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From My Window on the World

    by Mike Jacks

The Parable of the Car Wash
Date Posted: May 7, 2007

And Jesus spoke this parable: A certain young ruler of Israel owned a donkey. The faithful beast carried him throughout the provinces comforting the sick and encouraging the distressed. One day the young man of God purposed in his heart to visit Jerusalem. Setting his infant daughter upon the back of the noble beast, he began the long journey. Upon arriving in the great city, the man inquired of an innkeeper where he might go to have his loyal animal cleansed and consecrated for the holy days. The innkeeper directed him to the outer gate of Solomon’s temple. After receiving a blessing from the priest, the young ruler led his donkey through the cleansing procession. Not wanting to lose his daughter among the host of people the father allowed her to remain astride the donkey. Temple servants brought urns filled with water from the subterranean wells of Abraham. Scented oils gathered from the lands of Persia and Egypt were applied to cleanse the docile creature. Branches from the cedars of Lebanon were used to scrub the sands of the desert from the animal’s flesh. Seeing the tumult of activity around her, fear entered the young child’s heart. Her eyes became pools of tears and her countenance darkened. Seeing her distress, her father called her name. She turned her gaze upon him and peace entered her heart. Jesus said to the multitude, “As this child trusted her earthly father, so you must trust your heavenly Father.” The people heard, and they went on their way rejoicing.

Now those of you that are Biblical scholars and have studied the Dead Sea scrolls know this parable never took place. It is my attempt to apply a Biblical description to a modern parable I recently heard. Our young minister spends much time and study to present sermons each Sunday to challenge and inspire. He uses scriptures, audio and visual aids, anything that he can think of to try to reinforce an idea in our minds. It is strange what the brain chooses to remember. Mine has chosen a story that Casey recently shared with us. He took his baby girl to a car wash. Even to an adult, going through a car wash can be an unsettling experience. The swirling brushes, jets of water, gusts of air, and unnatural motion make you feel as if you are in the belly of a great beast. As confusing as it is to us, can you imagine what was going through the mind of baby Kristen? Yet when she saw the face of her Daddy, her fear subsided. She knew in the midst of all the confusion that someone who loved her was with her.

Sometimes life seems like a car wash. We look about and we see a swirling maelstrom. Events beyond our control or understanding cause us to fear. We feel helpless. Yet our heavenly Father is with us. We need to focus on Him. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary.

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Biography Information:
Mike Jacks was one of the realest people you would have ever met. He was very tenderhearted and not afraid to show it. His life was not an easy one. Yet, he was a man who sought the heart of God and daily strove to align his life with the precepts put forth in the Bible. He loved his family and was interested in history, WWII, and science fiction. These were frequently the subjects of his articles, yet they always went back to his first love, Jesus Christ.

Mike lived in Jamestown, Ohio with his wife, Zane, and their children, Lindsay (23) and Kirk (20). Mike and his family were founding members of Transformation Christian Church, a newly formed simple church.

Mike went home to be with the Lord on February 1, 2017
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