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Point of Reference

    by Fred Price

People tend to idealize and even idolize those they admire, Christians being no exception. And while respect should be shown, we must never forget that all of us have our own peculiarities and foibles – weaknesses and strengths. Placing others on a pedestal virtually guarantees disappointment, discouragement……  ( Click for more )
September 23, 2022
Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist, writing for the Associated Press and distributed to numerous news outlets across the country. And while I haven’t always agreed with everything she has written, she is usually balanced in her approach to the newsworthy topics she chooses to comment on. One topic she……  ( Click for more )
September 16, 2022
In corroboration of last week’s look at Christian fruitfulness/faithfulness, several more scriptural exhortations are available to demonstrate Jesus’ expectations of us after salvation is granted by God’s grace. None are in opposition to that divine principle, as “…it is by grace you have……  ( Click for more )
When Jesus was gathering his first disciples, what did he mean when he said, “Come, follow me,…”? Immediately following that challenge with, “…and I will make you fishers of men.” Mat. 4:19 Several were already fishermen, aware of the tricks of their trade; the nuances of different……  ( Click for more )
August 19, 2022
In speaking of God’s purpose for mankind, St. Augustine declared, “You have made us for yourself,…”; which when truly understood enables us to find direction and contentment in our relationship with Him. He went on to assert that,”…our hearts are restless until they find rest……  ( Click for more )
Many church members today take pride in our country’s Christian heritage, and they are right to do so; even though not all our founders nor early citizens were faithful believers. Our ethics, concepts of right and wrong – good, better, and best – and many of our legal precepts were indeed grounded……  ( Click for more )
James asks, “ you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless? Was not our ancestor Abraham considered righteous for what he did when he offered his son Isaac on the altar? You see that his faith and his actions were working together and his faith was made complete by what he……  ( Click for more )
“…but immediately goes to work in the life of the believer.” With this statement John MacArthur sums up information presented in The Gospel According To Jesus and its sequel, The Gospel According To The Apostles.1 In them he investigates the two supposedly contradictory schools of thought within……  ( Click for more )
July 22, 2022
Countless incidents of war, famine and mindless violence at home and abroad have caused uncertainty, trepidation and panic in the minds of many; the end result being a lot of people have been scared witless, a few becoming curious as to what scripture has to say concerning the “end times”, while others……  ( Click for more )
“…for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” Have you ever seriously considered that possibility? Abraham comes immediately to mind as having done so. (Gen. 18:1-33) Abraham’s nephew Lot was later rewarded for his hospitality offered to two – unbeknownst……  ( Click for more )
I’ve heard a number of preachers speak on the idea of acting our way to belief. Not by faking it but by doing the God-expected thing, even when we don’t feel like it; expressing faith when we’re unsure, being faithful when we don’t see the benefit of doing so. John 7:16, 17 records Jesus……  ( Click for more )
At a time when the whole world seems to be taking stock of the past while holding its breath and crossing its fingers, hoping for a better future; the ideal of thankfulness can be difficult to achieve. That being the case, I believe a revisiting of the theme of gratefulness, as well as thanksgiving would be appropriate. ……  ( Click for more )
The past two weeks have been spent in examining the possible significance of a repetitive phrase appearing exclusively in John’s rendition of the gospel story; rendered “Verily, verily” in the KJ, “Truly, truly” in the NASB, “I tell you the truth” in the NIV. Used as……  ( Click for more )
Last week we looked at the Apostle John’s singular use of the phrase, “Verily, verily, I say unto you...” A declarative statement rendered, “Truly, truly, I say unto you...” in the NASB; “I tell you the truth...” in the NIV; that Jesus used to get everyone’s attention.……  ( Click for more )
Repetition is routinely used to teach facts or reinforce ideas; whether in the classroom, on a ball field, at home or in church. In fact, Jesus is shown, exclusively in John’s Gospel, emphasizing certain principles with the preceding phrase, “Verily, verily, I say unto you...” (KJ), “Truly,……  ( Click for more )
June 3, 2022
One of the first things Jesus did to establish his ministry was to recruit a group of “helpers”. Matthew was a tax collector, but most of the other men making up the inner circle of Jesus disciples aren’t identified as to their occupation. Jesus first recruits, however, were professional fishermen;……  ( Click for more )
During a U.N. commemoration of the Jewish holocaust several years ago, Germany’s then-Chancellor Schroeder acknowledged the environment that existed prior to and throughout W.W. II that allowed for the atrocities inflicted on the Jewish people and anyone else disagreeing with the Nazi agenda. The simple statement……  ( Click for more )
Does that sound a bit radical? Maybe the question ought to be: Can we be genuinely serious about anything and not be significantly different as a result? That’s the point isn’t it – to be unique in our approach, support and enthusiasm for the things we are interested by and believe in? But therein lies……  ( Click for more )
May 13, 2022
“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” Psalm 8:3,4 Frankly, I find scripture like this somewhat puzzling, many prophecies or related “pronouncements”……  ( Click for more )
Has anyone ever commented on your work ethic, your desire and ability to work hard and well? (Or not.) Did you know that tendency is often referred to as the Protestant work ethic? It is only one of the subtle yet far-reaching ways Christianity has impacted this country and the world; having its origin in scripture, influencing……  ( Click for more )
While blood sacrifice offends our modern sensitivities, God demanded it of his people – then and, after a fashion, now – as a means of stressing sin's dire consequences in our lives. In any number of ways, sin blocks our approach to God; in the end maiming, destroying and killing us. And since, “...the……  ( Click for more )
Notorious English atheist Richard Dawkins has repeatedly questioned Christianity's positive impact on the world, referring to our beliefs as wishful thinking and superstition at best and a means of manipulating the gullible masses at worst. He is particularly put off by the "blood, blood, blood" of Judaism……  ( Click for more )
The injunction against bearing false witness or testifying falsely is meant primarily to foster a just society through its criminal justice system. Which only happens if people tell the truth. Today, politics might be a truer test of our character and – in some ways – a bigger danger to our society. Do we……  ( Click for more )
Jesus deals with a number of commandments in this way, one of which is the prohibition against killing; a most basic ethical imperative. “Do not kill” – “Do not murder” seems pretty direct and easily understood. Human suffering grieves God’s heart and when inflicted on one man by another……  ( Click for more )
The Psalmist wrote, “…with you (God) is the fountain of life, in your light we see the light.” Ps. 36:9 John spoke similarly of Jesus, describing him as, “…the light of men.” John 1:4 God including the entire Jewish community, and by inference all of Christendom, in this……  ( Click for more )
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