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Surrendered to Love

    by Jeannie Pallett

Praise for Papa
Date Posted: May 15, 2012

Papa, how sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter even than honey to my mouth. (Psalm 119:103)

Papa, I praise You for You are a God with ears that hear the cries and petitions of my heart. You hear the melody of praise and worship that my heart sings. I am glad and rejoice in You and I love to sing of Your great love. My praise for You causes my enemies to turn back in defeat, even disease and lack fall and perish at Your Presence. I am overcome by Your goodness, Your love for me.

You have done, and You continually do great things, O Lord. Your heart is open; Your lap is not overcrowded. You always make room for me. You are Papa, Great Lover of Your children. You comfort me, in times of trouble - behold! I am already sitting on Your lap.

You have been feeding me; Your bread, Papa, has been sweetened with honey. It has been good medicine for my soul. You are teaching me Your Names and I am trusting in You.

I am Your Daughter, a child, yet a woman; You desire me, You long for me to be fully turned towards You, intently listening. You have beckoned, I have come and my intent is to obey You. You have beckoned and with gladness and rejoicing, I am here. I wait for You Lord. My hope is in You.

Thank you, Papa, for sweetening Your bread with honey. I wait. I wait patiently for You, Lord. My waiting moves Your heart, moves Your hand to work on my behalf. Oh, the joy that floods my soul! My heart just aches for You, Papa; that I might know even more the wonders, greatness, and majesty of Your love.

Papa! You have brought me up and out of the pit, pulled me out of the miry clay. you have set my feet firmly upon the Rock. You are establishing my steps. As I walk, guided by Your hand, Oh, Papa!

You have put a new song in my mouth - people see the effect of the song I sing of Papa's praise and won by One who has forever loved them, they turn their hearts Godward and place their trust in You, Glorious One!

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