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Family Blueprint

    by Julianne Bell

Blueprint #7: The Flood, Noah and His Sons
Date Posted: October 31, 2006

(A big box and some rainbow jello take teach us along with Noah about new life and God’s promises.)

The Lord gave us the blueprint of His Word to architect our family on Jesus Christ.

Going through the Bible with your family…

Weekly Scripture:
Genesis 7:17-9:29

"The Flood, Noah and His Sons"

Starting a New Life in Christ as Noah did after the flood.

It rained for forty days and the entire earth was flooded. All flesh that moved on the earth perished except the Noah, his family, and the animals in the ark. When the rain stopped, the water subsided over time, and the ark came to rest on a mountain. Noah sent out a raven and then a dove to see if the ground was dry. God told Noah to leave the ark and take his family and the animals with him. Noah built an altar to the Lord and sacrificed some of the animals. God promised to never destroy the earth again with a flood and gave the rainbow as a sign of His promise.

Just as Noah stepped into the ark as a covering and found new life, so we too need to call upon Jesus as our Lord and Savior to start a new life.

Finding Christ:
We find God made and everlasting covenant with Noah and mentioned it seven times in Genesis 9. In Hebrews 13:20 we find Jesus gave the blood of the everlasting covenant.

Live the Lesson:
Discuss with your children the subject of childbirth. How a baby is in mostly darkness in the mother’s belly until it is born into the light. Once in comes into the light it is officially begins counting the days of its life. So it is with a new birth in Jesus Christ. We are in darkness until we are born into the Light.

Take a BIG box and cut out a tiny window to just let in a peep of light when covered. Have each child take a turn getting under the box and seeing how dark it is and how much they crave that little bit of light given to them (by the cut out window). When you lift up the box have them see how much different it is to come out of darkness and into light. Explain to them that is how it is for a person who becomes a believer in Christ.

Now serve up that Noah’s Rainbow Jello (that jiggles while you giggle as it wiggles in your mouth) you made earlier today, here’s the fast version recipe:'s_rainbow_jello.htm

Memory Verse:
"You must be born again." John 3:7

Dear Lord, please help us to understand how wonderful it is to be in Your light and to start a new life in You.

Living the Life:
This week talk to the children about what being born again means and how to live a new life in Christ.

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Biography Information:
Julianne Bell is blessed with a husband who challenges her to fulfill her calling. Their quiver is overflowing with children ages 3-young adult, one of which has autism.

Family Blueprint has come to fruition as a complimentary service for those seeking creative ways to 'teach them (the words of the Lord) diligently to your children...' Deuteronomy 6:7

Julianne Bell is also a consultant for Once Upon A Family at This allows her to work from home while homeschooling her children and keeping her ministry website resources free.
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