There is an enemy of God who would want to drag us away from God and pull us off the path along which Almighty God would have us walk. These influences and forces which could lead us away from the path God has prepared for us can be very real at times, and Jesus Christ certainly knew that.

We are in Luke Chapter 4 where Jesus has rejected the very real temptations of the enemy, and He has returned to Nazareth, only to be rejected.

Rejection is another powerful emotion with which we have to deal.

Rejected in Nazareth, Jesus adopts Capernaum for His base in the north.

His melting words had not melted many hearts. That is another reality which confronts us.

There was a clash. There was an explosion when light met darkness. People can become glad or mad. Some can come to faith, and others may become furious.

These are basics reactions and responses as the Gospel is preached and proclaimed and we need to learn this early on.

Jesus would teach, and point out, and indicate, and there were those who were amazed at His authority.

There is a note of reality emerging as we read Luke Chapter 4. His Message rang true. It wasn’t just words. There was power behind the words which His hearers could not explain. There was life and meaning and relevance as Jesus gripped His hearers and got their attention.

His words must have been like earthquakes in peoples’ minds.

v 33 In the service - in the religious place – this demonised man cried out.

All kinds of very needy people come to services, but this tormented soul issued a very specific question – “have you come to destroy us?”

There are forces and influences and powers which aim to destroy us!

Jesus dealt with the situation firmly and effectively.

“Be quiet!” Jesus seeks to muzzle him, or as in Scotland, we might say, “Hold your weesht!” This man was told to shut up. Demonised people may need this said to them. It is quite a scene.

Jesus could be sensitive and stern - tender and tough - caring and courageous.

How long had this needy man been going to these services without getting help?

Do people still come to our Worship Services, and Prayer Meetings, and go away without receiving the help they may so need?