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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

We come to Romans Chapter 16. Consider what Paul has been writing about in these Chapters - the centralities of The Christian Faith - Israel and the place of Israel in the plan of God - the importance of presenting your body - and being totally committed to Jesus Christ - how we can know the Will of God……  ( Click for more )
As we complete our reading of Romans Chapter 15 – remind us of how Paul’s deep concerns was for the peace and harmony and unity of this fellowship in Rome - we have read of how he pleaded with these people to keep together - to remain one in Christ - to welcome, receive and accept one another……  ( Click for more )
There are times when it is not only what you can do - but what you can bear. Who can you lift up? Who can you support? Paul was an apostle - apostles are not people above us lording it over us - but under us supporting us - like the foundation of a wall. We are in Romans Chapter 15 at verse 4.……  ( Click for more )
Romans Chapter 15 verses 1 to 16 – Having looked at Chapters 12 to 14 a few months ago, now we are reading of how this dear man Paul had one great concern in his heart for The Church of Jesus Christ - that of Peace and Harmony. He had so many concerns - for truth and love and the flowing of The……  ( Click for more )
We return to the Roman letter. We are in Romans Chapter 14 – where we left off some months ago – such an appropriate timely passage - because we need to see clearly that ‘religion’ is a terrible thing – ‘religion’ which demands its rights - its legal rights. ……  ( Click for more )
Turn to John Chapter 21. This is a lesson I have had to learn again over these past months. You cannot turn the clock back, but sometimes even disciples of Jesus Christ try to turn the clock back – or just want to turn the clock back. Did these disciples of Jesus yearn to turn the clock back……  ( Click for more )
We turn to John Chapter 20. What was John doing on Resurrection Day, and what did John do on Resurrection Day, having been with Jesus Christ for over three years? The women folks had just returned from the tomb of Jesus Christ reporting that the stone was rolled away, and the door was open, and there……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah 52 verse 13 and into Chapter 53 – “We would see Jesus.” Might He manifest Himself to you again at this season of the year – or perhaps for the first time! There was a boy who read this passage in a Church service – and he said, “We read from the Gospel……  ( Click for more )
March 28, 2022
This has become a very significant and personal word for me – being one of the first verses I preached on in 1964. Jesus Christ said, “If any man would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me.” Mark 8 verse 34. I remember sitting on a bench by……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 119 Verses 41 to 48 – I am discovering a richness in this Psalm, of which I have never previously been aware. I hope you are too. What a prayer – O, Lord, I know YOU have unfailing love - such mercy - may that unfailing merciful love come to me - do not let it pass me by - do……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 119 verses 33 to 40 – I did wonder whether or not we should continue in Psalm 119 - until I re-read this section. “Teach me O, Lord to follow Your decrees; then I will keep them to the end.” Teach = to point out – or to indicate. Each verse is a……  ( Click for more )
We come to Psalm 119 verses 25 to 33 and each verse in this section begins with D or Daleth – and happens to deal with Depression - Devotion - Determination - and Dependence. This is an amazing piece of literature. Verse 25. The experience of the King - laid low - but praying……  ( Click for more )
We come to Psalm 119 Verses 17 – 24. Someone has called these words pure prayer - use these words at times in your prayers - at home – in Prayer Meetings and Worship Services. “Lord, do good to us Your servant this day - and we will live - we will obey Your Word - we vow that - we……  ( Click for more )
We are in Psalm 119 verses 9 to 16 – verse 9 – is this not a question that many young men – and probably many young women in these days – would like to ask – with all that is going on around – drugs – drink – dirt – all kinds of impurity – acts……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 119 begins with blessing – and we have been thinking of ways in which we can be blessed and ways by which we can share that blessing and these blessings. The Psalms are Hebrew poetry – and poetry deals with feelings – rather than information – and in our Bible, and in our……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 19 was one of our recent Bible readings. It opens by speaking of the universe declaring the glory of God. Creation points to the Creator. All around us we see the Hand of God, and as part of God's Creation we have a duty and a responsibility to protect and appreciate what God has made. ……  ( Click for more )
A few weeks ago, I was reading in the book of Daniel – when one phrase came to me so clearly - "Stand for God". Jesus spoke about our being witnesses for HIM. That can involve feeling isolated or lonely at times. If you are finding it more difficult and more challenging,……  ( Click for more )
In Matthew Chapter 8, Jesus comes from these slopes, not far from Capernaum, where he has been teaching the Sermon on the Mount, and a man approaches Jesus. We are told that he is full of leprosy – covered with leprosy – Luke 5. Think of the pain - isolation - ostracism……  ( Click for more )
HERE I AM. Three simple words – “Here I am” – and they mean – I am available – I am available to listen – I am available and willing to hear what YOU are saying to me – and what YOU have to say to me. When we utter these words we never know where they……  ( Click for more )
This on-going storm appears fiercer in these early days of 2022 – within our own nation – but there are storms in other parts of the world too. I want to speak about storms – but first turn to Deuteronomy 11 verses 8 to 15 – Almighty God is speaking to Israel,……  ( Click for more )
In these opening words of Psalm 20 we read of something so relevant and apposite as we face the days and weeks of 2022 – these verses from the Book of Psalms are quite unique - the words of the prayerful concerns of the people of God for King David. The people are letting David know that they are……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 92 - A Psalm or Song - for the Sabbath day – or a word for last Sunday of the year – and even a vision for 2022. This Psalm tells us what to do - what to sing - when we gather together, in the Name of Jesus. It teaches us not only what to do - but why to do it - and how to do it……  ( Click for more )
There comes that moment when we have to trust God’s timing in our life – in our lives - in some new dimension – in some new way. As we emerge from Covid-19, many in the U.K. seem to be asking for a timetable for the way forward. That is not easy. When will all this……  ( Click for more )
Why would a young upstanding businessman marry a pregnant teenager who claimed to be a virgin? Because God told him to. Why do some people’s lives take the strangest turning at times? It can be that God is behind it all – (but not always!) Matthew 1 verses 18 to 25 are among the……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 2 - "Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?" Have you ever asked the question 'Why'? Why is this happening? Why, O God, am I in this situation? Why are these things happening? Why do people rage against God and conspire against the people of God? Why do……  ( Click for more )
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