events,…  ( Click for more )

July 9, 2023

The Hard Way "There is a way that seems right..." (Proverbs 16:25) How many times have we heard this truth referred to, spoken about, and preached on. And the second phrase of the quote includes the consequences of the first phrase, "...but the end thereof (result) is death". To many, the way that seems right is the way that seems to be the easier way. When events and expectations seem to just fall into place, we are inclined to assume that it must be the right way. We take the easier way as prima fascia proof that it must be the best way. We seldom cast…  ( Click for more )

July 2, 2023

The entire life of a prominent person in the New Testament was devoted to establish this element in that society in which he lived.

No, it wasn't was John the Baptist. Without his ministry, Jesus' preaching would not have born much, if any, fruit. John the Baptist preached the requirement that would make Jesus' ministry successful and fulfilled. That message can be spoken in one word: repentance. Without repentance, belief in Jesus is vain and fruitless in the lives of those who heard and listened to Him. This is one reason Jesus said that "many are called,…  ( Click for more )

Typically, when we think of what the book of Job teaches of us, we usually think about the seeming conflict of suffering and righteousness. The answer to this is effectively answered by the New Testament.

There is an additional and more important message God is teaching us from this amazing book.

God makes it clear in the first chapter that Job's condition is His doing, and at the same time affirms that he was "righteous". And God affirms that there was no one as righteous as Job.

"There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job; and that man was…  ( Click for more )

June 18, 2023

Casting Your Cares

"Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully." - 1 Peter 5:7 (AMP)

Are you "casting" your cares, worries, concerns, problems, circumstances, upon Christ? This is perhaps one of the most encouraging and inspiring verses in the Bible. It is certainly one to cling to when it seems that no one is caring for us. Many times when it seems that Christ is not caring for us - when our lives and circumstances…  ( Click for more )

June 11, 2023

Several weeks ago I wrote an article for this column entitled "A Legacy of Eden" (see the Archives), in which there was a discussion of Adam and Eve, and the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil". It addressed some of the consequences this had for men and women down through history until now, with the main focal point on marriage, together with being single, and men and women in general.

This week we will look at the scope of the consequences for humanity and our world today, as it has and IS impacting all of us - every moment.

We are looking at the…  ( Click for more )

June 4, 2023

"Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me. Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child. Let Israel hope in the LORD from henceforth and for ever." (Psalm 131 KJV)

What a beautiful and wonderful submission - and ADMISSION!

Psalm 131 is called "a song of ascents". It may have been sung by the people of Israel as they approached Jerusalem for the annual holy days. The trek was an incline UP…  ( Click for more )

May 28, 2023

"Friend, how would you feel, if your heart were made with a window on each side? - So that all could see, not just outward charm, but detect if in were harm? - People always see you as you are outside - Jesus really knows you, for He sees inside. How about your heart? - Is it right with God? - Is it black by sin? - Is it pure within? - Could you ask Me in to stay? - How about your heart? - Is it right with God? - That’s the thing that counts today!" - (Gospel Song: Author Unknown)

It seems sometimes that the distance between the head and the heart is about the…  ( Click for more )

May 21, 2023

There are some words used in the Bible that seem to defy analysis and human comprehension because of the breadth and scope of their meaning. They convey concepts that describe spiritual activity in the lives of every true Christian. That is because these are words the Holy Spirit has chosen to reveal to us how God is working in our lives, and to help us cooperate with Him in changing us into the image of Jesus Christ. These words are compacted, but God would have us "unpack" them. In doing so, we see more clearly what He is doing, and what is occuring in us, so as to encourage…  ( Click for more )

May 14, 2023

"To the woman he (God) said, I will greatly increase your labor pains; with pain you will give birth to children. You will want to control your husband but he will dominate you" But to Adam He said, "Because you obeyed your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded ‘you must not eat from it‘, cursed is the ground thanks to you; in painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, but you will eat the grain of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat food until you return to the ground…  ( Click for more )

May 7, 2023

"When he entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him asking for help: "Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, in terrible anguish." Jesus said to him, "I will come and heal him." But the centurion replied, "Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof. Instead, just say the word and my servant will be healed. For I too am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I say to this one, ‘Go’ and he goes, and to another ‘Come’ and he comes, and to my slave ‘Do this’ and he does it." When Jesus heard…  ( Click for more )

April 30, 2023

On a television segment a number of years ago, there appeared a man who had suffered a terrible disfigurement. I do not recall what caused it, but I believe I shall never forget him.- He had NO FACE. I had heard of soldiers having their faces blown away in battle. It was difficult to believe at the time I saw him, and even more difficult to describe now after several years have passed.

I will not attempt too much detail, but I do remember this much: from just above his upper lip up to the bottom of his forehead, there was nothing. There was no nose. There were no eyes. There…  ( Click for more )

April 23, 2023

There is a much different world coming - one developing out of this present world that we all know - a world like no one has ever seen before, or will ever be seen again. One that is not expected, except perhaps by those who are striving to bring it about. However they may see what they do not expect to see or envision. It will be ruled by a one world government; one religion; one world economy. Government, Economics, and Religion. These three aspects of the "new world order", are even now slowly becoming a reality, and beginning to position themselves, eventually to fall…  ( Click for more )

April 16, 2023

"For no temptation (no trial regarded as enticing to sin), [no matter how it comes or where it leads] has overtaken you and laid hold on you that is not common to man [that is, no temptation or trial has come to you that is beyond human resistance and that is not adjusted and adapted and belonging to human experience, and such as man can bear]. But God is faithful [to His Word and to His compassionate nature], and He [can be trusted] not to let you be tempted and tried and assayed beyond your ability and strength of resistance and power to endure, but with the temptation…  ( Click for more )

April 9, 2023

What would you consider to be the shortest sermon ever preached?

Some of us have it preached to us several times each day as we travel down the roads of our lives. Actually we have had it preached to us our entire lives over and over again, no matter where we had been or where we were going. That sermon consists, and has consisted of, only one word - "YIELD"! There is another next-to-the-shortest sermon. It is totally compatible and functions with the shortest. It is "KEEP RIGHT"! I think you can readily see that the two go together. Perhaps…  ( Click for more )

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