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Family Blueprint

    by Julianne Bell

Blueprint NT #2: Mary's Visitation
Date Posted: August 14, 2007

(A shelled hard-boiled egg and a salad dressing bottle illustrate that God can accomplish great things!)

Weekly Scripture:
Luke 1:26-56

“Mary’s Visitation”

God can accomplish great things, even in us!

Live the Lesson: Egg in a Bottle
You will need one clear salad dressing bottle or milk bottle with a small neck opening, one hard-boiled egg with the shell removed, boiling water, a funnel, and an oven mitt to handle the hot bottle.

Now in front of the class, put the boiled egg on top of the bottle and demonstrate that the egg cannot fall into the bottle. It is impossible. However, when Gabriel told Mary she would be the mother of Baby Jesus, even though she was not yet married to Joseph and had never been alone with him, she chose to believe God can do anything. Today, we too choose to believe that the egg can fall into this bottle.

Put the funnel on top of the salad dressing bottle and fill the bottle with the boiling water. Whish the water around inside the bottle and then pour out the boiling water. Immediately, put the hard-boiled egg with its shell removed on top of the bottle and watch closely. The egg will now be sucked into the bottle with such an incredible sound. Hooray! (To remove the egg, hold the bottle upside down and blow into the bottle for a while and the egg will drop out from the increase in air pressure).

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Memory Verse:
For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37

Dear Lord, please help us to believe You can accomplish great things in our lives, if we surrender to you.

Living the Life:
This week share with your children something you accomplished by the grace of God.

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Julianne Bell is blessed with a husband who challenges her to fulfill her calling. Their quiver is overflowing with children ages 3-young adult, one of which has autism.

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