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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

What will Isaiah's next grim word be? But, no, it is not grim - it is the very opposite. Chapter 4. This part of Isaiah's message ends with real hope - with real encouragement - with assurance - but not in man - but it is in the Branch of the Lord. What is this? Isaiah sees a branch.……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah Chapters 3 and 4 - We have been reading of how low the people of God had sunk. They were far below what God looked for them to be. Isaiah has described their folly - their stupidity - and their wickedness. They were so interested in horoscopes and fortune-tellers. They were trusting in……  ( Click for more )
We are reading in Isaiah Chapters 2 and 3. Although this happened once in Israel, because it is linked to the book of Revelation, it is very much a word of warning for our day. God is scorned - and Isaiah does not shrink from preaching what God is saying. Isaiah is living in a day when a whole……  ( Click for more )
We return to Isaiah Chapter 2 - because there is a word here which is so very relevant. We read these first five verses some weeks ago - where we saw Isaiah lifting up his prophetic telescope - and he looks down the corridors of time as God shows him that wonderful age which one day Israel will experience……  ( Click for more )
Turn to Isaiah Chapter 6 – where we have his testimony – the way in which Isaiah was called to be a prophet of God. We have looked at various Chapter in his amazing prophetic book – but how did all this happen – how did all this come about? In Paul's testimony to how he……  ( Click for more )
We continue in these opening verses of Isaiah Chapter 2 – this glorious and wonderful vision which Isiah the prophet received and shared. As we submit our hearts and minds and brain and life - to God's holy Word - Jesus comes and reveals to us babes - things that the world would love to know……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah Chapter 2 and verse 4 – “He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into ploughshare and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war any more.” The……  ( Click for more )
The scene in Isaiah Chapter 1 is that of a courtroom - and God is the Judge. Judah and Jerusalem are in the dock and they are on trial. Heaven and earth are the jury. There are witnesses - there is the prosecution - there is the defence - and there is a sentence announced. It is all there to……  ( Click for more )
Isaiah Chapter 1 - Who is this man Isaiah? When did he live? What is his significance? Does what he said have meaning and relevance for us today as we approach the end of another year and slip into 2024? Having looked at part of his crucial prophetic word over thee past four weeks let’s take……  ( Click for more )
In Isaiah Chapter 49 at verse 2, we see that Jesus would be sharp tongued at times. There may be those who not like to read of these things in the Bible – but this is where our faith has align with the Word of God and not as we would like it to be. The Word of God can cut and……  ( Click for more )
These words in Isaiah Chapter 49 are not among the best-known verses in the Bible. We need to remember that God wants to do more than deliver people from their suffering, but from their sin and sins. This is what Jesus Christ came to do. Have you been set free and released and delivered from your……  ( Click for more )
Hanukkah begins on Thursday 7 December and lasts for a week. It is not well known but Jesus knew all about it and observed its significance. Hanukkah is an amazing celebration – remembering an astonishing miracle - yet, part of it is not very nice. It is prophesied in the Old Testament and celebrated……  ( Click for more )
Up to this point in the life of Jesus, leading up to him being baptised by John in the Jordan River, it had been a time of growth and preparation - now life would never again be the same. Jesus was empowered – Jesus was anointed. In the opening verse of Isiah Chapter 42 we are told that one day Jesus will……  ( Click for more )
At this time of year many turn to the book of the prophecy of Isaiah Turn to Isaiah Chapter 42 and verses 1 to 10. We have what has been called the ‘Servant Songs’ and some regard these next four weeks as the season of advent – purely an idea of man – but useful. Advent……  ( Click for more )
For 40 years Moses has been learning lessons in the loneliness of the wilderness – and perhaps feeling utterly forgotten by the world, and by God. He is just getting on with his normal routine everyday tasks – when an angel of the Lord appears to him – and a bush has flames of fire from within. Exodus……  ( Click for more )
Almighty God has the most amazing ways of getting our attention at times. We are looking at Moses in Exodus – but think of Gideon too. When God called Gideon he said that he was the least in his family – go and get somebody else – I am not the best you can find – there are better men out there……  ( Click for more )
Moses was brought up as a prince in the house of Pharaoh. Moses knew who he was – a Hebrew – one of the chosen people of God. When many people are wondering about their identity – who they are – who am I? Some even wonder whether they are male or female – am I a boy or a girl –……  ( Click for more )
In Exodus Chapter 2 a baby is born. It is Moses and his mother is Jochebed. For the first three months after the birth of Moses, this man who would become the leader of the people of God, would have been kept in the woman’s part of the house or tent. Can you imagine that primitive domestic……  ( Click for more )
In Exodus Chapters 1 and 2, the Hebrew people began to grow and multiply and increase – becoming a real threat to Egypt – and tensions rise. Whenever you get a minority group increasing and growing it can become a threat. Are we not seeing that in our own nation in these times? A new……  ( Click for more )
Pharaoh in Egypt feared for the growth of the Children of Israel – hardship arises. Finally, a leader is born – during the first pogrom – how did all this happen? The Hebrews are slaves in Egypt, which was heavily fortified country – and God is their Redeemer – the God and Father of our……  ( Click for more )
Exodus Chapter 1 – Let’s read something of how it all came about. EXODUS means ‘going out’. This is a book about leaving one place and arriving in another place. It is a highly exciting escape story – and one of the greatest dramas in history. Over 2 million people……  ( Click for more )
Leviticus 23 verses 33 to 43 - where we read about The Feast of Tabernacles. What is the significance of the Feast of Tabernacles - for the Jews - and for those of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ? Well - for us - this is the time of year when probably Jesus was born - but also - this is a season……  ( Click for more )
That most solemn day for Jews, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is remembered this week. The day begins on Sunday 24 September and last for 25 hours. It is Predictive and Prophetic. (We take a brief break from our readings in Philippians.) The Lord spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons……  ( Click for more )
We read this final section of Paul’s letter at Philippians Chapter 4 verse 13 – I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. These words are penned by a man in prison in Rome. Even if I have nothing, I can do whatever Jesus Christ wants me to do because He will give me strength.……  ( Click for more )
In Philippians Chapter 4 at verse 10, we read that Paul had received a gift from these disciples of Jesus and he is so grateful. Did he need the gift? Well, yes and no! Yes, he needed the gift to meet his physical needs – but he had also learned to be content – gift or no gift – and……  ( Click for more )
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