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'Christ in You...'

    by Dale Krebbs

There are many avenues leading to witnessing. God is unlimited in the ways His wonders to perform. One of the greatest wonders of God is His calling and choosing of those for salvation. The last one will be given by a great angelic evangelist, to the whole world! (Revelation 14:6). When the church in Judea and Jerusalem was scattered by the persecution after Pentecost, many of those who were scattered became "witnesses" for Jesus Christ. They did so by their light and by their word. So many believed because of the way they lived their lives, and it was such an effective…  ( Click for more )

If you wanted to deceive the most of Christianity with the least effort, while drawing the least attention, where would you strike first? This can perhaps be described as a Trojan Horse he can use against the knowledge and the truth of God. One of the Devil's main strategies to deceive the whole world is to corrupt God's Word, the Bible, and to do so by any means available to him. Actually, it has always been part of his plan. He quoted scripture to Jesus when He was tried. He misapplied scripture.This tactic also, can be used by him anytime and anywhere the scriptures are involved…  ( Click for more )

October 3, 2021

When you feel down, low, discouraged, and lonely, forgotten, or perhaps just utterly worthless and unworthy - just think about the price. Think of the price that has been paid for you by Jesus Christ! Price determines value of that which is purchased. How valuable then you must be! Jesus, by the kind of price He paid, transferred inestimable value to you. Having paid such a high price for you, do you think that He will forget you, ignore you, or loose you, or let you go? He said that of all that the Father gives Him, he should loose none (John 6:39). That, if you belong to Him,…  ( Click for more )

September 26, 2021

God loves us as we are. If He did not, we would all have been destroyed long ago. He does this so that He can love us differently as we become what we should be. So must we do for others. God proves His love for all the world constantly, in that He gives to all good things without recriminations. But at the same time, He now calls upon all peoples everywhere to repent (Acts 17:16). Until the time when God makes all things as they should be, we, as His children must work with what is now. Somehow, we must love others as they are now. No matter what they are, or how they are in our…  ( Click for more )

September 19, 2021

Why is there embarrassment for many to say the name "Jesus"? Many cannot say the word without feeling apologetic. Others are offended when they hear it, and others will do anything possible to change the subject, or ignore it. This intrigued me for a long time. The same does not seem to be true about "God", or even "Christ", But the name "Jesus" causes some be embarrassed, others will blush, and some will become angry - usually quietly, however, most of the time. This strange phenomenon that exists today is alluded to by the Apostle John:…  ( Click for more )

September 12, 2021

God forgives - and then lets us reap what we have sown. This is true by the experience of all of God children. David was told that his sin with Bathsheba had been put way by God; his sin was "put away", but the consequences were to last all his life. His house was to be always troubled. Our flesh is often destroyed in order for our spirit to be saved (Psalm 38} We are sowing our future every day. And that which we reap will not always be pleasant. It may often not seem good - but it will be, unknown to us. Uneventfulness is deceptive, however. Sooner or later, of our…  ( Click for more )

September 5, 2021

What has become of real, genuine, honest and loving relationships? Not only between Christians, but more importantly, between Christians and God. It has been lamented that so much of Christianity today is a matter of formula, ritual, method, and posturing, and preoccupation with objectives, projects, and financial goal orientation, and money driven. This was never meant to be so, and indeed was not so in the early church. Formulas stiffen relationship, and tend to push relationship into a mechanical performance. People tend to become logical concepts, colorless and cold objects,…  ( Click for more )

August 29, 2021

Someone once said to me that fear should never be part of a Christian life. The word "should" was not emphasized. But it should have been. Everyone fears something, sometimes, in some ways.

There is an abandonment of fear, usually temporarily, when there is bravery. Many a soldier has abandoned fear temporarily and performed amazing feats, and without consideration for self. Fear is pushed back long enough by willingness to sacrifice. This feat is described as a form of love for a fellow soldier, a comrade drawn close via danger and the possible need for each other. But…  ( Click for more )

August 22, 2021

Acknowledging, respecting, and honoring the differences in convictions in what they allow themselves to think or do can be a problem among Christians. The eating or not eating of certain foods is addressed specifically by Paul in Romans 14. However other issues are covered within the first portion of verse 22. Differences in convictions can cover a very broad spectrum. The preferences of others that they have made, or allow themselves to do or believe, including foods, but not limited to food. One other issue that has caused enormous controversy and even conflict within the church…  ( Click for more )

There are so many reasons to read the Old Testament of the Bible, that it seems almost futile to ask the question. But we can cast a broad image that can be useful in understanding the "why" of it. There is one general overarching principle to be mindful of regarding the Old Testament: It is by the OT that we see the need for what is revealed in the new. The OT poses enigmas, and seeming contradictions of the spirit of the Gospel, such as, why would God do some of the things He did.They seem so completely out of character for God to do and allow many things. Some have…  ( Click for more )

August 8, 2021

If we are being led by the Holy Spirit, we have no choice of the trials we go through, or whether to go through them. Not that we do not have choices within the trial, - we do, but the trial itself is crafted and given to you so that you may profit thereby. Not to destroy you, but to grow you.They are providenced by a wise and loving Creator God. They are adapted by Him individually, just for you, to your personal bent, the root of who you are in His sight, and to the life He has chosen for you. They may be similar to other's trials, someone you know, or have known. But yours is a…  ( Click for more )

It is generally acknowledged that there are many differences between men and women other than gender. There is a wonderful mystery about the relationship of the three - men, women and God. Specifically God the Holy Spirit. God embodies all the facets of both masculine and famine personalities. After all, He created both. Both are combined also in the Holy Spirit's ability to relate to both. When Jesus ascended back to heaven after His resurrection, He had promised the disciples "another Comforter" {KJV), who would be in them and with them always - forever. Now that Jesus…  ( Click for more )

Not growing spiritually can put us in danger of falling away. There is a cliche that goes, "I have fought to a standstill, and I'm still standing still!!. With a Christian, there is always some type of "fight'. If we are truly struggling in God's will and calling for us, we will not stand still, although the pace may seem to suggest to us that we are just "standing still". Whatever time God gives us, He will use to allow us keep moving for Him, no matter where we are. There are two dangers inherent in standing still spiritually. One, the obvious, is that we are…  ( Click for more )

There are many ways we relate to Him, and also many ways He relates to us. We relate to Him within these ways. Jesus wears many "titles" as He relates in multiple ways to each of us. He has many crowns and diadems of rulership and service. On our behalf He is: Savior - King - Employer - Brother - Friend - Counselor - Judge - Confidant - Leader - Director - Manager - Provider - Intercessor - Defender, and Comforter through the Holy Spirit. It is no wonder that He has been given authority over all things - in heaven and in the earth! (Matthew 28:18) Don't miss out on many…  ( Click for more )

"Have I told you lately that I love you? Could I tell you once again somehow?" This is title line and part of the lyrics of a romantic melody that was extremely popular in the "50's. What could you honestly say to Jesus if he asked the same question of you that He asked Peter? Intriguing and touching is the section of scripture that closes the book of John. It is also soul searching. Fill in your name "______ do you love Me?" (John 21:15-17) The directness of our Lord is almost stunning. It apparently at least became so, as Peter attempted to satisfy…  ( Click for more )

There is a great reward waiting for you! If you had been notified that you had won the lottery, would you be excited, overcome with joy and anticipation, and anxious to receive it? Of course. Anyone would be. If you belong to Jesus Christ, there is something laid up for you, and waiting for you that pales into complete insignificance anything you can imagine. It is God's good pleasure to give it to you. This reward will be given to you not on the basis of your good deeds (although there are also rewards or "wages" you can receive also...), but will be given to you on…  ( Click for more )

Sometimes life does not "make sense", especially for those who belong to Christ. Perhaps you should read those words again.

Everyone wants their life to "make sense". It is simply human to expect it, or at least to endeavor to make it make sense. For the Christian this is often so because Christ is taking us around curves, twists, dead ends, surprises and shocks, and the unexpected. It all began when the children of Israel left Egypt. It continues for the people of God to this day. Those who do not feel that their life does make sense, or that it will soon…  ( Click for more )

June 20, 2021

Many today agree with the gospel.They see nothing particularly bad about it. But, as someone recently told me, they just never considered it to be for them. Some even explain their indecision as truly wanting to believe.Their admission that they agree with it tends to confirm their calling, and that they are enabled to receive saving faith. The Father may be drawing them to Christ, but they sense that it may cost more than are they are willing to pay, whatever that may be. Because of many issues in their life, they will not decide to believe. They are among the many that the Father…  ( Click for more )

June 13, 2021

"Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." - 2 Timothy 3

It is exceedingly easy and convenient in our world to create a form of religious beliefs that fit the individual. It sometimes comes very close to creating God in the image of self. During a vigorous said to me, "it's just a matter of belief...", the implication being that everyone has a different take about any religious issue. This person had formed - from various experiences, with both Christian and non-Christian sources - a belief system.…  ( Click for more )

June 6, 2021

Many today agree with the gospel.They see nothing particularly bad about it. But, as someone recently told me, they just never considered it to be for them. Some even explain their indecision as truly wanting to believe.Their admission that they agree with it tends to confirm their calling, and that they are enabled to receive saving faith. The Father may be drawing them to Christ, but they sense that it may cost more than are they are willing to pay, whatever that may be. Because of many issues in their life, they will not decide to believe. They are among the many that the Father…  ( Click for more )

May 30, 2021

"What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of [earthborn] man that You care for him?" (Psalm 8:4). The Psalmist asked this question of God long ago. Man is still striving to answer it. But it is certainly a valid question. It is vitally important for us to know both what and who we are. Fleshly man is generally interested in the answer to "what" he is. In general, the question of who is ignored; or is left to the religionists. We have one place only to go. The Bible. Notice the New Testament: "It has been solemnly and earnestly said in a certain…  ( Click for more )

As Christians we all must live and move, exist and act, in the righteous of Jesus Christ. Why? Because we have no righteousness.of our own. Without His righteousness, we would all be dead, perhaps dead physically except for His mercy in accordance with His plan. Our spirit would be destined for eternal death because of the sin principle in us. Several years ago I entitled this column as I did when I realized that without Christ living His life in us, we are all doomed to death. The first article of the column was entitled "Whole Council Of God". Last week was the firth…  ( Click for more )

"Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and criticized and condemned yourselves. For just as you judge and criticize and condemn others, you will be judged and criticized and condemned, and in accordance with the measure you [use to] deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you." - Matthew 7:1-2 (AMP) Everyone with whom we come into contact, we physically see. But those of us who belong to Christ must also see the unseen while we are seeing what is visible and discernable with our five senses. Otherwise, we can be trapped…  ( Click for more )

Cynicism is the enemy of accepting the grace of God through Christ. It seems just too good to be true. Many who hear the Gospel in a way that implies that just making a statement of belief in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior is all that is required to make them true Christians will not respond. "you can't get something for nothing", they believe. They are not living in that kind of world. That kind of gospel turns them off. Why can't they believe? Belief cannot come until there is acceptance of the cost. Before acceptance of the cost, one must know what the cost is.…  ( Click for more )

We are living in a time not too different from what was occurring in Greece during the Apostle Paul's journeys. Worldly philosophies can become a religion created into a private "God", a pseudo Christianity. They also present a counterfeit spiritualism, a subtle mix of logic and practical way of dealing with life problems and circumstances. It refers to the "spiritual" often, falsely leaving the impression that since the ideas are spiritual, they can be trusted to solve the individual's emotional and psychological conflicts and problems. All is an attempt to…  ( Click for more )

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