This incident where 5,000 men are fed is called a miracle.

Many years ago at a young folks Bible Class we agreed that “A miracle is God at work”. Is that not such an easy description of what happened in Matthew Chapter 14? We do not know how many women and children were present, but they too would receive what Jesus realised they needed to receive, to strengthen them and nourish them on that occasion.

Jesus wanted no-one to leave unfed – unfilled – dissatisfied – ever – not when He is around. Jesus continues to have that concern and that compassion.

When the disciples gathered up the crumbs, they filled twelve baskets.

Were there gasps? Did the disciples look at one another? There appeared to be more left over than they had to start with.

Jesus has no time for waste! Jesus does not waste food and Jesus does not waste time.

John tells that everyone seemed to know it was a miracle. John Chapter 6.

There was no explanation. John calls these incidents and events ‘signs’.

Jesus Christ had done something for which there was no obvious reason.

The people began to say, “Surely this is the prophet who is to come into the world.” This is the one. Here He is, and during our lifetime!

People were saying all kinds of things. There was a lot of talk, and no wonder.

Jesus could hear some saying that they wanted to make Him king, and there were those who wished to do so by force.

Jesus slipped away and went up the hillside, where He could be on his own.

These people lived in an occupied country. They were under the rule of Rome.

They were nationalists about to celebrate the Passover.

If you have someone who can feed you supernaturally and miraculously and satisfy you, without your having to put your hand in your pocket to pay, then why not make Him king?

In this wave of emotion, they thought that if they could make Jesus King, He would set them free from Rome and provide them with food. This would be a mighty double-edged appeal. This was an attractive possibility – to be set free – and to be provided with material goods.

Jesus cleared out of the way – away from all this wrong political nationalistic thinking.

Matthew and John reveal Jesus Christ as a very different type of King from Herod or from Caesar.

That evening, the disciples sailed off across the lake without Jesus Christ.

Now that is always a dangerous thing to do – to move off and away without Jesus.

Be very careful here. Never move off on your own without Jesus Christ. If you have decisions to make, bring them to the Church of Jesus Christ, and have the courage to share what is on your heart and mind.

Bring them to your Prayer Meeting. Bring them to the Fellowship where you Praise and Worship, and receive the Word of God, and the bread and wine.

When I have been going to Uganda or Kenya I have always brought the possibility first to the Prayer Fellowship. Then, you know that you have their support or otherwise.

Whatever decisions you have to make regarding your future – marriage – career – job – business prospects – moving house – examinations – whatever it might be – have the courage and the humility to bring these to the sensitive praying fellowship.

It can be dangerous to sail off without Jesus Christ, and it invariably is. Don’t try it, and if you have done it, correct the error as soon as you possibly can.