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Point of Reference

    by Fred Price

That’s unreasonable, isn’t it? Not everything benefits me; in fact, I don’t like a lot of what happens. Yet much of thankfulness has to do with our attitude toward life. Some people suffer through hardship or calamity and ask, “Why me?” Others realize it could have been worse……  ( Click for more )
November 17, 2023
Music plays a significant role in rallying people to any number of causes, unifying hearts and minds and eliciting a response to those causes’ needs. Incorporated into worship, it facilitates our acknowledgement of God as we praise him for who he is and what he does. It has at times become a point……  ( Click for more )
Most positive things have a corresponding negative aspect. Music is no exception as it inspires, incites, emboldens and excites. It likewise calms, refocuses, and encourages; leading us to contemplation and hopefully a reasoned response. Which includes seeking, praising and glorifying God. Complicating……  ( Click for more )
November 3, 2023
Our world is awash with sound, portable sound no less, so we can always be in range of the latest news, gossip, music, etc. The pertinent question for today being: Is there a difference between hearing and listening? We all learn over time to tune out “background noise” and concentrate on……  ( Click for more )
Should Christians be involved in the celebration of Halloween? A good first indicator might be to consider the images it conveys. Ghosts, witches, monsters, blood and gore; the devil, demons, graves and black magic – symbols of evil or good, wholesomeness or unwholesomeness? Even the cry, “Trick or Treat!”……  ( Click for more )
October 20, 2023
The image of an all-powerful God who can both create and destroy is given scant attention in worship these days. But both testaments of our Bible seem to indicate we should be aware of the duality of His being, the key is a proper understanding of what it means to be “afraid” of his……  ( Click for more )
October 13, 2023
One reason for the confusion surrounding the function of the Holy Spirit is because of his inclusion in the “Trinity.” A word nowhere appearing in scripture but one theologians devised to describe a unique and difficult concept; characterizing the Spirit’s existence and function. Besides……  ( Click for more )
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia once challenged Christians to, “Have the courage to have your witness regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.” (For Biblical examples of just such willingness – see Paul at Athens, Acts……  ( Click for more )
Answering that question necessitates posing another. What does it mean to be compelled? Webster’s defines it as accomplishing a task by force or great effort, doing something forcefully or to be driven; the definition most applicable for the concept under consideration. Significantly, the……  ( Click for more )
Forty percent of the Gospel of Luke, ten chapters, is concerned with Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem; ending in his death. His frank declaration that he would be rejected, suffer and die at the hands of the authorities there – and rise three days later – hardly aligned with his disciples expectations.……  ( Click for more )
Are you kidding me? Am I not supposed to talk now? That’s hardly the point, but a number of scriptural admonitions indicate the importance God places on how we express ourselves. Any observance of the conversations taking place around us reveals the frivolous, coarse, indifferent way we treat people and the……  ( Click for more )
Last week we briefly looked at the declarative statements of Jehovah and Jesus using the descriptive assertion – I Am.  This week we’ll observe how that same self-descriptive phrase was often used by those responding to the call of “Come, follow me.”  In both the Old and New Testaments. God……  ( Click for more )
How would you describe yourself starting with the phrase – I am…; male or female – large or small – generous or stingy – black or white? Declarative statements such as these help define us, Jesus describing himself this way a number of times. For example, in discussing the coming of……  ( Click for more )
Jesus was a friend of sinners, He conversed with prostitutes and ate dinner with tax collectors (cheats and traitors). He identified the needs of the down-and-outers and responded to those needs, characterizing acts of righteousness differently than most Pharisees did. (See Mat. 6:1-18) In their……  ( Click for more )
August 18, 2023
Honesty, accountability and integrity are personal attributes that also lend themselves to building and sustaining great nations; yet they are sorely lacking at every level of society today. Since all three are components of character, it might be to our benefit to examine how it is developed and integrated into our……  ( Click for more )
August 4, 2023
Today’s society often values – to the point of worshipping – the nimbleness and energy of youth, while undervaluing – to the point of dismissing – the wisdom and knowledge of the elderly. Harvard professor Arthur Brooks identifies the best of both by characterizing what he calls……  ( Click for more )
Calvinism is based on scripture such as Rom. 9:16, which asserts that God’s sovereign will “…does not… depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.” Which has led some to claim that it’s impossible to know with any degree of certainty that their salvation……  ( Click for more )
July 21, 2023
Jesus was a teller of stories – or parables – intended to teach about the meaning of faith, God’s attributes and His corresponding expectations of us. There are 49 different parables recorded in Matthew, Mark and Luke; 9 appear in all three, 2 appear only in Mark, 8 only in Matthew, and 16 appear……  ( Click for more )
Last week we looked at some of the reasons behind the Biblical expectation of obedience. This week we’ll look at practical ways our behavior impacts our lives by examining some scriptural examples available to us. Jesus asks, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’……  ( Click for more )
The word obey has become a four letter word in today’s society. Whether as a result of rebellion, a lack of understanding or little faith in those asking us to obey; we hesitate many times even to accept advice or direction. What does it mean to be obedient? It can mean simply carrying out an order but many times……  ( Click for more )
The “defense of marriage” debate is an ongoing one across the country and the world. At the center of this debate are challenges to the traditional view of marriage in two fundamental areas, fairness and equality. One argument against the time-tested standard of marriage – which has never proven……  ( Click for more )
June 23, 2023
So says James as he explains how temptation occurs and who is responsible. “…no one should say, ‘God is tempting me.’ For God cannot be tempted by evil, (though Jesus was “tested” by temptation – Mk. 4:1-4; Heb. 2:18 & 4:15) nor does he tempt anyone; but each one is……  ( Click for more )
Far too many people today believe living an obedient life in Christ is something we do for God, or have to do because of Him; rather than allowing Him to so thoroughly indwell us that what we do is a natural outgrowth of who – or whose – we are. The prayer Paul prayed for the Ephesian church used in part……  ( Click for more )
Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist whose op-ed pieces are published nationwide. Neither a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, nor a die-hard liberal; she addresses controversial issues in a unique manner that often fails to please either side. An article she wrote several years ago, “Parent A and parent B……  ( Click for more )
No one necessarily denies that our country was established and built upon the beliefs and actions of our forefathers, but a hotly-contested debate centers on whether we should continue to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors or find our own way. In particular, some question the relevance of these men’s faith and……  ( Click for more )
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