A few months ago we were approaching a General Election, and many Christian people were turning to the Word of God, and meeting for prayer, as well as attending hustings, and speaking to the various candidates who were putting themselves forward for election to Parliament.

We have been reading in Luke Chapter 6 and studying those qualities and characteristics Jesus described for discipleship in the Kingdom of God. Society’s goals and aims can be quite different.

Over the weeks, in the lead up to the General Election, we heard much about fairness, and a fairer society.

Even justice was mentioned, but not once did I hear the word righteousness. That is what Almighty God looks for – righteousness.

We hear about rights, but seldom are people reminded of their responsibilities.

Jesus Christ did not get a fair trial, and although it was a catchy phrase a few years ago, we will never ‘make poverty history’.

Our world is broken in virtually every area of life. That is not the way God created it. The weather is broken. The economy appears broken. Relationships are broken, as are our bodies, and the main reason is sin – a word seldom used these days. Have you ever wondered why?

One man, who was so down, told me, “I am the product of my environment”. That may be true, but that need not determine and shape your future. No situation is hopeless.

We must never allow our past to determine our future. That is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about and people need to hear this and be aware of this. Those who have had a sad bad past so need to hear the Good News of Jesus proclaimed clearly and simply.

This is precisely why God sent Jesus Christ into our world.

Jesus Christ can forgive, help, and love you, and that is not some soft floppy flabby love.

This is why Jesus Christ went to the Cross and shed His blood and died – to wash away our sin and rescue us, giving us purpose and significance.

God sent His Son to mend broken people.

Another man said, “I was told I could never finish College, and never hold down a job, and never hold a marriage together. I have done all these. God gave me the ability and the resilience to bounce back.”

In the Gospel of Jesus Christ the righteousness of God is revealed, and that rescued man, Paul, was not ashamed of the Gospel, because he knew it was, and is, the power of God to save, transform, change, and deliver.

As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, and that continues to be our on-going task and role and ministry.

Salt, from the Dead Sea, at that time when Jesus spoke and taught, was like a disinfectant, preventing bad situations from spreading, and it was also used as a fertiliser, to encourage the growth of that which was good. What a job we still have in the Kingdom of God where Jesus Christ is Saviour and Lord and King.