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    by Randy Mitchell

The Rearview Mirror
Date Posted: January 22, 2022

I read a book one time about ways of discovering your life’s meaning. It was informative, and filled with lots of ideas and methods of taking your existence into positive territory. And one of the areas I enjoyed most was an exercise in listing at least ten of your biggest moments so far—those trinkets in time helping shape who you are and that left the greatest impressions. For everyone, those experiences can be both, good and bad; a divorce or bad breakup, childhood bully, death of someone you loved. Or maybe it was the thrill of graduating from college, getting your first job, meeting “the one,” beginning bike ride, or in my case, first solo flight in an airplane. But, no matter what yours mean to you personally, every single one leaves a lasting mark upon your mindset.

The question is: are you letting your past influence your future in a positive way?

We all endure disappointments and challenges as we age. It’s just life, and part of our individual plans. How we learn from, and apply these to our future is about our ability of letting the past remain in the past.

I’ve known people who cannot let disappointments and upsetting moments fade away, no matter how long ago they happened. One even said to me recently “the past is your future.” That was quite a statement, and left me believing they were allowing former misfortunes to dictate their future. Not, in my opinion, a healthy way of living and serves only to keep from moving beyond negative experiences, therefore, seeing the world through dim-colored glasses.

When something negative happens that haunts us, pulls us off course, makes us angry, causes us to loose faith, even draws us into depression, you never forget. But, rather than continuing to hold grudges or remaining upset or angry, I prefer using them as something to learn from, and move forward. Our future is all we have, and yesterday’s experiences, although we never forget them, should remain behind us.

Holding onto past distress and anguish is a form of self-inflicted torture which can cause serious health risks as well as emotional scarring. The truth is, when you’re clinging to the past, you’re internally changing your present.

How can something you’ve kept inside for so long be let go? It’s not easy, but it can be done with a little effort and self-reflection.

In personal relationships, learning to forgive and forget is the best way of moving forward. It may sound easier said than done, but forgiving someone who has hurt you can be extremely therapeutic. Strive to let things stay in the past and don’t allow them to affect your present. Once you learn to forgive the ones who’ve caused your pain, you will find it much easier to heal and move on with your life. Probably the best way of doing this is to confront those who’ve hurt you, let them know why, hopefully get an apology, and continue on.

At the top of the list of moving forward is forgiving the past. If you can’t change the past, you might as well learn to accept it and move on. You’ll be glad you did once you see how bright your future can be while regaining control of your life.

In our professional lives, disappointment is literally waiting around every corner. Maybe you had a boss that kept you from achieving your full potential, a co-worker that backstabbed you, a contract that should’ve been yours, or a company laid you off for reasons beyond your control. Things like this are never fair, or easy to accept. But taking from, and learning from these experiences in a positive way can help keep them from happening again.

Negative situations and being around negative people can destroy a person’s future more than anything. The trick is not allowing them to infiltrate your life. If something or someone isn’t supportive, helpful and mutually respectful or isn’t bringing something good to the table, find ones that do and gravitate toward them. Life is way to short to be surrounded by voices and circumstances not having your best interests at heart.

Looking at the future in a positive light makes life rewarding and worth living; anything else is a waste of time, and only serves to disrupt our potential.

Thanks for listening…

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Biography Information:
Randy Mitchell

Inspirational Writer and Author of

"Sons In The Clouds"

As a writer and avid movie fan, I love the powerful energy behind words. Words capture and cling to people in a dramatic, poignant way - and live deep inside us all. It doesn't matter if those words are written or spoken; all of us have tales yearning to be shared with each other.

A few years ago, I drove past my childhood home in Texas: a nostalgic place where tender childhood memories still reside deep inside me. I remember those hot Texas summer nights hanging out with my sister, friends, spirited pets and my girlfriend who lived across the street. This happy snapshot transported me back in time to endless, steamy nights as we watched July 4th fireworks, ate homemade ice cream on the front porch, and cooled off at the local lake.

My childhood feels like it happened just yesterday -- innocent moments taken from my carefree youth. These memories comforted me and carried me to a place where I longed to stay – a peaceful haven where I could escape my hectic ‘adult’ life. These idyllic, cherished memories were the inspiration for my first novel, "Sons In The Clouds". My long-time career as a pilot and love of aviation are seen through my main characters, Andy and Wade, who serve as Navy pilots in the Vietnam War.

"Sons In The Clouds" exposes emotional drama that showcases the vulnerable fragility of human nature. The belief in God serves as the problem-solver -- a pathway to the truth -- a light to be used when the problems of man cannot be solved, and becomes a way to expose weaknesses in those appearing to be strong.  I breathe life into my characters in believable, exceptionally REAL ways. A strong theme interwoven throughout the pages is that “love conquers all” – as seen through the unfaltering, devoted commitment between my male characters and the women they leave behind.

My female characters show courage and strength in the face of adversity. Despite the fact that she doesn’t know whether her husband is alive or dead behind enemy lines, Rebecca (Andy’s wife) remains strong and never falters in her devotion to Andy.

Rebecca’s character represents war-time brides (both past and present). I wanted to show the strength, love and courage of these brave women whose loved ones were sent off to the Vietnam War. They faced harrowing fear on a daily basis, and relied on their faith and love to get them through their darkest days–- hoping and praying that their husbands returned home safely.

Most inspirational fiction readers today aren’t interested in G-rated books. "Sons In The Clouds" is a modern inspirational story that encompass spiritual themes where faith and love triumph over the brutal ugliness of war. My characters instill a hope-filled message to my readers long after the last page is read.

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