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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

We have been looking at that question – “Who is this Jesus?” We read from Matthew 21, focusing our thoughts upon the humanity of Jesus – the manliness of Jesus Christ.

We saw that from every page of the Gospels – as we roamed all over the life of Jesus – and there emerges that picture of Jesus the man – “Down to such a world as this”.

Today we look at Jesus Christ – God, the Son.

I have no idea as to what the answer to these questions might be – but have you ever imagined what it must have been…  ( Click for more )

“Who is this Jesus?” He is the Messiah – the Son of God – the Saviour – the Lord of Lords – the King of the Jews. This is the question raised by the people in Jerusalem as Jesus rides into Jerusalem. We read the context in Matthew Chapter 21 and at verse 10. Do read the passage – I have often found that God has a special blessing for those who take time to read the Scriptures.

Lovingly and humbly Jesus comes with one main purpose – to forgive sin and sins.

He breaks the chains of evil habits. He sets prisoners…  ( Click for more )

“Who is this?” It is the question raised by the crowds in Jerusalem when Jesus entered the city. Read the passage in Matthew chapter 21 and understand the context and setting.

In Jesus, God has come to man – born in Bethlehem – in an outhouse beside the animals.

For some 30 years we hear very little about Him.

Jesus had neither financial wealth nor official position anywhere.

His friends were like Himself – fishermen – tax collectors – workmen – like one of us.

When Jesus did leave home to start preaching…  ( Click for more )

Having been in the book of Isaiah and having looked at that amazing call of Isaiah it was suggested to me that I consider the question – “Who is Jesus?”

In Matthew Chapter 21 at verse 10 – The setting is Jesus Christ is riding into Jerusalem a week or so prior to His being crucified.

It is a highly emotional scene. It is a highly emotional season as the Passover approaches. At this time of the year emotions and passions and hope and dreams would be running high – family times – meals – presents – spending – as the…  ( Click for more )

Isaiah had this vision of God, and we have the details of the vision and his call in Isaiah Chapter 6.

He saw something of the holiness of God.

We seldom hear much about the holiness of Almighty God in these days

Isaiah heard the sounds of heaven.

He saw something of what was going on - like John in the Book of Revelation.

There was a sense of the holiness of God in the Temple, and Isaiah realised his own sinfulness - and we read of how he was suddenly forgiven.

Isaiah has a vision of himself – and his nation. He realised he was dirty –…  ( Click for more )

Having Looked at certain passages in the prophecy of Isaiah perhaps we need to ask – Who is this Isaiah and how did he get into this prophetic preaching – the answer is given us in Isaiah Chapter 6

We read in Isaiah Chapter 6 – the details of the way in which Isaiah was called to be a prophet of God. This is his testimony.

In Paul's testimony to how he met Jesus Christ - we see how clear it was. Paul explained what happened – and with such detail.

So did Isaiah. Isaiah went into the Temple, at a very specific and important time.

One…  ( Click for more )

The scene in Isaiah Chapter 1 is that of a courtroom, and God is the Judge. Judah and Jerusalem are in the dock and they are on trial. Heaven and earth are the jury. There are witnesses - there is the prosecution - there is the defence - and there is a sentence announced.

GOD is acting as Prosecutor and Judge.

The three basic charges are – Iniquity in the nation.– Insincerity in the Temple – and Injustice in the city.

Verse 2 – Look at the situation in the nation - the charge is that of juvenile delinquency.

God is the Father of…  ( Click for more )

We are in Isaiah Chapter 1 and reading of what the circumstances were in Israel when Isaiah was called and raised up to speak out.

Rome was rising at this time, as was the city of Athens.

Why were things so terribly wrong among God’s chosen people?

There was spiritual decline throughout the land. They blamed the Philistines. They blamed the Edomites who kept raiding them from the south. They blamed the Moabites who kept raiding them from the east. The blamed the Syrians who raided the land from the north.

They even blamed God - but they never blamed…  ( Click for more )

Having looked at these gracious and inviting words in Isaiah Chapter 55, let us turn to Isaiah Chapter 1.

Who is this man Isaiah? When did he live? What is his significance?

Does what he said have meaning and relevance for us today?

We so frequently need to be reminded that these are not just the words of a man - but The Word of God - The Word of God coming through a man inspired by the Holy Spirit.

We go back to the 8th Century B.C., where in the nation of Israel circumstances had become very serious.

Isaiah had been brought up in the Royal Court…  ( Click for more )

Give ear – pay attention – come to me – hear me. We are reading these opening words of Isaiah Chapter 55 – and these are such simple words in verse 3 – words of one syllable.

Isaiah goes on to speak to the people of Israel - reminding them of who they are and of what almighty God is going to do - and the influence they are about to have.

In verse 6, Isaiah issues a word of command that has blessed thousands over the years. “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call on Him while He is near.”

We cannot find Jesus Christ, the…  ( Click for more )

Would you like something free and as much of it as you needed? The price has already been paid and the gift on offer is priceless.

There was a man who called out to all who were thirsty to come and drink. He even pointed out the source of the refreshing waters. His name was Isaiah and I would ask you to turn to Isaiah Chapter 55 in the Bible.

"Come - all you who are thirsty - come to the waters - and you who have no money - come, buy and eat! Come - buy wine and milk - without money and without cost."

If anyone ever needed a relevant word from the…  ( Click for more )

A mother can try to get her son to wash his face, brush his hair, to appear reasonably tidy – and almost fail.

One day, some 16 or 17 year old girl walks into his life and onto the scene, and she achieves more in two weeks than mother has managed in this area over a period of months.

There is a new devotion – someone new to please.

That is what happens when a man or woman is born again, in the spiritual realm.

Attitude and outlook is suddenly and radically transformed.

It can be attractive and even exciting to search for something new in the Christian…  ( Click for more )

Peter writes about the origins of God’s people. How did they get their existence? Where did they come from? What is God calling His people to be and do?

These are massive questions to which Peter gives answers – answers which will help disciples grow and mature, and who are prepared to cope with opposition and persecution when it comes.

Peter explains how men and women became and become disciples of Jesus Christ – by being born again into a living hope, having been chosen and sanctified by God the Holy Spirit, and cleansed and sealed by the blood of Jesus. …  ( Click for more )

Leaders lead positively or negatively – for good or for ill. These seven disciples were out all night fishing, with nothing to show for it. Fishing had been something they had been good at.

The risen Jesus appears on the Galilean shore. He calls to them - "Lads - boys - have you caught anything?" Jesus knew there was nothing in that boat, but disappointed men.

What a challenge for every disciple. This was a scene of complete failure. Jesus gave them advice. They took it, and with just one cast of the net, they catch 153 fish.

Something…  ( Click for more )

Whatever the bankers may have done over these past years with interest rates, investments, and inheritances, nobody can touch this inheritance. It is indestructible, non perishable, unfading and cannot be spoiled – and it is reserved for you.

No one can take it from you and give it to someone else. Your inheritance in Christ Jesus will be kept for you, and you will be kept for it.

When Peter takes up his pen, his writing is saturated with the relevance and significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This amazing inheritance is for those who have come to…  ( Click for more )

How did this man who had so many weaknesses and obvious failings suddenly become courageous and fearless, and with an amazing concern for others?

Peter experienced many ‘ups and downs’ during his three years in Jesus Christ’s discipleship school. What was it that changed this fish merchant? What happened in his life to cause such a profound and visibly lasting transformation?

In his early days, Peter was a jumble of fears and confusions, like many of us, and Jesus Christ was the only person who could sort him out, and put together this jigsaw of a man. …  ( Click for more )

Everyone is building a life. Building is inevitable – through education, further study, or hard work. The question is – what is your foundation?

Jesus speaks specifically about foundations In Matthew Chapter 7, at the close of what is generally accepted to be “The Sermon on the Mount” – but these words must be among the least quoted and referred to sentences in “The Sermon on the Mount” – I wonder why?

Jesus Christ spoke about two men each building a house, using an illustration from his building days. One man was wise.…  ( Click for more )

An army medical orderly serving in the desert of North Africa developed a serious skin disorder. He was admitted to hospital in Sudan, but available treatment was minimal.

What would he do? When at work, he dispensed medicine to the soldiers three times a day, after meals. That led him to make a significant decision.

He would read his Bible three times a day, after meals. He also started underlining, in blue, each passage dealing with healing. Within three months his skin condition improved remarkably, and he ended up with a blue Bible!

In Proverbs Chapter 4 he…  ( Click for more )

What do you do when you have been out fishing, expending all the energy you have, only to return ‘empty’ – whatever that fishing might be?

Sometimes our best is just not good enough. When Simon Peter had Jesus Christ in his fishing boat, agreeing to go into deeper water and resume fishing, the results were incredible.

What can prevent us from admitting we need help? Pride? Stubbornness? Fear?

There are times and occasions when Jesus Christ comes to challenge us and shake us. It is good that he comes – it is always good when Jesus appears…  ( Click for more )

Everybody experiences setbacks, disappointments, or failures. That can happen even when we have put our heart and soul and energy into life. Exam results have various emotional reactions.

Imagine this scene. Four fishermen have been out all night fishing – working hard, probably for ten hours, and they have caught nothing.

They are sorting out their nets, when Jesus Christ comes along.

Jesus got into Simon Peter’s boat, asking to be pushed out a little from the shore. We read the record of this incident in Luke Chapter 5.

From there, Jesus sat down…  ( Click for more )

When we hear or read of men of faith, there is always that element where each acted on the basis of his faith. They did something, obeying God, having taken risks.

They were prepared to look foolish, or be regarded as peculiar, and then there came that day when their names appeared in an honours list in the book of Hebrews.

They had pleased God. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Check that out in Hebrews Chapter 11 and at verse 6.

Men and women of faith are encouraged to run the race marked out for them and to run with perseverance and endurance. Is…  ( Click for more )

Why would anyone want to become a Christian during these first three centuries? Persecution was fierce and universal. Yes, it has been so since the very early days of the Church of Jesus Christ, and we need to be informed as to how it is spreading rapidly today. The book of Acts tells us how serious fierce opposition has been since men and women were born again.

In the beginning, there was nowhere to hide, and there was no social benefit whatsoever in being disciples of Jesus Christ.

These early disciples enjoyed and appreciated communion with God, through Jesus Christ.…  ( Click for more )

Are you fed up? Are you fed up with all that is going on, and you sense that longing and desire to live differently? Many realise they are living in a rut, facing tensions, and feeling stressed and pressured.

You can be ‘fed up’ that way, or you can be fed with the Word of God which nourishes, encourages and strengthens.

Being ‘fed up’ or ‘down’ can apply to believers in Jesus Christ as well as to those who have no faith in Jesus Christ. There can be times when we have to be real and open and honest – yes, even believing disciples. …  ( Click for more )

Why would anyone want to become a Christian during these first three centuries? Persecution was fierce and universal. We need to be informed as to how persecution is spreading rapidly today.

In the beginning, there was nowhere to hide, and there was no social benefit whatsoever in being disciples of Jesus Christ.

These early disciples enjoyed and appreciated communion with God, through Jesus Christ. As they were loved and empowered by God they became salt and light, challenging many forms of darkness. Regarding this calling of God, holy as it, and depending upon our…  ( Click for more )

Are you fed up? Are you fed up with all that is going on, and you sense that longing and desire to live differently? Many realise they are living in a rut, facing tensions, and feeling stressed and pressured.

You can be ‘fed up’ that way, or you can be fed with the Word of God which nourishes, encourages and strengthens.

We do not necessarily change when we ‘see the light’, but when we feel the pain.

We have looked at some ‘heavy’ topics over these past weeks and that is not always a bad thing, but these are difficult times, and Jesus…  ( Click for more )

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