Have you ever wondered if God was actually with us? Or did you think he created the world and then sat back to watch what we do with it? In Psalm 139:13,15-16, we read David’s words of belief. “You knit me together in my mother’s womb.” “My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. . . . You saw my unformed body.”

God guides us through difficult times. When we receive the news of tough medical decisions, He is ready to comfort and to assist us through those times, especially when we feel alone. God steps in where we are afraid to venture. All we have to do is ask Him. Just these past few days, I have heard of stories and issues that can affect people’s lives. All I could do is listen and pray for those involved.

God moments are special. When we receive an answer to prayer, we recognize that God has heard our pleas and has acted on our behalf. A dear friend shared one of her God-moments with me on this past Tuesday. On Sunday she was visibly upset about some issues in her life. Any result of the main one at that time could alter the way she would live. I asked her to allow me to pray for her right then. We stopped and spoke to God. Long story made short. God allowed another person, whom I had prayed for, to intervene that same day and bring some serenity to the situation.

God provides what we need. We have times when we don’t know what we need, but God does. He also knows when we need it.Have you had times when you felt you needed an answer to a prayer ‘right now’ but you didn’t get any response, not “yes”, not “no”, not “wait”? But later, you found that God has, indeed, answered your request maybe in a way you hadn’t expected. I heard someone say that she had petitioned God for something and expected it to be answered in one of two ways. He surprised her and answered in an entirely different way. Isn’t that just like God?

God showers us with love When God reaches out and gives us what we need we feel very loved. I recently had a birthday. Mu hubby decided it was time to paint the living oom and get new carpeting. It has been several years since we had done anything like this. We had to hire the work to be done. We got items off the walls and the book case and my other book stash cleaned out and the books moved.

Our neighbor next door worked to get the walls prepared; his girlfriend painted the following day. It looks nice and, although we are still not back to normal, it is coming together at the speed I thought it should. Either late this week or early next week, we will be getting new carpet laid. All this has taken time and we have to be patient with the process and with each other.