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    by Randy Mitchell

When Dreams Come True
Date Posted: January 9, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of attending a book signing, here in Dallas, for one of the best-known authors of our time, Nicholas Sparks.

One of the reasons I traveled to see him was because I wanted to be in the presence of a true success story; someone who’s worked hard, developed his craft into literary artistry, and has gained international acclaim due to the marketability of his work. Mr. Sparks is a self-made man, and someone who those of us in the writing field continually strive to become. He’s an author who never gave up when he first started writing, despite some setbacks and being rejected numerous times. And as fate suddenly called, he took full advantage of the opportunities that arrived literally overnight.

Nicholas Sparks wrote two novels in his earlier years which were never published. During this time, he worked as a real estate appraiser, waiter, sold dental products and other pharmaceuticals, and delved into the manufacturing business. He eventually wrote another novel called, The Notebook, and began doing the usual querying of literary agents and publishers seeking representation. As time went by, he received a phone call from an agent (inexperienced at the time) who plucked his manuscript from a slush pile, liked what she read, and offered to take him on as a new client. Shortly afterward, and as much to her surprise as his, she sold The Notebook to the Time Warner Group securing Mr. Sparks a one million dollar advance. Upon publication, The Notebook arrived on the NY Times Bestsellers list during its first week of release, propelling Mr. Sparks into the public eye as one of the hottest authors on the shelves. Since then, Nicholas Sparks has written seventeen novels (over 80 million copies sold) with eight of them being adapted into film, including his latest, Safe Haven. He’s become very involved in screenwriting, philanthropy, and raising awareness among our youth of the importance of reading. As his success has grown, he’s kept, and stayed loyal to the same individuals who made him famous from the beginning, including his beloved literary agent, editors, and publicity personnel.

Nicholas Sparks is a testament of what can happen when you have a dream, some talent, and a determined drive to succeed. People like him make you believe that what you’re doing can develop into something bigger, and more successful than most could ever imagine. And just when you’re ready to give up, an unexpected event, experience, or person can enter your life turning it all around, placing you into the arms of greatness.

I stood in line for roughly an hour before Mr. Sparks arrived. Beforehand, the employees of the bookstore had stated pictures weren’t going to be allowed, and that his time was extremely limited. Much to the surprise of everyone there, he showed up early, smiling, and offering pictures for anyone who wished one; when he came my way he was very gracious, attentive, and extremely approachable. I have read some of his works during the past couple of years and to meet such a great talent was really surreal. But, he made you feel as though he was just another guy, one who merely had a dream and was willing to take the steps necessary to make it come to pass. Granted, for one to gain his level of success takes a rare, raw talent, having the right people come across your path, a positive support system, some divine help from God, and a little bit of luck. But, it can, and does happen if someone is willing to commit themselves to their goals.

We are increasingly living in a society where more and more are less willing to strive to succeed. Many have lost that certain drive, positive outlook, swagger, and work ethic it takes to turn dreams into reality. But, as many success stories throughout history have been told, including the one I’ve written about here, they all started with a vision, some talent, and a raw determination to make things happen.

As for now, here’s to all the Nicolas Sparks’ who are soon to be discovered.

Thanks for listening…

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A few years ago, I drove past my childhood home in Texas: a nostalgic place where tender childhood memories still reside deep inside me. I remember those hot Texas summer nights hanging out with my sister, friends, spirited pets and my girlfriend who lived across the street. This happy snapshot transported me back in time to endless, steamy nights as we watched July 4th fireworks, ate homemade ice cream on the front porch, and cooled off at the local lake.

My childhood feels like it happened just yesterday -- innocent moments taken from my carefree youth. These memories comforted me and carried me to a place where I longed to stay – a peaceful haven where I could escape my hectic ‘adult’ life. These idyllic, cherished memories were the inspiration for my first novel, "Sons In The Clouds". My long-time career as a pilot and love of aviation are seen through my main characters, Andy and Wade, who serve as Navy pilots in the Vietnam War.

"Sons In The Clouds" exposes emotional drama that showcases the vulnerable fragility of human nature. The belief in God serves as the problem-solver -- a pathway to the truth -- a light to be used when the problems of man cannot be solved, and becomes a way to expose weaknesses in those appearing to be strong.  I breathe life into my characters in believable, exceptionally REAL ways. A strong theme interwoven throughout the pages is that “love conquers all” – as seen through the unfaltering, devoted commitment between my male characters and the women they leave behind.

My female characters show courage and strength in the face of adversity. Despite the fact that she doesn’t know whether her husband is alive or dead behind enemy lines, Rebecca (Andy’s wife) remains strong and never falters in her devotion to Andy.

Rebecca’s character represents war-time brides (both past and present). I wanted to show the strength, love and courage of these brave women whose loved ones were sent off to the Vietnam War. They faced harrowing fear on a daily basis, and relied on their faith and love to get them through their darkest days–- hoping and praying that their husbands returned home safely.

Most inspirational fiction readers today aren’t interested in G-rated books. "Sons In The Clouds" is a modern inspirational story that encompass spiritual themes where faith and love triumph over the brutal ugliness of war. My characters instill a hope-filled message to my readers long after the last page is read.

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