We have been looking at these three verses in Matthew Chapter 13, verses 44,45,46, but let us have one further look at them in the light of preaching from this Parable in a way that might help and encourage in a very simple way someone who may be really struggling.

A farmer was out ploughing. He hit an obstacle and stopped to examine the obstruction. A chest had been hidden in that field, and on opening it, it was discovered to be full of treasure.

He covers it up, goes off, and sells everything he possesses to buy that field.

He does this joyfully because he knows what is in the field.

Jesus Christ is teaching that this is what it is like when you get a glimpse of the Kingdom of God.

You suddenly see something wonderful and glorious. You know that that can become yours. You will settle for nothing else and nothing less.

Now, the ploughman does not sneak into the field at night and steal the treasure.

Jesus makes it clear that is not the way things work.

When you get sight of the treasure and a glimpse of the Kingdom, you go home, rearrange your affairs, and even contact certain people.

“I am sorry. I cannot be there with you any longer. I can no longer be involved in that activity. I have something else to do now, and somewhere else to be.

“I will be in the fellowship of the Church of Jesus Christ, alongside all those others who belong to Jesus Christ. I will be in that field now, more than I will be in any other field.”

Why? You have seen something of that treasure! Nothing and no one will keep you away from the treasure.

May that be your response as you experience Jesus Christ.

Do note that you have to buy the whole field.

There may be a lot wrong with that field, with rocks, rubbish, rubble, barbed wire and old tin cans lying there, but when you have seen the treasure you buy the whole field.

There are two ways of looking at life and two ways of living.

Man can look towards the earth and see only distress and darkness and fearful gloom, or look to the light which God reveals to us in and through Jesus Christ.

Isaiah saw this vividly as he prepared the people for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Darkness, in Scripture, is a sign of sin, judgment, and folly, whereas light is a sign of God, righteousness, and truth.

Isaiah had been speaking about a decadent society where idolatry, mediums who whispered and muttered, and the rejection of authority, were the consequences of departing from God and His ways.

This lonely prophet was aware of the coming light and he saw that day when there would be the joy of the harvesters and victors, along with liberty and peace.

He saw all this as though it had already happened.

He saw a child being born and a son being given, and the government will be on his shoulders. You can almost sense the people breathing in on hearing that. They did not want God to come and govern them, just as many today do not want Almighty God to govern and guide.

“We will muddle along on our own. We don’t want God telling us what to do. We don’t want the Bible. Man has come of age. We want to be free.”

One of the titles given to Jesus was Counsellor. He would be a wonder of a Counsellor. Many have discovered the reality of this, as He reveals His plan, and then gives you the guidance and help needed to carry out that plan.

There is a despairing of human wisdom.

In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. That’s a glorious truth.