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    by Randy Mitchell

Ring Your Own Telephone
Date Posted: September 17, 2022

The Economy. Money. Jobs. Your Future, and the future of our youth. It’s filling the minds of everyone these days especially during this super-heated political election. People are more concerned than ever about what their future holds, and rightly so. Millions are looking for work, or have stopped searching at all with little hope. It isn’t the America I grew up in, and one in desperate need of a new direction.

America was founded on self-reliant, entrepreneurial principles. A nation where people are free to dictate their own future, create their own jobs, and look out for themselves, #1. So, I say to so many who are slogging through the want ads, constantly updating their resumes, and praying for the phone to ring with a cherished job offer: Look in the mirror, and think about creating your own destiny. God gave you an imagination; he wants you to use it, and tap into its fullest potential.

It’s easy to say; just start your own business, right? But, sit back for a moment and imagine what it could be like making a living doing something you actually enjoy doing. To set your own hours, be your own boss, control your future, to create something from nothing and hopefully see it grow. Honestly, it isn’t easy. It can be one of the hardest, most challenging things you’ll ever do. But, it can also be the most liberating and rewarding, freeing you from the shackles of an uncertain economy.

In my early twenties, I started, operated, and later sold a successful service business. Years ago, I entered into real estate until the market turned south. Last year, aside from my normal job, I wrote my first novel as an unknown writer and have sold more copies than I anticipated. Have I made a fortune, being able to retire among long, lazy mornings inside my Maui Beach Home? No. But, with each venture I’ve undertaken I was able to do something I loved doing; to create, to feel the freedom of expression, to manage what I did when I wanted to do it, and most importantly, to operate outside the control and authority of others. I’ve experienced both, the achievement of success and disappointment of failure. But, carving out your own destiny can do wonders for your inspiration and psychological well being.

So many are becoming way to dependent on government for their needs. They’ve lost hope as the politicians argue, fight, and do away with policies trying to get our country’s fiscal house in order. One in six now live in poverty, millions upon millions are on food stamps and other subsidies trying to keep themselves afloat, and their numbers are rapidly increasing. Most don’t want to live this way, but some simply have no other choice. The answer: employment, most importantly, good employment, the type lifting you out of a sub-par existence. And having your own business could be an answer, if many tried slipping their toes into self-employment waters.

Recently, I watched a college professor being interviewed on national television. He was discussing the needs and questions of his student body, the biggest concern being employment after graduation. And with only fifty percent of all graduates being offered jobs, their fears were understood. The top advice he gave: Stop relying on others to make your future, and start discovering what you love to do, then figure out a way of making money doing it. Stop looking to government, or corporations which will lay you off instantaneously if needed, and start inventing and investing in yourself as a brand. Our country needs this mentality right now, not only from our youth, but from everyone; the spirit of creativity, the force of innovation, and a willingness to accept the risks for reward.

Having your own business requires determination, drive, fresh ideas, and some luck. It also requires a business-friendly governmental administration which helps small businesses through lower taxes and fewer regulations, something we’re currently being deprived of. A bigger government isn’t the answer, a model which has been tried for centuries always ending in poverty, dependency, and eventual bankruptcy. As a famous leader once said, “The Problem with Socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.” A very wise quote.

Becoming the next bestselling novelist, computer wizard, dazzling singer, or real estate mogul can never be easy. But, the leaders in these fields all have the same traits: a vision, a refusal to “quit,” and a goal they know they can achieve through hard work and drive.

America desperately needs a new wave of people like this.

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Biography Information:
Randy Mitchell

Inspirational Writer and Author of

"Sons In The Clouds"

As a writer and avid movie fan, I love the powerful energy behind words. Words capture and cling to people in a dramatic, poignant way - and live deep inside us all. It doesn't matter if those words are written or spoken; all of us have tales yearning to be shared with each other.

A few years ago, I drove past my childhood home in Texas: a nostalgic place where tender childhood memories still reside deep inside me. I remember those hot Texas summer nights hanging out with my sister, friends, spirited pets and my girlfriend who lived across the street. This happy snapshot transported me back in time to endless, steamy nights as we watched July 4th fireworks, ate homemade ice cream on the front porch, and cooled off at the local lake.

My childhood feels like it happened just yesterday -- innocent moments taken from my carefree youth. These memories comforted me and carried me to a place where I longed to stay – a peaceful haven where I could escape my hectic ‘adult’ life. These idyllic, cherished memories were the inspiration for my first novel, "Sons In The Clouds". My long-time career as a pilot and love of aviation are seen through my main characters, Andy and Wade, who serve as Navy pilots in the Vietnam War.

"Sons In The Clouds" exposes emotional drama that showcases the vulnerable fragility of human nature. The belief in God serves as the problem-solver -- a pathway to the truth -- a light to be used when the problems of man cannot be solved, and becomes a way to expose weaknesses in those appearing to be strong.  I breathe life into my characters in believable, exceptionally REAL ways. A strong theme interwoven throughout the pages is that “love conquers all” – as seen through the unfaltering, devoted commitment between my male characters and the women they leave behind.

My female characters show courage and strength in the face of adversity. Despite the fact that she doesn’t know whether her husband is alive or dead behind enemy lines, Rebecca (Andy’s wife) remains strong and never falters in her devotion to Andy.

Rebecca’s character represents war-time brides (both past and present). I wanted to show the strength, love and courage of these brave women whose loved ones were sent off to the Vietnam War. They faced harrowing fear on a daily basis, and relied on their faith and love to get them through their darkest days–- hoping and praying that their husbands returned home safely.

Most inspirational fiction readers today aren’t interested in G-rated books. "Sons In The Clouds" is a modern inspirational story that encompass spiritual themes where faith and love triumph over the brutal ugliness of war. My characters instill a hope-filled message to my readers long after the last page is read.

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