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'Christ in You...'

    by Dale Krebbs

The Different
Date Posted: April 8, 2018

We are told that there no two humans on the earth that are exactly alike…in every detail, outward and inward. This is difficult to believe. Surely…in so many billions of humans - there are at least two who are exactly alike. However, if there were, surely someone would have found them and told the world by now.

I am familiar with a small group of men who have been getting together to visit for several years, just to visit and fellowship, for two hours per week. It is amazing how this group can visit for about two hours. As I understand, in all the hours over the years there has never be a disrespectful word, nor hard feelings…they are as close as brothers
could be. Each is completely, and amazingly, different…in every way. In looks, age, background, beliefs, history, etc.

It truly amazes outsiders…even their families.

I have often wondered…would’t it be a wonderful world if the worlds populations could relate as this group of men seem to do? There would peace, harmony - even love - throughout the world!

Unfortunately, there is hardly even a small group that is in some way, able to “get along” permanently. But God has apparently not chosen to create a world of identical “copycats”. If we think deeply, if this were true, would’t it be an unimaginably dull world? The boredom would eventually drive many insane.

When we look around at the incredible variety in all of His creation, we thrive in change and variety…in nature and in human beings. But…there is a price to pay for living among the “different”. The ability give as well as take. God the Father was the first to give without reservation.

God’s Final Word in His Son - Jesus Christ. He came as a minister of peace…after creating an unimaginable variety of harmony and peace in all creation…even you and me, all human kind.

Accept without reservation that you re different. But also, and equally accept without reservation those around you...and in the world. The result will be the four-letter word;


“God, having spoken to the fathers long ago in [the voices and writings of] the prophets in many separate revelations [each of which set forth a portion of the truth], and in many ways, 2 has in these last days spoken [with finality] to us in [the person of One who is by His character and nature] His Son [namely Jesus], whom He appointed heir and lawful owner of all things, through whom also He created the universe [that is, the universe as a space-time-matter continuum].” - Hebrews 1:1-2 (AMP)

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Biography Information:
Dale Krebbs served as an Elder, preaching, counseling, and conducting Bible studies for over 25 years in Texas, California, and Arizona. He is now retired, lives in Arizona, and continues the study and research of Gods Word.
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