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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

Everybody has setbacks – disappointments – and failures. That can happen even when we have put our energy and heart and soul into life. Turn to Luke Chapter 5 and verses 1 to 11. Imagine the scene. These fishermen have been out all-night fishing – working hard – probably……  ( Click for more )
Are there opportunities when it looks as though it might be a seemingly impossible situation? We have missed it – it cannot happen – we are too old or it’s too late. Think of what happened to Moses. God’s purpose here – as in other places – is to train men – to prepare people……  ( Click for more )
Turn to Acts Chapter 27, where we read of Paul’s ‘Mediterranean Cruise’. It is often easier to face a setback or problem when it is your mistake – but what do we do when it is not our fault? Sometimes other people make foolish decisions, which can affect us seriously. Paul……  ( Click for more )
A few weeks ago, we took time to look at the various challenges and difficulties which confronted Joseph. Joseph had faced one obstacle after another. It was a tough time, but Joseph did three things that kept him going Joseph depended upon God’s presence no matter where he was. And the Lord……  ( Click for more )
At Pentecost, the risen and living and ascended Lord Jesus Christ poured out the Holy Spirit upon one hundred and twenty disciples just as he had promised. Jesus always keeps his word. Jesus Christ always fulfils his promises. Has Jesus Christ given you a promise that has as yet to be fulfilled? If it was given……  ( Click for more )
What happened at Pentecost and how is this so highly relevant to the Church of Jesus Christ today? Why does this matter? It is much more important than many realise. I always knew there was something more – but it was not until January 1969, when Jim Kincaid walked into our Fraternal and……  ( Click for more )
I cannot imagine what it must have been like to see Jesus Christ go. These men were so different on that awesome occasion. They were able to take it in their stride. We read the account of the Ascension in the opening section of ACTS and also in the concluding words of the Gospel of LUKE – and we come to Ascension……  ( Click for more )
God is processing Joseph’s way to leadership in Egypt and every stepping stone to get Joseph to become Prime Minister of Egypt appears most painful. This fourth obstacle sees Joseph having his identity stolen – it is taken from him. Genesis 37 verses 31 to 35 –……  ( Click for more )
Let’s return to look at an important character, Joseph – most relevant in these present times. Joseph is given 14 Chapters – Genesis 37 to 50 – and he faces some seven major setbacks in his life. Come, let’s revisit certain aspects of the life of Joseph. Without this……  ( Click for more )
In I Kings Chapters 18 and 19 we have been reading about Elijah’s ‘success’ and victory – and the very natural reaction – which is the experience of many of us – if we wish to admit it. It is always wise to admit to reality. 1 – GOD MAKES ME REST MY……  ( Click for more )
There are times when we can feel so empty. Life drains us, and that has consequences. Turn to I Kings Chapter 19 and verses 1 to 18 where we read about Elijah – quite a remarkable man, and yet we are told that Elijah was a man just like us – he faced all the various ups and downs of life……  ( Click for more )
We come to Luke Chapter 19. At the end of Luke Chapter 18, we read of that poor blind tramp, Bartimaeus, crying out to Jesus Christ for mercy and sight - and Jesus is so gracious and tender and powerful. Just along the road we read of a man who was a rogue and a rascal - and very……  ( Click for more )
Jesus and his men are on their way to Jerusalem. Jesus has decided and Jesus has decided that this is the hour. Luke 18 verse 35 – They make their way to Jericho, and a blind man – a beggar calls out – “Jesus, Son of David - have mercy on me.” Those who were leading……  ( Click for more )
In Luke Chapter 18 and at verse 31, Jesus Christ takes the 12 aside - and tells them - we are going up to Jerusalem. Jesus has been speaking to the crowds - and teaching the disciples. Jesus has been healing the sick – and receiving young children with open arms. We have been listening to……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah Chapter 7 presents us with a very political passage - where faith in God - and everyday politics are interwoven. Some say faith and politics don't mix - and should not mix - that they should be kept separate - kept apart - implying that faith is a private thing - to be kept all to yourself.……  ( Click for more )
As Isaiah sings this love song in Chapter 5, in verses 5 and 6 he spells it out the significance of what this really means. Isaiah had been singing about this lover as "he" - and all he got was wild grapes - then, he changes it to "I". The Word of God had been……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah Chapter 5 - we keep the sequence, and the continuity. Probably Chapters 5 and 6 are among the best-known Chapters in the first half of the Book of Isaiah - but as we have seen we must not stop in the middle of a Chapter but read the entire Chapter to understand what God is saying……  ( Click for more )
What will Isaiah's next grim word be? But, no, it is not grim - it is the very opposite. Chapter 4. This part of Isaiah's message ends with real hope - with real encouragement - with assurance - but not in man - but it is in the Branch of the Lord. What is this? Isaiah sees a branch.……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah Chapters 3 and 4 - We have been reading of how low the people of God had sunk. They were far below what God looked for them to be. Isaiah has described their folly - their stupidity - and their wickedness. They were so interested in horoscopes and fortune-tellers. They were trusting in……  ( Click for more )
We are reading in Isaiah Chapters 2 and 3. Although this happened once in Israel, because it is linked to the book of Revelation, it is very much a word of warning for our day. God is scorned - and Isaiah does not shrink from preaching what God is saying. Isaiah is living in a day when a whole……  ( Click for more )
We return to Isaiah Chapter 2 - because there is a word here which is so very relevant. We read these first five verses some weeks ago - where we saw Isaiah lifting up his prophetic telescope - and he looks down the corridors of time as God shows him that wonderful age which one day Israel will experience……  ( Click for more )
Turn to Isaiah Chapter 6 – where we have his testimony – the way in which Isaiah was called to be a prophet of God. We have looked at various Chapter in his amazing prophetic book – but how did all this happen – how did all this come about? In Paul's testimony to how he……  ( Click for more )
We continue in these opening verses of Isaiah Chapter 2 – this glorious and wonderful vision which Isiah the prophet received and shared. As we submit our hearts and minds and brain and life - to God's holy Word - Jesus comes and reveals to us babes - things that the world would love to know……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah Chapter 2 and verse 4 – “He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into ploughshare and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war any more.” The……  ( Click for more )
The scene in Isaiah Chapter 1 is that of a courtroom - and God is the Judge. Judah and Jerusalem are in the dock and they are on trial. Heaven and earth are the jury. There are witnesses - there is the prosecution - there is the defence - and there is a sentence announced. It is all there to……  ( Click for more )
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