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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

"Lead Me Throughout This Coming Year"
Date Posted: January 6, 2020

We have been reading the opening words of Psalm 90 – a prayer of Moses, the man of God. Do you wish to be a man of God – a woman of God? What are your hopes and prayers and longings for this New Year?

As we come before our Creator God, and our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ, what is uppermost in our hearts and minds?

When God created man He made us perfect and placed us in a perfect garden – or parkland. "I have put you in there to enjoy it - do not spoil it - do not ruin the world I created." Have you ever seen someone's garden which has been ruined by mindless vandals?

That happened to God's Perfect Garden.

There are no secrets hidden from God. All you do - all you say - the way we treat people - all that is seen by God and known to God.

Our sins are seen by God - even when we think HE may not be looking.

You can decide you are going to give yourself to seeking wisdom - the Bible will enable you to become wise. Let his wisdom consume you – and saturate you – and be bathed in the wisdom of God - and people will be amazed when you are called upon to make some vital decision.

Perhaps when they are in some difficulty they may approach you for help - because they know you to be someone who is wise - and you are wise with the wisdom of God. That does not just appear overnight. We have to work at it - and God does not share His Secrets with lazy people.

Study the Word of God - and become WISE. That can be one goal for these coming weeks and months.

Do make sure you are in the Word of God every day – read part of the Bible every day. I keep hearing of some Christians who do not do this – remember that old poster – “Seven days without the Word makes one weak”.

How do you handle time? Many people find they have problems handling money - but even more people find it hard to handle time. Use your time - do not waste it.

Verse 10 – This decision was made following Creation when man had fallen and sinned. This is not an aspect of truth which is readily accepted and acceptable – how strange. Some may be totally unaware of it – and will be if it is not taught in places of worship.

I will give them 70 - or 80 years - if they have the strength?

The cause of death is SIN. The man of God has faced up to that. What would you say would fulfil and satisfy you when you reached the end of your life? A happy and useful life! Moses could have said that. Moses realised that he could have neither without God.

Verse 11 – Moses asks the question. Who considers the anger of God? Moses mentions various vital areas in the opening words of Psalm 90 – do check them out.

Verse 12 – Teach us – to value our days – we need wisdom. We need YOU to put us in your school in Your classroom. The final section of the Psalm is how to live a happy and useful life.

Man wants to be free to live as he chooses! People think God is going to limit us and restrict us - No.

Teach us to number or value our days. We need to be taught that. Moses prays for wisdom from GOD -

People are talking about making medical advances - and living longer and longer - as if there was no SIN. God has said - God has set the limits - and these cannot be changed.

Moses knew there were pleasures and enjoyments away from God. We so need God - and Moses prays that - have compassion - be merciful.

In verses 13 to 17 – We read of God’s Mercy – RELENT - come back and show us your mercy – remove from us Your Hand of Judgment.

Verse 14 – Satisfy us in the morning - and we can be glad all our days. What an offer - our God can satisfy us as no-one else can.

Moses would recall how the manna fell in the morning - and nourished the people during that day.

Teach us to number our days.

Verse 14 – Moses prays for - Satisfaction in God – God bring a new day – let this chapter in our lives come to an end and start a new fresh chapter!

As a people – Help us to sing again.

Verse 16 – Work in us O God – let the people experience Your favour and Your mercy and Your grace.

Verse 17 – Moses prays for transformation by God – put Your hand upon our hand.

The wisdom of God is so different from - worldly wisdom and pleasures and riches. The Psalms are not only rich for meditation - but so relevant for our every day living as disciples of Jesus.

In these closing words there is this sense of usefulness – of lasting usefulness of leading a positive and practical life.

We all want to do something worthwhile. We want to do something that will last. People scratch their name on a tree or a piece of stone somewhere - they want their name to last.

Before you can do anything useful - you have to be usable.

Grace first - His favour first - then He can make what we do useful and valuable.

Moses prays for grace – for the favour of God - and he prays that God would show us what He wants us to do.

We do not have all the answers – this is where we need humility.

God has so much to give us - and when HE gives, HE is so generous.

Jesus comes offering us abundant life - life to the full. The Christian Life is NOT something dull and dreary and restricting and limiting - No, it is the very opposite.

Ask Jesus to show you what HE wants you to do - with your life - with your talents and abilities and gifts.

Yes - make your life count for God - and remember people are watching how you live - and listening to the things you say - your testimony can be at stake when you may not realise it.

This Psalm, like life, is solemn and serious - though laced with encouragement and joy and love and the grace of Jesus Christ.

“Loving gracious heavenly Father – I pray about these days and weeks that lie ahead – as I read Your Holy Word, guide me and lead me – help me to find anew, light and direction and wisdom, as I read the Scriptures – put Your Hand upon mine – put Your hand in mine – and take onward, step by step – in Jesus name I pray. Amen“

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Alexander 'Sandy' Shaw is pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship in Nairn, Scotland. Nairn is 17 miles east of Inverness - on the Moray Firth Coast - not far from the Loch Ness Monster!

Gifted as a Biblical teacher, Sandy is firmly committed to making sure that his teachings are firmly grounded in the Word.

Sandy has a weekly radio talk which can be heard via the Internet on Saturday at 11:40am, New Orleans time, at

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