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Point of Reference

    by Fred Price

May 13, 2022
“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” Psalm 8:3,4 Frankly, I find scripture like this somewhat puzzling, many prophecies or related “pronouncements”……  ( Click for more )
Has anyone ever commented on your work ethic, your desire and ability to work hard and well? (Or not.) Did you know that tendency is often referred to as the Protestant work ethic? It is only one of the subtle yet far-reaching ways Christianity has impacted this country and the world; having its origin in scripture, influencing……  ( Click for more )
While blood sacrifice offends our modern sensitivities, God demanded it of his people – then and, after a fashion, now – as a means of stressing sin's dire consequences in our lives. In any number of ways, sin blocks our approach to God; in the end maiming, destroying and killing us. And since, “...the……  ( Click for more )
Notorious English atheist Richard Dawkins has repeatedly questioned Christianity's positive impact on the world, referring to our beliefs as wishful thinking and superstition at best and a means of manipulating the gullible masses at worst. He is particularly put off by the "blood, blood, blood" of Judaism……  ( Click for more )
The injunction against bearing false witness or testifying falsely is meant primarily to foster a just society through its criminal justice system. Which only happens if people tell the truth. Today, politics might be a truer test of our character and – in some ways – a bigger danger to our society. Do we……  ( Click for more )
Jesus deals with a number of commandments in this way, one of which is the prohibition against killing; a most basic ethical imperative. “Do not kill” – “Do not murder” seems pretty direct and easily understood. Human suffering grieves God’s heart and when inflicted on one man by another……  ( Click for more )
The Psalmist wrote, “…with you (God) is the fountain of life, in your light we see the light.” Ps. 36:9 John spoke similarly of Jesus, describing him as, “…the light of men.” John 1:4 God including the entire Jewish community, and by inference all of Christendom, in this……  ( Click for more )
God’s giving of the Ten Commandments was meant to create order out of chaos by setting everyday boundaries helping the Israelites as well as the rest of mankind live peaceable, productive lives; often protecting us from ourselves. Jesus likewise characterizing the Ten Commandments as guide posts beneficial for individuals……  ( Click for more )
Various authorities have attested to the fact that, worldwide, between 200,400 million people have suffered persecution through discrimination when applying for jobs and promotions, being restricted in their freedom of movement and worship, having property and savings confiscated by intolerant authorities and losing their……  ( Click for more )
Part 2 In asking that question last week, we looked to Ps. 11:4 to find encouragement in the fact that even when things are at their worst – by our definition – God still sits on His throne and is still in control. From there we looked at a number of scriptural admonishments……  ( Click for more )
When “the foundations” are referenced in scripture as being moved, shaken or destroyed, it’s sometimes in regard to a natural disaster or more likely as punishment from on high. In this instance, oppressors and wicked men are referred to, inferring that the destroyed foundations may be David’s……  ( Click for more )
Mat. 7:13, 14 comes at the conclusion of Christ’s sermon on the Mount, ending with an evangelistic challenge similar to others throughout scripture. Such as, “I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So chose life in order that you may live.” Deut. 30:19 “Choose……  ( Click for more )
What does it mean to adore someone? Adoration is defined as worshipping or paying homage by expressing great love and devotion, usually in response to love and devotion expressed to us. Or as John said, “We love because He first loved us.” I John 4:19 Explaining that, “This is love: not that……  ( Click for more )
It’s physically impossible to read everything dealing with Christian thought but I do like to check out things which claim to explain or challenge the Christian worldview. Over the years, TIME magazine has posed some pretty profound questions for the religious and irreligious alike; such……  ( Click for more )
We often say we wish God would deal with us more directly, but do we really mean it? Almost every time scripture details an instance where God approached people directly, their response was to fall down in fear and ask Him to stop, to shield them from his awe-filled – or awful –……  ( Click for more )
Getting a look beyond the veil of temporal reality, or a glimpse of what goes on “behind the scenes” of God’s sovereign plan is surprisingly dealt with a number of times and in various ways throughout scripture. These incidents are unusual and infrequent to be sure, increasing their impact and……  ( Click for more )
The self-proclaimed forces for social change, led by the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – who years ago swore off marriage on the Ellen DeGeneres show until “everyone in this country has the right to marry” – often speak to the “plight” of gay and lesbian lovers who are……  ( Click for more )
Author N.T. Wright argues in his book, “The Day the Revolution Began”, that “…according to the earliest Christians, when Jesus died, something happened as a result of which the world was a different place… the world had changed. A revolution had begun.”1 A revolution of……  ( Click for more )
Robert Wright asserts in his book, ‘What Does Science Tell Us About God?’, that new discoveries in physics, cosmology and biology make the universe more explainable as well as revealing it to be vastly more intricate than previously thought. The question then being: Does this undermine religious faith……  ( Click for more )
Last week we looked at several scripture passages that referenced nations as well as individuals being “tested” by God. The benefit of such being the development of resolve, perseverance and confidence in God’s provision and our ability to succeed in life in and through him. (The scripture……  ( Click for more )
December 24, 2021
This scripture references the trials or testing that inevitably occurs when one lives life centered on God’s will while living in a “fallen” world whose nature is contrary to God’s. Although it doesn’t preclude the political, social or health “testing” we’ve all experienced……  ( Click for more )
Paul’s preaching and prayer-life often dealt with two themes, love and fruitfulness. The love of God, our corresponding love of Him, and love for our fellowmen having a place of prominence in his understanding of the gospel. But it wasn’t mere sentimentality, but rather the deep abiding love of agape;……  ( Click for more )
So said Tertullian, a renowned African/Greek theologian of the early church, writing around 200 A.D. (Thomas Jefferson saying something similar in his assessment of what would keep American democracy on track.) The early church’s perception being that suffering – up to and including dying – for……  ( Click for more )
November 28, 2021
Some of you are on your own for the first time in your lives while others have been there for a while; but we all have to deal with making good decisions and choosing the right path. And while the prospect of making up your own mind and choosing your own way is exciting, it isn’t always as easy as it appears.……  ( Click for more )
Two scantily clad women with wild hair were pictured some time ago peering out from behind boulders with the bold, black caption underneath reading, Caged Animals. They and a number of others had been chosen to participate in an exhibit at the London Zoo depicting “primitive” men……  ( Click for more )
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