Turn to Luke Chapter 5 and Verse 17. The setting is that scene where Jesus heals the paralysed man.

The religious leaders were spiritually sick, and Jesus so wanted to heal them, but at this point He said and did nothing.

Is it not very difficult at times to remain silent? Do we not find it difficult to pray, and difficult to remain silent at other times?

In these passages in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus is healing people - on His way to heal people - or coming from healing people – but Jesus also loved to teach.

When Jesus was teaching on this occasion the Pharisees and teachers of the law were present. Did anything sink in?

Have you ever found yourself to be engrossed in a teaching session and you wonder if anything you may have said has registered?

Well, many years ago I was told not to over-analyse certain occasions. We have to leave these matters to the Holy Spirit, but we also have to admit that these thoughts do enter our minds.

Another lesson I learned many years ago was that “You cannot teach the unborn!”

No matter how a father to be might want to teach his unborn son some lessons, it cannot be done. That is true in the physical realm and it happens to be true in the spiritual realm.

In our passage, we are told, that the power of the Lord was present for him to heal the sick.

Four men carried their paralysed friend, but because of the crowd crowding around Jesus Christ, and there being no way in, they took another route and unroofed the roof.

Jesus saw their faith, and said to the paralysed man, “Your sins are forgiven.”

No matter what obstacles lay in their way, they would not be put off. They were determined!

What a contrast in these two groups. Jesus deals with a hopeless case, lying on a mat, and the hopeless cases all around Him do not want His help.

Jesus goes right to the very heart of the real problem and put His finger on what is wrong. Jesus saw a deeper need.

Verse 22. The religious leaders were not very pleased at what had happened. Jesus knew what they were thinking - as they sat aloof - apart - at a safe distance from Jesus. Jesus brings it to the surface - out into the open - and there is a crisis.

“Who does HE think HE is - GOD?

They could not keep their thoughts secret from Jesus. He could see right through them. Jesus had this amazing gift of discernment.

These leaders were not interested in Jesus - nor were they interested in the sick man.

He arose - walked off - glorifying God. Everyone was uplifted.

This man had been a hopeless case. Jesus loves to deal with hopeless cases.

And Jesus wants to deal with the whole man - spiritually - emotionally - physically.

It will be helpful to read of this incident in Matthew 9 and in Mark 2.

A lot was going on in this house, and there is awe and surprise, and a degree of fear.

When we preach and teach and speak and testify, we never know what is happening, and sometimes that is just as well. But do remember that you cannot teach the unborn!