Did anyone ever tell you that you had an ‘attitude’? I have. By this, I mean I have sometimes had what people consider a bad frame of mind. When I have less than a pleasant outlook, I look at things as being very dark—a lot like the glass is half-empty.

As a child of God, I do him dishonor when I complain and grumble about things, especially those I cannot change. While I read in our newspapers about many events that could cause me to become disheartened, God has taught me to look at those issues with His eyes.

One of the prayer groups in which I participate is praying for revival. We know revival begins in the church. Those in the group know that revival begins in our hearts. We have to make our hearts right with God by confessing our sins to Him.

If our hearts are not right, it is because we have an attitude that comes from man and not from God. As we approach Him, we have to shed ourselves from the things of the world and open our hearts to things He has for us.

God will cleanse our hearts, get the chip off our shoulders, and draw us closer to Him as we listen. The Lord will bring to our minds how we have sinned. He will direct us to make the changes—changes we need to in order to be receptive to the leading of His Spirit.

I once knew a married couple who had three children. The husband had a crippling disease but their attitude never let anyone feel sad for them. If anyone asked how they were, they would smile and answer they were fine. They taught their children this skill. He was an educator at the local college. They encouraged me without even saying anything about themselves.

Once, when I started attending a new church, I met several women who were lovely Christian women who loved the LORD completely. When I talked to these ladies, they were positive about their lives. However, when I came know them better, I found out each of them had something in their lives that kept them humble (read close to the LORD.) They also taught me certain lessons about myself and about God.

1.) God will take care of anything that gets the world throws at us.

2.) Give it all to Him. Let Him work out the hard parts.

3.) Remember to thank Him for what He does, even if His answer is something you did not expect.

4.) Stay in contact with God, even when the world about you seems harsh.