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    by Randy Mitchell

Your First Fifty Years
Date Posted: June 8, 2024

I’m turning the big 50 this week, a milestone in a person’s existence, and more than likely the halfway point in a human beings life. Surprisingly to me, it seems pretty pleasant because I feel good, appear well, and am looking forward to the next 50 if I’m blessed to do so. I’ve become one who believes life can get better as we age because by this time we’ve all learned a few things, experienced much, hopefully loved and cared for others, and been a friend to many. Fifty years doesn’t seem possible because I remember certain events from my childhood like they just happened. And in the grand scheme of things fifty years isn’t really that long, but it does surprise me when I scan the calendar and draw a deep breath.

When I turned 40 it was a big deal. I thought, wow, that’s what I grew up picturing people my dad’s age, or folks entering their golden years as being. It was a moment in time I never realized would sneak up so fast. But, it came and went without much fanfare. Now, fifty has come, what seems at lightning speed. Maybe it’s because my forties were so busy. After all, I went back to school for a while, had more than one job, moved often, traveled a lot, endured a parents death, and wrote a novel. I’ve become, I’d like to think, a little wiser, learned much through experience, grown more open to greater expression and alternative ways of thinking, and have come to accept many situations and things I don’t always truly understand. I’ve learned to turn things over to God when events aren’t going my way, to deal with the negative, and be grateful to those who’ve stood with me through the good, and the bad. I’m convinced; my next fifty years will be the best of all.

Growing older is something we all deal with. It’s simply an inevitable part of life. But, our first fifty years, I believe, really does define a lot of who we are.

By the time you reach this halfway point, you’ve discovered a few things; learned what, and who you truly like and truly love. You realize the mistakes you’ve made along the way and press forward, while applying the knowledge to future situations, and relationships. You hopefully mature to a point of respectability, and likeability among your peers. You rest a little easier at night knowing most problems are solvable, doable, and only temporary. By this time you can easily identify who your true friends are, who will show up when really needed, and who will still be that one who comes to you for help and counsel because they trust you, and believe in you. Fifty is just a number, but it’s a significant one because by now you recognize true love when you see it, and feel it. Relationships don’t carry the same adolescent patterns as they once did because your too old to waste time on those who aren’t worthy of it. Your first fifty years really do serve as a learning curve for all things personal and make you realize just who, and what is truly important.

By age fifty, you generally know what you want, and how to get it. Your insights are sharp, alert, and carry the ability of seeing truth when it comes. You’ve put away most things which are time consuming and unmanageable and look for people and events which will further your set of goals. You’ve had plenty of time to learn from others, now hopefully they look up to, and learn from you.

Simply put, with age comes experience, with experience comes knowledge, with knowledge comes maturity, with maturity comes respect, with respect comes appreciating and honoring others and an ability to focus on true importance; lessons learned from fifty years of living.

I hope that wherever you are in life, you’re looking forward to your future years. To cherish good moments as they come, to not fear new experiences, and to realize each one passing by is another step closer to eternal life: something I see as the ultimate reward for an existence well-lived.

I wish you all the best with your first fifty years…

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Randy Mitchell

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As a writer and avid movie fan, I love the powerful energy behind words. Words capture and cling to people in a dramatic, poignant way - and live deep inside us all. It doesn't matter if those words are written or spoken; all of us have tales yearning to be shared with each other.

A few years ago, I drove past my childhood home in Texas: a nostalgic place where tender childhood memories still reside deep inside me. I remember those hot Texas summer nights hanging out with my sister, friends, spirited pets and my girlfriend who lived across the street. This happy snapshot transported me back in time to endless, steamy nights as we watched July 4th fireworks, ate homemade ice cream on the front porch, and cooled off at the local lake.

My childhood feels like it happened just yesterday -- innocent moments taken from my carefree youth. These memories comforted me and carried me to a place where I longed to stay – a peaceful haven where I could escape my hectic ‘adult’ life. These idyllic, cherished memories were the inspiration for my first novel, "Sons In The Clouds". My long-time career as a pilot and love of aviation are seen through my main characters, Andy and Wade, who serve as Navy pilots in the Vietnam War.

"Sons In The Clouds" exposes emotional drama that showcases the vulnerable fragility of human nature. The belief in God serves as the problem-solver -- a pathway to the truth -- a light to be used when the problems of man cannot be solved, and becomes a way to expose weaknesses in those appearing to be strong.  I breathe life into my characters in believable, exceptionally REAL ways. A strong theme interwoven throughout the pages is that “love conquers all” – as seen through the unfaltering, devoted commitment between my male characters and the women they leave behind.

My female characters show courage and strength in the face of adversity. Despite the fact that she doesn’t know whether her husband is alive or dead behind enemy lines, Rebecca (Andy’s wife) remains strong and never falters in her devotion to Andy.

Rebecca’s character represents war-time brides (both past and present). I wanted to show the strength, love and courage of these brave women whose loved ones were sent off to the Vietnam War. They faced harrowing fear on a daily basis, and relied on their faith and love to get them through their darkest days–- hoping and praying that their husbands returned home safely.

Most inspirational fiction readers today aren’t interested in G-rated books. "Sons In The Clouds" is a modern inspirational story that encompass spiritual themes where faith and love triumph over the brutal ugliness of war. My characters instill a hope-filled message to my readers long after the last page is read.

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