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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

We come to Romans Chapter 1. In this first verse of Romans every word is significant and weighty. The one main lesson in this book is - to learn the right way of getting right with God. Chapters 1 to 8 deal with the salvation which God works - (see also Philippians Chapter……  ( Click for more )
Turn with me to the letter to the Romans. I am turning to Romans for a very special purpose. We do not come to this Study page for entertainment – nor do we ‘attend church’ for entertainment - but to be edified - to be built up - encouraged - strengthened - fed and nourished - sacramentally - by God's……  ( Click for more )
In our sweeping through the Bible, so that we have an overview of Scripture, we come to the Letters – or the Epistles.   Someone once thought that epistles were the wives of the apostles.   The letters are basically the preaching notes of the apostles - they deal with matters which arose in……  ( Click for more )
As we attempt to sweep through the Bible and have a quick overview of the Word of God we come to the book of ACTS.    Acts is written by Luke - this is his second volume.   It begins after the resurrection of Jesus Christ - deals with the details of the Ascension - a much forgotten……  ( Click for more )
Understanding Jesus Christ is the foundation for understanding everything involved in our Christian Faith.   Just as we paused and spent a second week considering the place of the prophetic ministry, so we take a slightly closer look at Jesus and his preaching and teaching. Reviewing the life and ministry of……  ( Click for more )
In our sweeping through the Bible, we come to The Gospels.    The Gospel - which means The Good News ('Euangelion' from which we get the word evangelist or evangelical) - and God gives us four pictures of the life of Jesus Christ, His Son, our Saviour and Lord. These four books centre on Jesus -……  ( Click for more )
Having looked briefly at the Prophets during this sweep through the scriptures let’s pause and consider the person of the prophet, and the place of the “Prophetic Ministry".   There is such a great need for Prophetic Ministry - men hearing from God and speaking what God would……  ( Click for more )
In our sweeping through the Bible seeking to have an overview of these past 6,000 years, we come to the prophets - since the days of Moses there have been prophets - but it is when we come to around the year 700 B.C. that we have books written by the prophets.  Previously the words of the prophets are included in……  ( Click for more )
We are seeking to sweep through the Bible – to have an overview of what is covered in our Bible.   In our general Bible reading, we see that others swept through the Word at times - when on trial for their faith – Stephen in Acts Chapter 7 – Paul when preaching in Acts……  ( Click for more )
As we sweep through the Bible, we reached the book of Joshua - (last week we looked at some 200 years) - and under Joshua's leadership the people begin to take the land.   There is a mighty victory - success - all was going so well - and then disappointment and disaster in Chapter……  ( Click for more )
Genesis Chapter 12 - we come to the call of Abraham - a new move of God.  Do read Chapter 12 because herein lies one source of blessing – not to be missed. We come to Part 2 of sweeping through the Bible in ten weeks.       When God is doing……  ( Click for more )
In these “Word from Scotland” pieces, I want to do something quite different.    Seventeen years ago, I was asked to attempt to sweep through the Bible in ten weeks – impossible!   Sometimes it might take me that long to cover a few verses – however we did it  –……  ( Click for more )
There is no better way to start your day than by having a ‘quiet time’ with God – and let our gracious God set the pace and the agenda for our day.   It was the Perth City Mission Superintendent who introduced me to a “Quiet Time” - and the Latin/Greek teacher, leading Scripture Union……  ( Click for more )
At a time when serious sin had invaded and pervaded the earth, the world which had been created and made by God, required to be remade.   He was the only one able and capable of doing what had to be done. When God created this world – at each stage of Creation, God saw that it was good – and when……  ( Click for more )
Romans Chapter 1 – In this first verse every word is significant and weighty. The main theme of this book is to learn the right way of getting right with God – through faith in Jesus Christ – ‘righteousness’ – or being right in the eyes of God. The letter opens……  ( Click for more )
Consider for a moment, that interim period between John Chapter 19 and John Chapter 20 – where it would appear man is in the darkness without Christ.   There is confusion and bewilderment and fear – for three days and three nights. Man no longer……  ( Click for more )
It is not fitting that a man should put a beautiful photograph or painting in some tawdry frame – or a priceless jewel in a cardboard box.  That would not be appropriate – would it?     Yet, Paul sees that this is precisely what Almighty God has done in Jesus Christ. II Corinthians……  ( Click for more )
The Christian Life is very much a ‘mission trip’.  From the very beginning, we are sent out into the world.  John 20 verse 21 - Jesus said, “Peace be with you!   As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”     It is Resurrection evening –……  ( Click for more )
Psalm 19 is so appropriate for these opening days and weeks of 2021, when we need to be reminded of God, and the character of God – the kind of God we worship – almighty and holy and powerful and gracious and able. . Psalm 19 opens by speaking of the universe declaring the……  ( Click for more )
Please, do turn in your Bible to Psalm 20.   Here in these opening words we read of something which we do not across often in the Psalms - the words of the prayer of the people for David.   The people are letting David know that they are praying for him. At the beginning of this “New……  ( Click for more )

Psalm 119 begins with ‘blessing’. – how may we be blessed, and how may we share these blessings with others?

This longest Psalm speaks of God’s all sufficient word. It is a masterpiece of design, as it reveals the beauty and blessings of God’s Word.

It has an unmistakable theme – the Word of God – and features the dynamic supernatural power of the Word of God – the sufficiency of God’s Word – and how the Word enables us to grow, and handle life’s afflictions.

The Psalms are Hebrew poetry – poetry…  ( Click for more )

How well does our faith help us handle difficulties, problems, and challenges? The world is facing issues, many of which were unknown only three months ago.

Turn to the book of James – may these words help us. “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ: To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations. Greetings!”

Who is James? He is the half brother of Jesus – the son of Mary and Joseph – and yet, James does not pull rank or parade his pedigree – the half brother of Jesus, who could have said so much about standing and…  ( Click for more )

What happened to George Floyd was inexcusable and reprehensible – so is rioting, looting, and burning buildings.

Why is this happening? For years, we have tried to be a moral people – without God – and that does not work.

Many have been taught that morality comes from our hearts and minds – and not from Almighty God, and the Scriptures.

What we have seen on the streets has been highly orchestrated.

Our nation’s laws are based on the Commandments and Principles in Scripture – from which we are moving far away. People have…  ( Click for more )

Psalm 91 is all about peace in the midst of danger and difficulty.

Some ‘peaces’ are so fragile – many people fall for false peace – and false peace leads to anxiety and worse.

The world can be dangerous and filled with sorrow – the Psalmist knew the reality of danger. How can we have peace in a world like that?

There are promises in Psalm 91 – the Psalmist faces up to the difficulty by expounding the promises – supplying the solution.

You can trust God to keep you safe in times of danger.

Verse 2 – The psalm…  ( Click for more )

Isaiah 61 and Luke Chapter 4 – “The Spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor – He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted.”

After all the rather hard and harsh truths which Isaiah was given to proclaim during his lengthy prophetic ministry, God places these words in his heart.

We are reading here of how God would intervene spectacularly.

Isaiah senses that the Spirit of the Lord God was upon him.

Isaiah knew he was anointed by God – that can make a man speak out…  ( Click for more )

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