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The Focus - Dennis Wheeler
( Updated every 'Wednesday' )
Do you need an encouraging word from God? Are you getting beat up by the world and need a gentle reminder of God's unconditional love? 'The Focus' is a weekly devotional filled with uplifting and reassuring reminders of God's grace, mercy and provision for His children.
The Way - Kevin Pauley
( Updated every 'Tuesday' )
Inspiration for our walk in the Way drawn from Biblical principles
( Updated every 'Saturday' )
The Word of God annotated by the ramblings of one who, by the grace of God, can call himself a saint, and who is pleased to be a slave of Christ Jesus!
Today's Little Lift - Jim Bullington
( Updated every 'Tuesday' )
We all need a lift from time to time. Let God lift your spirits, your hopes, your ambitions, and your sights through the writings of Jim Bullington and TODAY'S LITTLE LIFT.
Voice of Inspiration - Andy Castro
( Updated every 'Sunday' )
Jesus saves us from eternal damnation. With this salvation we were all given the ministry of reconciliation. In our unique way we are to take on this mission and do the good work that has been prepared for us. It's a call on our life and we must 'find the call' and fulfill it. I will write what I know to help you do just that for that is my call.
Weekly Wisdom Winnows - Lisa Mendenhall
( Updated every 'Sunday' )
The main goal of my writings is to teach how to live day to day in Christ's victory and to encourage those who get weary in well doing to keep on going and finish their race strong in the Lord!
'Winging It - Stan Smith
( Updated every 'Wednesday' )
I hope to encourage people with my words and to share with others what God has shared with me. I am typically in good humor and always serious about Christ. Read with a half smile; you'll enjoy it best that way.
( Updated every 'Tuesday' )
A Biblical View and Comment
Word from Scotland - Sandy Shaw
( Updated every 'Monday' )
Join Sandy Shaw as he takes a casual stroll through the New Testament, starting with the book of John.
( Updated every 'Sunday' )
W.O.W. Lifestyle is a study of the Scriptures from the original Hebrew and Greek, learning from His Ruach HaKodesh (Hb. Holy Spirit) and thus realizing that the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in Power - i.e. changed lives! - 1 Corinthians 4:20
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