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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

We are reading in Psalm 94 – we come to verse 12. It is as if the Psalmist re-tunes his harp to play softer melodies. Blessed is the man you discipline - there is a difference between being disciplined and being punished. In some areas of life, we are aware of that and can usually……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 94. What an unusual opening - so different - not many prayers begin by addressing God in such terms. It arrests you. It does get your attention, and, it is true. Now and again - we need something to shake us - awaken us - regarding our praying. God does not reject, ignore or overlook this……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 93 is quite a short Psalm - but here right at the very beginning is one thing we all need to know - one truth of which we need frequent reminding - "The Lord Reigns" - our God reigns - He is robed in majesty. The picture is quite astounding. Jesus Christ is risen and living and alive……  ( Click for more )
Turn to Psalm 91. 2022, with all its stresses and tensions and uncertainties, is over, and we need an encouraging and reassuring word for 2023. There is a secret place in God - where we can rest. Come with me into that secret place. He who dwells - will rest. That is the condition.……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 92 - A Psalm or Song - for the Sabbath day – or a word for first Sunday of the year – and even a vision for 2023. This Psalm tells us what to do - what to sing - when we gather together in the Name of Jesus. It teaches us not only what to do - but why to do it - and how to do it……  ( Click for more )
December 26, 2022
We do not know if there were three wise men – but we do read of three women who in their own way – and in God’s sight – were wise – three wise women – Elizabeth and Mary and Anna. As we approach the end of a calendar years it is as if God gives us three wise choices to bless the……  ( Click for more )
December 19, 2022
Matthew 2 verses 1 to 18 – We read of these wise men making their way from the east to Jerusalem. This whole incident has been so grossly romanticised – that the truth can easily be lost. Their number has been limited to three – we have made them kings – and we have given them……  ( Click for more )
Why would a young upstanding businessman marry a pregnant teenager who claimed to be a virgin? Because God told him to. Why do some people’s lives take the strangest turning at times? It can be that God is behind it all – but not always! Matthew 1 verses 18 to 25 are among the best-known……  ( Click for more )
There is no better way to start your day than by having a ‘quiet time’ with God – and let our gracious God set the pace and the agenda for our day. It was the Perth City Mission Superintendent who introduced me to a “Quiet Time” - and the Latin/Greek teacher, leading Scripture Union on Friday……  ( Click for more )
As we come to what is called the first Sunday in Advent, turn to Psalm 25, where David seeks the Guidance of God - and shows us how to seek the Guidance of God. David is totally dependent upon God. That is a priority for those seeking guidance. No matter how serious his situation is, he keeps looking……  ( Click for more )
In Luke Chapter 18 and at verse 31, Jesus Christ takes his 12 disciples aside - and tells them - we are going up to Jerusalem. Jesus is leading the way – as Passover approaches - but this Passover will be like no other Passover. Jesus always leads the way – but look where Jesus is going.……  ( Click for more )
Turn in your Bible to Psalm 20. Here in these opening words, we read of something which we do not come across often in the Psalms - the words of the prayer of the people for David. The people are letting David know that they are praying for him. Whatever the storm is like in your present circumstances,……  ( Click for more )
This on-going storm appears fiercer as 2022 draws to a close – at least within our own nation – but there are fiercer storms in other parts of the world. I want to speak about storms – but first turn to Deuteronomy 11 verses 8 to 15 – Almighty God is speaking to Israel, through……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 119 Verses 57 - 64. You are my portion O, Lord - my inheritance - or my share. ‘You are’ is not in the Hebrew. Enemies take the share of the spoils - he had seen his enemies become victorious over their prey and dividing the spoils and shouting about them. For convenience……  ( Click for more )
We return to Psalm 119 and Verses 49 - 56. This word, written some 3000 years ago is so relevant - appropriate - meaningful - for the times and days in which we are living - and to the situations in which we find ourselves. Here again is a recent translation/paraphrase of this section where each line……  ( Click for more )
October 17, 2022
II Corinthians Chapter 4 – I read this passage at a recent Fraternal. Yes, we are in it together. “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” That was a word given to man I was talking with some weeks ago. He almost left the ministry – he could almost take no more –……  ( Click for more )
We come to Mathew Chapter 8 verse 5 - Jesus now enters Capernaum. It will be a familiar passage for many but there are times when lessons need refreshing. Much of the ministry of Jesus has been spontaneous, as those in need met him, or came to him, or he would be walking along the road. Jesus……  ( Click for more )
In Matthew Chapter 8, Jesus comes from these slopes, not far from Capernaum, where he has been teaching the Sermon on the Mount, and a man approaches Jesus. We are told that he is full of leprosy – covered with leprosy – Luke 5. Think of the pain - isolation - ostracism……  ( Click for more )
We are looking at that question – “Who is this Jesus?” - from Matthew Chapter 21 and verse 10 – focusing our thoughts upon the humanity of Jesus – the manliness of Jesus Christ. We saw that from every page of the Gospels as we roamed all over the various aspects of the……  ( Click for more )
Jesus Christ’s’ presence at a wedding could transform the situation – his meeting a funeral procession could turn tragedy into rejoicing. His words when he spoke about sin and hypocrisy were searing and scorching – yet, when dealing with a sinner no one has ever been so tender and merciful and compassionate!……  ( Click for more )
“Who is this?” The people asked then – and some may still be curiously wondering today. The question was asked in Matthew Chapter 21 verse 10, regarding Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God has come to man – born in Bethlehem – in an outhouse beside the animals. For some……  ( Click for more )
We are reading in Matthew Chapter 21 – and last week I spoke about the coming and ministry and life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as being a watershed. Everything has been leading up to this moment and from the life and death and resurrection of Jesus, everything flows. I remember my friend……  ( Click for more )
So many people do not know who Jesus is. I have heard of all kinds of versions of Jesus. Turn to Matthew Chapter 21 and verse 10 – The setting is Jesus Christ riding into Jerusalem a week or so prior to his being crucified. It is a highly emotional scene. It is a highly emotional season……  ( Click for more )
Jeremiah Chapters 8 and 9. We come to the Word of God - always - in the Name of Jesus Christ - expecting Jesus to speak to us through this Word and expecting the Holy Spirit to minister to us, in some way. No wonder Jeremiah was unpopular. A man who preaches and proclaims and prophecies and speaks……  ( Click for more )
We move on to Jeremiah Chapter 7 - and this section goes right through to Chapter 8 verse 3. The background to this prophecy is in II Kings Chapter 22 - also in II Chronicles Chapters 34 and 35. There was a general RENEWAL going on in Jerusalem -……  ( Click for more )
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