Looking at World Events

As we read our local newspapers, catch the evening news on television, or get our news online, we discover the goings on of the world. Most of it speaks of hardship and tragedy for people. They are at the very least affected, if not injured, by the events.

Our Reaction

Our first reaction is denial—this can’t be happening in our world, our nation, our state, or our town. Then we are shocked to realize that yes, this incident did transpire. Next, our minds try to rationalize the problem—“If there wasn’t this in our society, this terrible thing wouldn’t have happened”.

Our Attempt to Answer

But, tragic events DO happen. We find ourselves asking ourselves and even God about these issues. Some people dismiss these resultant events as, ‘the sign of the times,’ others remind us, ‘there was something missing in the perpetrators life,’ we hear from clergymen, ‘we live in a fallen world.’ Sometimes, we give ourselves answers based upon what we know or have seen.

God’s Perspective

As we grow closer to the LORD, we begin to ask Him to allow us to see these events through His eyes. We may see where we who believe in Christ may have not done as He actually desired. He may show us what we think we wanted for our life is not actually good for us. God may cause us to re-evaluate our life-style in order to get us to see the good things about living without drama.

The adult Sunday school classes at our church recently combined to study a book. One of the outgrowths of that study for me was to read the context of scriptures to see what led up to the passages to which I have been referred and what followed. Another result was, in my reading of the Old Testament, wondering if the story I read could happen to us in modern days.

Results of Having God’s Eyes

When we look at events through God’s eyes, we see things as they are, not as the world sees them. As this happens, we may approach the issues spawned by these events with a calmness and peace that only Jesus gives.

I recently injured myself internally─I fell and broke a rib. After a while, I checked online to see how long it would take for me to recover. I was stunned to read it could be six weeks. I was not happy; six weeks equals one and a half months. A lot goes on in that amount of time. I had to realize that I am no different from anyone else and I had to accept this and allow God to work this out for me.

I keep up my devotional reading each day. I ‘unplugged’ from my blog for just over a week. I am able to do a few chores around the house. My trips away from home have been to the doctor two times and to the grocery store, a few times, with Hubby. All the while, God has been with me. I have learned so much through this experience.

A Thought for You

God speaks to each of His children in ways He chooses. How does He choose to speak to you? Have you asked Him for His eyes?