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    by Randy Mitchell

Love Advice. Who's Qualified to Give?
Date Posted: March 18, 2023

Eyes meet; two bodies and their souls come together. The sparks fly, the clouds part, food tastes better, the fragrance of flowers sweeter, you start walking around in a daze 24/7, everything’s finally making sense and your life has new meaning like never before until…

When things go wrong, or even well, in the arena of love lots of people go looking for advice. They seek out friends, family, psychiatrist’s, astrologers, those grey-haired couples who’ve been married for most of their lives, even their local bartender or barber gets an unwilling ear full of questions and solicitation of how best to proceed. Sometimes, I think the existence of alcohol and drugs were placed on this earth to deal with the ups-and-downs of romance. But, we all need, sometimes, someone to advise us which direction in the fork-in-the-road to take hoping among hopes they show us the way. And when cupid’s arrow strikes your heart, there’s perhaps nothing more powerful, or destructive, than dealing with love.

I’m perhaps the last person on earth who’s qualified to give love advice. I’m fifty now, single, but not without the ability to love the correct person. And trying to find a healthy balance, a right balance, the ability to merge two lifestyles, wants, and desires together has always been challenging even though I’ve been called, ”the smartest guy alive” on more than one occasion by my numerous divorced friends. LOL. I believe in love, but only if the two involved are really meant to be. Some get lucky and find it early in their lives. For others, the highway to love is long and ever-winding.

So, who do you consider best qualified to give those golden words of wisdom when your heart’s either glowing or bleeding? Who can help lead you to that promised land of rosy fulfillment, happiness, grand kids, even great grandkids, and fiftieth-wedding-anniversary-celebrations?

Right now, there are many bloggers, radio and TV personalities, authors, and so-called relationship DR’s willing and ready to serve up their own versions of love advice. We’ve all read and heard them on the airwaves and internet highways, all thinking their words and influence is all that you will ever need. Ever watched, The Millionaire Matchmaker, the old Oprah Winfrey Show, or The Housewives of Wherever? How about, The Bachelor? These shows are hosted and filled with people who’ve never been married, have been married multiple times along with tons of failed relationships and are still alone, or are always in the middle of some personal dramas at home, love-related. Yet, they always seem to have the golden answers while their personal lives aren’t exactly following most’ idea of successful relationships. Perhaps, what they have works for them because everyone’s individual translation of love is different. But, my version of love success has always been about dedication, mutual respect, honesty, and a chemistry which lasts through time. It’s all about being there for each other, or never causing harm even when the bad times come and go--A hard, and sometimes elusive existence to catch, I know. But, it does happen, when two share a committed willingness to make things work, or engage in a peaceful departure when they don’t.

The past few years, I’ve learned to follow and study the ways of the successful, both on a personal and professional level. I didn’t used to do this, but it’s definitely made a difference in my life. My experience as an author for example; I enjoy reading what drives successful writers: their work habits, what gives them inspiration when needed, and who do they turn to when advice and encouragement is wanted. The same goes for love. I look at those couples who’ve had long-lasting love and how they’ve managed to stay that way. What drives their desires to stay together, what makes them stay true, what keeps that certain spark aflame, and what lets them know daily that they’re with the one.

Our modern society has changed the definition of relationships as to what is normal. It all goes along with the so-called liberal movement, experimentation, and alternative lifestyles. The success rate among couples is deteriorating and becoming less and less traditional. For some, it works, but for most, it’s a revolving door of constantly moving on to the next chapter. I, for one, prefer to learn from those who’ve made it work decade after decade from years past--those with great grand kids and still holding hands during daily walks in the park. Most have stated the same answers over and over: commitment and the realization that there love is true. And for me, those who walk the walk on the jagged roadway of love and success are the ones to learn from, to gain advice from, while watching rather than asking.

Thanks for listening…

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Randy Mitchell

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As a writer and avid movie fan, I love the powerful energy behind words. Words capture and cling to people in a dramatic, poignant way - and live deep inside us all. It doesn't matter if those words are written or spoken; all of us have tales yearning to be shared with each other.

A few years ago, I drove past my childhood home in Texas: a nostalgic place where tender childhood memories still reside deep inside me. I remember those hot Texas summer nights hanging out with my sister, friends, spirited pets and my girlfriend who lived across the street. This happy snapshot transported me back in time to endless, steamy nights as we watched July 4th fireworks, ate homemade ice cream on the front porch, and cooled off at the local lake.

My childhood feels like it happened just yesterday -- innocent moments taken from my carefree youth. These memories comforted me and carried me to a place where I longed to stay – a peaceful haven where I could escape my hectic ‘adult’ life. These idyllic, cherished memories were the inspiration for my first novel, "Sons In The Clouds". My long-time career as a pilot and love of aviation are seen through my main characters, Andy and Wade, who serve as Navy pilots in the Vietnam War.

"Sons In The Clouds" exposes emotional drama that showcases the vulnerable fragility of human nature. The belief in God serves as the problem-solver -- a pathway to the truth -- a light to be used when the problems of man cannot be solved, and becomes a way to expose weaknesses in those appearing to be strong.  I breathe life into my characters in believable, exceptionally REAL ways. A strong theme interwoven throughout the pages is that “love conquers all” – as seen through the unfaltering, devoted commitment between my male characters and the women they leave behind.

My female characters show courage and strength in the face of adversity. Despite the fact that she doesn’t know whether her husband is alive or dead behind enemy lines, Rebecca (Andy’s wife) remains strong and never falters in her devotion to Andy.

Rebecca’s character represents war-time brides (both past and present). I wanted to show the strength, love and courage of these brave women whose loved ones were sent off to the Vietnam War. They faced harrowing fear on a daily basis, and relied on their faith and love to get them through their darkest days–- hoping and praying that their husbands returned home safely.

Most inspirational fiction readers today aren’t interested in G-rated books. "Sons In The Clouds" is a modern inspirational story that encompass spiritual themes where faith and love triumph over the brutal ugliness of war. My characters instill a hope-filled message to my readers long after the last page is read.

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