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From My Window on the World

    by Mike Jacks

Why does God allow us to dream, knowing that those dreams will never come true? If indeed they are never to be, why are we then bewitched by the thought of the possibility? Dreams are as fragile and delicate as a spider’s web, and just as easily destroyed. What gives them their strange power over us? We know they are never to be, but their haunting song still calls to our hearts. Many dreams are selfish and it is truly for the better that they never see fruition. Yet, what of the pure dreams? The ones that live in hope and die in despair? Those are the ones that vex us most…  ( Click for more )

June 25, 2007

What do you fear the most? The answers to that question can be as numerous and distinct as humanity itself. One of the most dread, dark experiences is isolation. While much lip service is given to the desirability of solitary time, the actual presence of such a state can be psychologically unnerving. To be alone with one’s thoughts can be a terrifying thing. Our world is awash with stimuli to occupy our minds, and to keep us from the necessity of confronting ourselves, and our place in the universe. What does it mean to be alone? How does it affect the human spirit? Let’s…  ( Click for more )

June 11, 2007

There is an old saying that clothes make the man. Whether that is true, or not, it is true that clothes can reveal a lot about a person. A military uniform or fireman’s hat can immediately confirm an occupation. Possible the most distinctive is the cap, gown, and tassel that denotes academic accomplishment. Who was it in the dim past that decided that putting a beanie with a square piece of cardboard on your head, then dangling a tassel from it, would somehow represent intelligence? Yet every year, thousands of graduates proudly put these contraptions on their heads while happy…  ( Click for more )

Once there were 16 million of them. Today only 4 million remain. They enter eternity at the rate of 1100 per day. Who are they? They are the boys that left farms, villages, and cities to enter the most devastating conflagration the world had ever experienced. They are the soldiers, sailors and airmen of WWII. As incredible as it may seem, it took 60 years before their country built a national monument to honor their sacrifices. There is no way of knowing how many lives were consumed by the war. It is estimated that between 50-75 million perished. That doesn’t count the number…  ( Click for more )

May 28, 2007

“It’s good to feel useful in this old world. To hit a lick against what’s wrong, or to say a word for what’s right, even though you might get walloped for saying that word. I may sound like a Bible-beater yelling up a revival at a river-crossing camp meeting, but that don’t change the truth none: there’s right and there’s wrong. You gotta do one or the other. You do the one and you’re living. You do the other and you may be walking around, but you’re dead as a beaver hat.”

These words were spoken by the legendary John…  ( Click for more )

May 21, 2007

It’s easy to mold; it’s fun to hold. It’s Moon Sand! It’s out of this world!

If you have ever attempted to do any creative writing, the first obstacle you encounter is yourself. Your mind must be focused and your heart must have something to share. If either of these conditions are lacking, all of the ideas and dictionaries in the world won’t help. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the past year has brought lack of mental focus and dullness of the heart. Friends have encouraged me to continue writing. The truth is, the desire to share simply…  ( Click for more )

How does it happen? A young couple begins married life with joy and anticipation. Years pass bringing the blessing of children and increased prosperity. Everything is good. Everyone is happy. Then suddenly an ugly word is uttered. Divorce. Like a great tidal wave, it engulfs and destroys everything in its path. And in its wake, the survivors are left to ask what happened?

I must admit that I really don’t know how to proceed with this article. The last thing I want is to be judgmental. Yet I am troubled by the amount of divorce and the destruction it causes. Families are…  ( Click for more )

And Jesus spoke this parable: A certain young ruler of Israel owned a donkey. The faithful beast carried him throughout the provinces comforting the sick and encouraging the distressed. One day the young man of God purposed in his heart to visit Jerusalem. Setting his infant daughter upon the back of the noble beast, he began the long journey. Upon arriving in the great city, the man inquired of an innkeeper where he might go to have his loyal animal cleansed and consecrated for the holy days. The innkeeper directed him to the outer gate of Solomon’s temple. After receiving…  ( Click for more )

April 30, 2007

Is this the little girl I carried? Is this the little boy at play? I don’t remember growing older. When did they? When did she get to be a beauty? When did he grow to be so tall? Wasn’t it yesterday when they were small? Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset Swiftly flow the years. One season following another Laden with happiness and tears...

He had finished his bath. As I knelt to dry him off, he laid his head on my chest and put his little arms around me. I embraced him and experienced the bliss of pure love that only a parent and child can know. Could any…  ( Click for more )

It was a small incident, in a small church in a small town. It is a strange fact of life that God sometimes uses the littlest things to teach the biggest lessons. This was never more evident than in a recent church service I attended. It is not my habit to look over the congregation while our minister is speaking. Yet this past Sunday something special caught my eye. It is general knowledge that the average person wants to sit in the front of the bus, the back of the church, and the middle of the road. In my view was now something that shattered that rule. In front of me sat two of…  ( Click for more )

It is a sad truism of life that the most important thing we do requires absolutely no intelligence, at all. No formal education, no technical training, nor senior mentoring is necessary. All it takes is the equipment and the desire to use it. “What is this monumental accomplishment,” you ask? Parenthood. Who among us can truthfully say that we had any idea what we were doing when we became parents? Oh, we knew what we were doing, but we certainly didn’t understand the ramifications. A little stranger came to live with us, and our lives changed forever.

There…  ( Click for more )

April 2, 2007

My wife loves John Wayne. Even though she has seen each of his movies dozens of times, whenever he is on TV, she insists that we must watch the Duke in action. My tastes lean more to the Criminal Investigation shows. CSI Las Vegas, CSI Miami, CSI New York, CSI Boise, CSI Saturn, CSI Pluto are but a few of the wonderful offerings vying for your entertainment. Well, wait a minute. Perhaps my facts are a tad askew. Yes, I am in error. It is my covenant partner who watches CSI, while my preference is to join Duke Wayne riding the purple sage. I’ve accompanied my hero from the sands…  ( Click for more )

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