We have reached Matthew Chapter 12 where we have a quotation from Isaiah chapter 42, which refers to the coming ministry of Jesus Christ. Read it carefully.

God says - I am going to uphold My Servant. Even when Jesus was on the Cross being crucified - shedding His Blood to wash away our sin - God was upholding Him - and three days later showed that to the disciples when Jesus was raised from the dead.

He is my chosen one in who I delight, and I will put My Spirit upon Him.

Here is God referring to that day when Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River, and as He emerged from the water the Holy Spirit descended upon Him.

Jesus was as saturated with Holy Spirit as He was with water. Then His dynamic powerful sensitive tender Ministry began - preaching - teaching - healing people - setting people free from the influence of bad spirits.

Up to this point in the life of Jesus it had been growth and preparation. Now life would never again be the same.

And one day Jesus will bring justice to the nations. No-one else can bring justice to the nations. We are very aware of that just now.

Isaiah sees this coming of the Servant of God as someone who will not cry out or raise His voice in the streets. This is a picture of meekness - His humble obedience. What it means and implies is - Jesus would not advertise Himself in the streets. He would not be like a showman raising His voice to advertise His cause. There would be no political demonstrations or marches - no crowds chanting slogans - that would not be Jesus way.

That does not mean that Jesus doesn't say things in a loud voice in the open air for all to hear. There was that day in Jerusalem when He saw the people so thirsty for God and the leaders were unable to satisfy them - and with a loud voice He said - If any man is thirsty let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me as the Scripture has said, streams of living water shall flow from within.

Jesus speaks with a loud clear voice, but so that others can be fortified and strengthened and watered and refreshed - never for His own cause or to maintain His own rights.

He allowed men to arrest Him and crucify Him - committing everything to God His Father.

Isaiah sees that Jesus will be gentle when it is necessary to be gentle. Remember this is being said to people who have been severely and sorely punished for their sins - because they would not listen - they would not repent - they would not pay attention to the prophets God sent them. But when people do return to Him and humbly repent, He is lovingly gentle and graciously merciful.

When a person comes to Him who is bruised - He will not break that person.

When faith is weak and almost on the point of disappearing - He will not snuff out the little bit of flickering that remains - He will fan it into a flame.

Jesus can re-light the flame that has almost gone out.

In verse 4 of Isaiah Chapter 42, there is this tremendous assurance that the work of this Servant will never fail. Jesus will not falter.

Even when crucified and lying in that tomb, Jesus was still right in the very centre of the will of His Father. Jesus will never be discouraged - even when people are betraying Him and denying him, three times in one night. Jesus would go through with all that His Father had sent him to do.

And this work of God will continue until justice is established, and we are called to co-operate with God in this massive task. One day that will happen - don't doubt that. Jesus will do it.

God shows Isaiah, that He had called Israel to be a light to the Gentiles, but Israel had failed God, and now God is going to come and do something new, and He is going to have come Himself and do it.

The nation of Israel should have served God in certain positive ways, but they were not able to, so when this Servant comes He will do these things - and Jesus did.

He is going to open the eyes of the blind - free captives from prison - and release from the dungeon, those who sit in darkness.

Jesus came and took these words of Isaiah and did exactly that.